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Parish Council Minutes

March 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th March 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, Peter Herbert, Bob Finn and David Keene

ATTENDING: : Lara Bruce (Clerk), Wendy Austyn, Richard Duffill (MKC), Kevin Whiteside (MKC), Nick Brown (MKC) and 7 public.

The Chairman welcomed Lara Bruce as Clerk who has now taken over from Wendy Austyn during her period of maternity leave.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Burton


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING After item 4.1.1 was amended to read “We may also be able to have “whiter” lights rather than the orange we have at present”, the minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Under grounding and street lighting in village.

      4.1.1. Street lighting. Lorraine Calcott confirmed that she is looking into what is available for Sherington. The Chair had a number of queries that needed resolving. Lorraine will be invited to attend either the next meeting on April 4th or a separate meeting with the Chair and another councillor. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

      4.1.2. Future works and Water Lane. This item was delayed until the arrival of Nick Brown. See item after Finance.

4.2 Ditch behind Smiths Yard ownership issue. The Land Registry has confirmed that if we submit Peter Cook’s map they may be able to confirm whether it is registered and if so to whom for a cost of £4. ACTION: Clerk to progress

4.3 Village Hall footpath. The drawings have now been sent to the Village Hall Trustees with a view to firstly agreeing the design and then the surface. The clerk reported that the Trustees have not yet had a meeting to consider the drawings. ACTION: Clerk to chase.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm. This item was brought forward so Kevin Whiteside and Richard Duffill could leave afterwards.

Kevin Whiteside introduced himself as the Chief Highways and Transport Engineer. He explained that the cycle path would come to the top of Alban Hill early April 2006. Earlier proposals had suggested an off-road track down Alban Hill, but this would be difficult to justify from a value for money point of view. He also questioned whether this would be what people would want, especially in the winter from a personal safety point of view. He presented an alternative proposal that would involve cycle lanes at either side of the current road. The “nature” of the road would be changed by surface dressing, removing the central white lines, changing the speed limits and erecting roadside ‘gates’ at the top of the hill. He felt that this proposal would be more cost effective and justifiable.

The chair expressed the councils confusion as they had been given the impression that MKC’s next course of action was to approach the landowners regarding land purchase in order to construct the off-road track and did not realise that the actual route was still not finalised. The chair then invited comments from the other councillors and the public and these included:

Kevin Whiteside confirmed that the drawings of the proposed route would be available for the council in advance of the May meeting and costings of having an off-road track on part of Alban Hill would be prepared.

The meeting reconvened at 8:14pm


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. This item was delayed until the arrival of Nick Brown. See item after Finance.

5.2 Anglian Water – Water Lane repairs. The sleeving of the foul sewer was completed last week.

5.3 Pavilion shutters. Quotes have been invited from two further contractors but these had not yet been received. ACTION: Clerk to chase

5.4 Bus Shelter. The work has not yet been done. A new contractor should be sought to carry out the repairs. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

5.5 High Street Ditches. The clerk reported that Andy McPherson (MKC) has now inspected the ditches in the High Street and the one opposite Manor Farm. He confirmed that the council would maintain the one opposite Manor Farm and he will raise an order for this to be done. The riparian landowners adjacent to the ditches in the High Street should be contacted to ask them to clear them. ACTION: ACTION: Clerk to chase.


Tony Pilcher confirmed that the conduit is in place. This will be used for future events at the Knoll requiring electricity.


Wendy Austyn confirmed that she had completed her search for evidence that The Knoll has been registered as a village green and Stonepits Close has been registered as common land. This evidence will now be sent to the Land Registry and voluntary registration of both pieces of land will be applied for. Both pieces of land can be registered for £30. ACTION: Clerk to arrange


The Council adopted the revised standing orders.


9.1 Perry Lane Sports Ground. Play area has now been fenced in and new equipment installed. Some seeding and landscaping now needs to be done. Self-closing gates have been installed to keep out dogs. The environmental area is being built and the BMX track installed. Picnic table and waste bins to be installed.

9.2 Signboard. This is in the process of being designed.

9.3 Note of Thanks. It was agreed that a letter of thanks and appreciation would be sent to the SRMG from the Parish Council acknowledging the work to date and the achievements made so far. Cllr Lewis would arrange for a similar note to go in SCAN. Action: Clerk and Cllr Lewis to arrange

9.4 Pavilion Extension. No plans have yet been drawn up for the extension to the pavilion and would be needed to present to funding bodies that are approached in the future. Funding is available in the budget for these plans. It was agreed that the SRMG should prepare a brief to be sent to architects. Action: Cllr Burton


10.1 Open Day. This will be held on Saturday 22nd April. Details to be confirmed. An environmental group known to Geoff Charles will be invited to attend to organise activities for the children.

10.2 Committee Meeting. The meeting held at the village hall on 21st February to form a committee had not been successful. Another one would be held on Tuesday 28th March at 8pm. Action: Clerk to book hall

10.3 Football Club. The clerk reported that the 2005/06 season fees had still not been paid. Action: Clerk to chase


See item after 4.3 Village Hall footpath.


12.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £19,921.34; Treasurer Account £1,537.60. This reflected the receipt of £10,410.81 Parish Partnership Fund.

12.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

07/03/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36 101314
07/03/06Peter Burton Keys to gate at Perry Lane £7.00 101315
07/03/06Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £44.00 101316
07/03/06L Bruce Clerk's Salary £173.40 101317
07/03/06W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £256.63 101318
07/03/06Land Registry Water Lane Ditch £4.00 101319
07/03/06Land Registry Stonepits/Knoll £30.00 101320
07/03/06Bill Bethune Architectural Services £244.50 101321
07/03/06N Beal Cleaning £66.94 101322

The councillors approved the Land Registry payments.

12.3 Purchase orders for approval. The Perry Lane orders requiring approval were presented for approval. Cllr Herbert required further information before he could give his approval. The councillors delegated authority to the Chair to approve the orders after the meeting when Cllr Herbert confirmed he was satisfied with the funding in place. Action: Clerk to send information to Cllr Herbert

12.4 Parish Partnership grant 2006/07. . Funding is being sought for Phase 3 of the Perry Lane Development Plan, which is for the pavilion extension and the multi-sport area. It was agreed that the council would apply for £90k over the next 3 years. As MKC provide 50%, this would mean, if successful, the council would receive £45k over the next 3 years. It was noted that being successful in our application does not commit the council to spend the grant. The council noted that Phase 3 of the Development Plan is expected to cost approximately £140k, which would leave £95k to be sought from other funding bodies. The Chair commented that no other projects had been put forward to the council for PPG funding. The councillors approved the application for funding but were keen that a business plan should be put together to show what future income streams may be available from the extended facilities. Action: Clerk to submit application and Cllr Burton to discuss business plan with SRMG

The following 2 items were delayed until the arrival of Nick Brown (MKC) at the meeting:

4.1.2 Future works and Water Lane. Nick Brown confirmed that the sewer sleeving was complete. The repair work at 25 Water Lane would be starting the following day. He confirmed that all the trenches would need to be re-done.

5.1 Gas pipeline – Transco/Murphy repairs. Nick Brown confirmed that he was still waiting for the landscaping to be done at the Gun Lane triangle. Once complete, he will arrange for Ted Smith to review and Alex Miller to confirm the topsoil is satisfactory. He confirmed that Transco have completed the repairs opposite the gas pumping station and he would inspect this later in the week. He confirmed that he would identify other defects in the village that needed attention.


It was noted that there was a temporary closure of Gun Lane during the week on the Monday and Thursday due to construction next to the White Hart.


14.1. 06/00120/MIN Shooting Ground An application for bunding to attenuate noise at the Shooting Ground had been received. The councillors had met at the site on the previous Sunday with the owner and the contractor. The councillors were aware that this was a significant application for the village due to the lorry movements, noise and possible disruption. The application was discussed at length and public comments were invited. Various comments and concerns were raised by both councillors and the public and included:

It was noted that residents in Sherington Bridge and Water Lane had only just been sent notification from MKC regarding the application. It was agreed that the council would delay their comment to MKC until after the next meeting. This would give the owner of the Shooting Ground time to respond to the councils concerns and local residents time to react to the letter. Action: Clerk to notify MKC.

14.2. Recent planning decisions – the applications 05/01604/FUL for 10 Crofts End and 05/1190/FUL for Perry Lane Recreation Ground were both granted.

14.3. Wind Farm Scoping Report No comments were received from the councillors on the report from Pat Seymour. It was noted that according to the press the application was expected in April.


15.1. Community Safety Forum Saturday 11th March Cllr Lewis to attend

15.2. Parish Assembly 16th March at MKC . No Cllrs could commit to attend.

15.3. MKNECAF 22nd March Cllr Hyde and Cllr Keene will attend.


16.1. MK Casino (Leisure Attractions) Research questionnaire. The Clerk had received a questionnaire requesting the councils views on the possibility of a casino in MK and current leisure attractions. The Clerk had received the letter today and the deadline for completion is 17th March.

16.2. Steer Davies Gleave. This group sought the councils views on transport plans for MK. The clerk had received this letter on 4th March and the deadline for comments is 20th March. The councillors commented on the unrealistic timescales they have to report on some issues. Action: Clerk to raise with Parish Liaison.


17.1. A resident commented on the amount of surface water on Bedford Road. It was noted that the drains had been installed recently and may not be worked correctly. Action: Clerk to raise with Environmental Services.

17.2. A resident commented further on the state of the sides of part of Bedford Road that were noted to be crumbling away. Alan Sims would ask Nick Brown to have a look when he is in the village on Thursday.

17.3. A resident noted the good work done by Anglian Water in Water Lane.

17.4. A resident enquired whether the lease on Perry Lane Recreation Ground would be renewed.

17.5. Tony Pilcher confirmed he would let the council know the cost of the armour cabling that he had installed on The Knoll.


18.1 Cllr Lewis raised a residents concern over the holes in the road in School Lane. Action: Clerk to contact Streetcare to arrange repairs

18.2 Cllr Hyde raised a residents concern over the lack of signposts indicating parts of the village.

19. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th April 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.

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