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Parish Council Minutes

May 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 10th May 2011 at the Pavilion, Perry Lane Recreation Ground, Sherington, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs P Burton (outgoing Chair), D Keene (incoming Chair), D Hyde, J Ager, M Northfield, I Thomson and A Denman

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 1 member of the public

Cllr Hyde proposed Cllr Keene as the new chairman, seconded by Cllr Thomson. Cllr Keene accepted the position of chairman and signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Cllr Thomson then nominated Cllr Hyde as vice chairman, seconded by Cllr Northfield; and Cllr Hyde nominated Cllr Ager, seconded by Cllr Denman. Cllr Hyde declined the position and Cllr Ager accepted.

All councillors signed a new Declaration of Acceptance of Office, having been duly elected unopposed. Councillors were also reminded to complete new Registers of Interests and Election Expenses forms. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Northfield declared an interest as co-chairman of the Shopco committee.

The minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2011 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman

There is now a vacancy for a new councillor. As this is an election year the council can co-opt until 27th June after which the vacancy will have to be formally advertised. Councillors agreed to think about who might be suitable. Clerk to check the formal requirements of a candidate. ACTION: Clerk


7.1 Anti-social behaviour. PCSO Gregory has been informed of youths racing cars and hanging around the pavilion and Perry lane area. She has agreed to increase patrols and requests residents to phone the non-emergency police telephone number as incidents occur. It was noted that no complaints about the White Hart beer festival have been received this year.

7.2 Ditches. MKC have confirmed that it is the landowners' responsibility to keep ditches clear and tidy. It was agreed to ascertain who the relevant landowners are in the village where ditches need to be cleared. ACTION: Clerk

7.3 MK Play Association. The village has been offered another year of weekly afternoon play sessions from MKPA. These will be held at the village hall play area on a week day to be arranged. It was agreed to grant permission for use of parish council land for this activity. ACTION: Clerk

7.4 Dogs on Lead signs. MKC do not have their own signs but have recommended a supplier. It was agreed to obtain quotes. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Northfield reported that the planning application for a temporary building is now ready for submission and thanked Cllr Keene for his help in its preparation; councillors approved expenditure of £335 to accompany the planning application; the committee had a stand on the Knoll on May Day to generate interest although only a few people visited; the funding team are preparing to apply to The Plunkett Foundation for a grant; there will be a leaflet drop to the whole village stating the need to raise £20k from donations/shares; other funding opportunities are being explored; it was suggested that the committee contact Cllr McClean, the new MK councillor for Sherington Ward for his input. The committee next meets on Wednesday 11th May. ACTION: Cllr Northfield


Cllr Keene has obtained a quote of £135 to supply and install a handrail to go alongside the existing footbridge at the entrance to the new woodland. It was agreed to ask the landowner to remove the current barrier fence to allow pushchair access. It was also agreed to arrange for one double sided 'fingerpost' sign to be placed on the existing public footpath signpost outside the flats on the High St. Cost approx £160. The clerk will check these prices are competitive before claiming 50% from the MKC Parish Partnership Fund. ACTION: Clerk


10.1 Monthly Balances Enterprise Account £3809.70; Treasurer Account £6369.76

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

10/05/2011Milton Keynes Council Climbing Frame VH play area £200.00 101897
10/05/2011Milton Keynes Council Rates for pavilion £220.99 101898
10/05/2011Bernard Crook Garden Services Ltd Turfing at recreation ground £522.00 101899
10/05/2011A H Contracts Dog bins £70.00 101900
10/05/2011Blue Frame MK Ltd Replace faulty water heater £180.00 101901
10/05/2011Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £208.76 101902
10/05/2011Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £52.50 101903
10/05/2011Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00 101904

10.3 Insurance renewal The clerk has obtained a quote which is over £400 cheaper than the current insurer's renewal price. It was agreed to give the current insurer a chance to match the lower price before switching cover. As the policy renewal date is 1st June councillors gave the clerk permission to make the decision based on the prices offered. ACTION: Clerk

10.4 Car park edging at recreation ground The quote of £350 to install sleeper edging and a soak away drain on the car park side of the pavilion was approved. ACTION: Clerk

10.5 New HMRC guidelines regarding employer status and clerk's PAYE The clerk advised the council that HMR&C has issued new guidance stating that clerks cannot be self-employed and must be subject to PAYE. Two quotes of £6 and £10 per month to administer the clerk's payroll have been received; it was agreed to contact SLCC to see if a clerks' payroll service can be established. ACTION: Clerk


11.1. 11/00737/FUL. Alban Hill Nursery - Erection of a log cabin for use as coffee shop and toilets. There were no adverse comments.

11.2. 11/00763/FUL 25 Crofts End - Erection of side and rear extension, single storey front extension including new roof with increased ridge height to create rooms in roof space and erection of detached garage (retrospective resubmission of 11/00096/FUL). The Parish Council maintained its objection to this proposal on the basis that it is too large, constitutes overdevelopment of the site and the impact it has on neighbouring properties. Once again councillors expressed concern over the retrospective nature of the application. The grant of retrospective planning consent invariably undermines confidence in the planning system.

11.3. Decisions. The application for the Swan Inn has been permitted; the application for 45 High St has been refused.


12.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Ager reported that preparations for the fete are ongoing, although disappointment has been expressed that the Youth Club do not seem to be interested in helping on the day. A new parish councillor is needed for the management group, Cllr Keene agreed to take Peter Burton's place. The clerk reported that the issue of increased lighting for the car park is currently with MKC; the company who replaced the water heater have accepted an offer of £150 as a compromise; the turfing outside the front of the pavilion is now complete and a quote has been received to install some wooden sleepers as edging to the car park along with a soak away drain. Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lighting for the pavilion itself was discussed by the parish council who asked the management group to get some quotes. The clerk reminded the management group to get in touch with MKC regarding pitch maintenance over the summer. The next SPMG meeting is 17th May. ACTION: Clerk, SPMG


13.1. Next NECAF 1st June 7.30pm at Sherington Pavilion.


14.1. MKC letter re Flood Management Planning. As any flooding issues in Sherington have largely been addressed in recent years, it was agreed to take no action at this point..

14.2. Information has been received and will be circulated concerning proposals for another wind farm near Haversham and Little Linford..

14.3. A letter has been received from the church committee asking for permission to hold the annual plant sale on the Knoll on June. This was agreed.




16.1 Cllr Denman reported cars speeding up and down Perry Lane at weekends after football matches. It was agreed to ask the police to increase their presence in that area at weekends and also to request again that a speed indication device (SID) be installed to show evidence of the problem. ACTION: Clerk

16.2 Cllr Thomson has obtained an idea of prices for some fitness equipment that could be purchased for the play areas of the village. These will be circulated before due consideration.

17. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th June 2011 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.52 pm

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