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Parish Council Minutes

March 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st March 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene (arrived 8.05pm), Peter Burton, Bob Finn and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 9 public.

1. APOLOGIES There were none.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared a personal interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item, Cllr Jackson declared a personal interest in the White Hart planning application, Cllr Finn declared a personal interest in the Harriet's End Timber Industry item and Cllr Keene declared a prejudicial interest in the White Hart planning application.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 1st February 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Under grounding, Water Lane: Cllr Jackson reported that she had had a meeting with Eddie Cochrane from Central Networks where the possibility of moving another pole was discussed, and also concern that whilst work is being carried out on the narrowest part of Water Lane, traffic is going to be an issue.

4.2 Electricity on the Knoll: The Chairman has met with Roland Carrington, a local electrician who has suggested that electricity be supplied via a conduit from a resident's property, across the track and to an appropriate point on the Knoll. The necessary safety equipment would be installed and cable can then be pulled through as and when required. Mr Carrington will send his recommendations and estimated costs to the Council for its consideration. Clerk to chase. ACTION: Clerk Tony Pilcher has confirmed that he is happy to carry on supplying the electricity from his house.

4.3 Timber Industry next to Harriet's End: The Clerk has received no response from Roy Mason. Cllr Finn reported that he has spoken to the person renting the land who stated that it is being used for agricultural purposes and no planning permission is required. Cllr Finn has since personally written to MKC who have confirmed that there is a possible breach of planning regulations. It was agreed that Cllr Cook will speak to Roy Mason before the Council takes any further action. ACTION: Cllr Cook


5.1 Bump in road: This has now been repaired.

5.2 Gas pipeline: Cllrs Hyde, Jackson, Cook and Nick Brown from MKC walked the High St on 7th February. Nick Brown stated he would be having a meeting with Transco and Murphys, and would do his utmost to ensure that all damage is repaired. He confirmed that the two companies are fully aware of the law and their obligations, and there may be disagreements about exactly how much work should be done. Cllr Jackson pointed out that people must not park on the damaged verges so as not to compound the problem. A complete resurfacing of the road was suggested but it was pointed out that electricity under grounding is still to be carried out in the High Street and is scheduled for 2007. The road markings may also need repainting.

5.3 Leaking manhole: The Clerk reported that this had been discovered to be the responsibility of MKC, and the blockages had been cleared.

5.4 Rubbish on site adjacent to Mound: The Clerk has so far been unable to get a response from Anglian Water on this. Cllr Cook agreed to find out who owns the aerial on the same site and to contact them. ACTION: Cllr Cook.

5.5 Village Hall Trees: The Clerk reported that Salcey Arborcare are not willing to carry out the work whilst the ground is so wet. Cllr Cook confirmed that the new trees must be planted by end of March; otherwise it will have to wait until November. The Clerk will continue to liaise with Salcey. ACTION: Clerk

It was reported that after the Sherington Open Morning and MK North East Consultative Area Forum on 24th February, MKC have admitted that parts of the proposed route were not suitable. The proposal is now to stay on the west side of the A509 from Emberton to Sherington thus removing the need for a crossing. The route can now use the old road that joins onto Alban Hill before coming down into Sherington. Cars using Alban Hill will have less room and have to reduce their speed. Cllr Burton reported suggesting a reduced speed limit on Alban Hill to Trevor Dove at the NECAF. Richard Duffill is now going to submit new drawings, Clerk to chase ACTION: Clerk

The Chairman reported a damaged verge in Church End that could be considered for kerbing. Cllr Keene suggested that many verges in Sherington needed kerbing - Bedford Road, Crofts End, Church End and part of Gun Lane in particular. It was agreed that MKC should be contacted to consider this. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Burton reported that a detailed letter was sent from the Council to Pat Seymour on 20th February, and she in turn forwarded it to Alison Owen in Housing but has received no response. The Clerk reported that Pat Seymour had also contacted John Holman in Housing. It was suggested that the Council meet with representatives from MKC in person in order to actively drive this issue forward


9.1. Bowling green: Cllr Burton reported that the secretary of the Short Mat Bowls Club had attended the meeting on 28th February and the idea of an all weather surface was now being considered. The SRMG are going to visit Heath and Reach near Leighton Buzzard to see theirs.

9.2. Development Plan: This is now complete and the group are meeting with Jan Phillips from MKC on 4th March to consider the way forward. They are also meeting with Laurie Johnson from the Playing Fields Association on 7th March. It was suggested that the creation of the Environmental Area be brought forward as it is not so expensive and would allow for the school's participation in spring and summer of this year.

The Chairman reported that he had been contacted by Mark Haynes from MKC who was not satisfied with the proposed bund as specified by Daimler Chrysler. He now confirmed that DC will reinstate all of the damage, remove dumped rubbish, spread the existing top soil heap and sow grass seed. MKC will then erect a robust timber fence at the base of the mound as a vehicle deterrent

It was agreed that this had been a successful venture, with some 70 residents attending. Public comments were fed back to the Council including:-
- Allotments - only 2 are being used and the area is untidy. It was agreed to place a note in Scan to remind people of their existence, before considering improvements.
- Signs directing people to Perry Lane Recreation Ground - the SRMG will look into this. ACTION: Cllr Burton
Thanks go to Jane Coles and her Youth Club team for providing superb refreshments throughout the morning.

The Chairman reported that a response from AW had been received but with regards to the surface water sewer on Water Lane itself rather than the land behind Smiths Yard. A further response is therefore awaited, Clerk to chase. ACTION: Clerk


13.1 Monthly balances: Enterprise Account 9435.16; Treasurer Account 640.97

13.2. Internal audit plans: The Clerk reported that the local clerks' scheme was not yet in operation so the Council would need to source an internal auditor for this year end 31st March. ACTION: Clerk

13.3 Cheques for payment were as follows:

Village Hall Hall Hire 27.50 Cheque 101232
A H Contracts Dog Bins 44.00 Cheque 101233
P Burton Expenses 8.00 Cheque 101234
B Tofts Pavilion Repairs 498.10 Cheque 101235
C J McClelland Pavilion Repairs 293.75 Cheque 101236
W. Austyn Clerks Salary 179.52 Cheque 101237
W. Austyn Clerks Expenses 6.28 Cheque 101238

13.4 Parish Partnership grants application: It was agreed that funding for items of play equipment and fencing would be applied for. Clerk and Cllrs to meet separately and complete the form. ACTION: Clerk

13.5. Telephone and Online Banking: The Clerk suggested applying for these services so that the bank accounts can be accessed via telephone and internet in order to view balances and transfer money between accounts. It was agreed that this was a good idea. ACTION: Clerk

13.6. Dog Bins: The Clerk has obtained a quote from A H Contracts to clean and disinfect the bins. 10 per bin for the initial visit and 5 per bin thereafter. It was agreed to request a one off clean and disinfect, then review. ACTION: Clerk


14.1. 30mph signs. Andy Coe at MKC has confirmed that the signs will be moved this year, and those in Gun Lane are on schedule for the first week in April. It was agreed to write and get confirmation of this. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. Crofts End/Gun Lane SID results. The Clerk has received SID results for Gun Lane only for a 24 hour period on 11th and 12th January, in which an average of only 4% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit. The results will be placed on the PC notice board and the Clerk will chase for the remaining results. ACTION: Clerk

14.3. Residential Parking Partnership. Costs have been received for extra parking spaces in Perry Lane, High Street and School Lane. It was agreed that the Council's budget for 2005/06 would not allow for these purchases.


15.1. 05/00076/CON 10 Crofts End. Cllrs had no adverse comments, however pointed out that the application makes no reference to a mature apple tree in the said conservation area, which would undoubtedly have to be felled, should the application be granted.

15.2. 05/000197/TPO White Hart tree. At this point Cllr Keene left the meeting. The application was discussed at length, and public comments were allowed. There was concern that nearby residents had not been formally notified and the Clerk confirmed that MKC are not legally obliged where Tree Preservation Orders are concerned. It was agreed to make two comments - 1) neighbours should have been consulted; and 2) any application to fell the tree should have been submitted at the same time as the application to build the dwelling. Cllr Keene then rejoined the meeting.


16.1. MKNE Consultative Area Forum 24th February. The Chairman briefly reported the salient points on the following items:
16.1.1. Future plans for Emberton Park
16.1.2. The Emberton to Newport Pagnell cycle route
16.1.3. Bus Services - Transport Mgr Stuart Simmonds confirmed a new hourly bus service through Sherington, via Olney to Lavendon and Northampton on alternate hours. This will be on a new low floor bus from Mon to Sat. The 132 service will continue as is.
16.1.4. A509 - Trevor Dove reported that MKC are reviewing all the road markings and signs, following the recent accidents.
16.1.5. Mobile Library service - some villages may lose this service due to non-use. N.B.Sherington is not one of them.

16.2. Thames Valley Police meeting 24th February. Cllr Lewis reported that this meeting tended to dwell on urban e.g. Newport Pagnell, rather than rural matters however an interesting presentation on CCTV was given and there was also discussion on Neighbourhood Watch schemes. It was agreed to invite Emma Lane from the Police who covered Neighbourhood Watch at the Open Morning, to a PC meeting and ensure this is well publicised to the village beforehand.


17.1. Best Kept Village competition. It was agreed that the village would not be a suitable candidate in its current state following the gas pipeline works.

17.2. Letter re Lighting on the Knoll. A letter has been copied to the Council from a resident about street lighting on the Knoll. It would appear that MKC have agreed that there is a problem and have provided for two lights in the area in their future programme. MKC did not include the Council in their letter to the resident and it was agreed to contact Caroline Godfrey to obtain a copy of the letter and establish the proposed procedure for erection of two street lights. ACTION: Clerk

17.3. Parish Plant Sale. A letter has been received from Helen Vale requesting permission to hold the annual plant sale on the Knoll on 4th June. The Council had no objections but need to notify the insurers about this, and also about the upcoming May Day activities. ACTION: Clerk

17.4. Graffiti Removal. A letter has been received from MKC re graffiti removal in February 2006, requesting notice of specific areas that need cleaning. It was agreed to review the situation in November


18.1. A member of the SRMG suggested that a management committee for Perry Lane Recreation Ground needs to be set up before the next football season starts. It was agreed that the Council and SRMG need to meet separately to discuss this and any other issues.

18.2. A resident wanted to make the Council aware that the plans for the Olney bypass may affect the proposed cycle path.

18.3. A resident expressed concern over the proposed cycle path turn into Sherington. It was agreed to wait until the new drawings have been submitted before considering this further.

18.4. It was confirmed that the Parish Council sponsored Election meeting will take place on the last Sunday before Polling Day. It was acknowledged that this may be Sunday May 1st amid May Day on the Knoll and the Beer and Sausage Festival at the White Hart.

18.5. Concern was expressed that residents would not be given the opportunity to contribute towards the creation new parking spaces.

18.6. A resident has a boundary query and would like to obtain some information from the Council archives. The Clerk will arrange this. ACTION: Clerk


19.1. Cllr Burton reported that Phil Pounder on behalf of the SRMG will give a presentation on the proposed development of Perry Lane Recreation Ground to the Youth Club on Wednesday 2nd March.

19.2. Cllr Burton reported that the new grass on the junior football is struggling to grow and he has had to ask youths to stay off it at least twice. It was agreed to put another note in Scan.

19.3. Cllr Jackson expressed concern over the school bus stopping in a dangerous place on the High Street

19.4. Cllr Jackson suggested that a permanent bus stop be situated in School Lane. This has been discussed by the Council before; the Clerk will look up the previous notes to see what the conclusion was. ACTION: Clerk

19.5. Cllr Lewis passed on a request from the village fete organisers for help in manning another stall.

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th April 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.30pm.

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