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May 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs A Denman, D Keene, J Ager, D Hyde and M Northfield

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward) and nine members of the public..

Cllr Keene announced that he was standing down as both Chairman and a parish councillor after 14 years. He asked for nominations for chairman. Cllr Northfield nominated Cllr Denman, seconded by Cllr Hyde. Cllr Denman accepted the nomination and there being no other nominations took his seat as Chairman. Cllr Keene then left the meeting. Cllr Denman then asked for nominations for Vice-Chairman. Cllr Hyde nominated Cllr Ager, seconded by Cllr Northfield, Cllr Ager accepted the nomination.

Cllr Denman signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Chairman. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Collinge.

Cllr Northfield declared an interest in item 9.

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd April 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

The clerk reported that as yet one formal application has been received for the vacancy left by Adrian Green. Cllrs Hyde, Ager and Northfield agreed to meet with the applicant and any others soon after the deadline of 15th May. The vacancy left by Cllr Keene will be formally advertised from 9th May 2013. ACTION: Clerk

The clerk reported that costs to push back the verges on Perry Lane to create parking spaces had not yet been obtained, because these would have to come from MKC as they are the landowner of the Highway. One option to pursue this proposal is to apply to the match funded Parish Community Parking Fund but the pre-application deadline is 31st May and it was agreed that the application would therefore be rushed. Another option is to put in a second application to the Highways Capital Scheme which has a deadline of August 2013 and it was agreed that this was the preferred option currently. The proposal to give keys to certain residents to make use of the recreation ground car park at night has not yet been considered by the pavilion management committee, and it was agreed that this was important. After some discussion it was agreed to hold a trial period until the end of August 2013 whereby Cllr Denman would issue keys to designated residents and manage the trial; and in the meantime Cllr Ager would let Cllr Denman know if the pavilion management committee had any strong objections. Cllr Denman reported that at one point over the recent weekend there were 72 cars parked on Perry Lane and some were two abreast. It was agreed that an emergency vehicle would not have had full access to the properties and that the issue needs to be resolved. ACTION: Cllr Denman, Cllr Ager, Clerk

Cllr Denman reported that he has been pursuing MKC Housing on behalf of residents to carry out remedial works to the tenant owned garages at the recreation ground. Doors, downpipes, guttering etc will all be replaced. A drain is also needed at the rear of the garages to take away the rain water that flows off the recreation ground and currently floods these garages. The clerk pointed out that J W Cook & Son is the owner of the land in the play area where the drain will have to be installed. Michael Cook was in the public gallery and agreed to meet with Cllr Denman on site. The clerk stated that the proposed Youth Club project to paint the rear of the garages would therefore have to be postponed. ACTION: Cllr Denman

Mel Northfield reported that the AGM of Sherington Community Shop Ltd was held on 18th April 2013 although only 6 out of 40 invited shareholders attended. The finances were presented which show a healthy position with two out of three loans having now been repaid. Udi and Dina were invited to talk about the financial position of the shop itself but were unable to attend. The committee focus is now on the future possibility of a permanent shop and how this could be achieved financially. Volunteers are now needed to become members of the Shopco committee as Mel Northfield and Nigel Blight would like to step down. The issue of the lease is almost resolved; and the clerk reported that the parish council would be seeking to apply for an extension of the permanent shop planning consent. ACTION: Clerk


10.1 Proposed new electricity substation on School Lane. Cllr Hyde met with representatives from Western Power, who wish to relocate the electricity substation situated behind the garages of 2 School Lane to a more visible location e.g. the grass verge opposite 2 School Lane. It was agreed that the parish council would object to any proposed siting of a substation onto the grass verge when there is no problem with the existing location. Cllr Hyde agreed to draft an appropriate response and the clerk will forward it to Western Power. ACTION: Cllr Hyde, Clerk

10.2 Youth Club summer project. The clerk reported that the youth club had contacted her to report that the two bus shelters would be cleaned this term as a community project.

10.3 Village highway inspection. The village has received its annual Highway inspection and the clerk has been sent a long list of footpath and road defects, all with job numbers for the Highway repair teams to address. It was agreed to push for the jobs to be attended to asap. ACTION: Clerk

10.4 Notification of intent to prune lime tree on Knoll. The clerk reported that a Notification of Intent to prune a lime tree on the Knoll has been lodged with the planning department. ACTION: Clerk

10.5 Horse chestnut in pre-school area. The council was reminded that the pre-school have raised concerns over the roots of the horse chestnut pushing up the safety matting and would ideally like the tree removed. It was agreed to ask Oakland Tree Services to consider options for this tree. ACTION: Clerk


11.1 Bank Account balance at 7th May 2013 £21648.90

11.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

07/05/2013Milton Keynes Council Public Events Training £36.00 102098
07/05/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £151.46 102099
07/05/2013Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00102100
07/05/2013Jeff Charles Village fete expenses £300.00 102101
07/05/2013Getmapping plc Parish Online subs £48.00 102102
07/05/2013Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £59.50 102103

11.3. Donation from Olney Masonic Lodge for MKPA Play scheme. A cheque for £250 has been received from the Olney Masonic Lodge to go towards the play ranger scheme; the clerk will write a letter of thanks and contact MKPA. ACTION: Clerk

11.4. MKC Parish Partnership Fund 2013/14. The deadline for applications to this year's 50% matched fund is 31st May 2013. There were no suggestions for applications.

11.5. MKC Community Parking Fund 2013/14.The deadline for pre-applications to this year's 50% matched fund is 31st May 2013. As discussed in item 7 although new parking spaces are required it was felt there is insufficient time for this year's fund.

11.6. MKC Community Safety Town and Parish Fund 2013/14. The deadline for applications to this new one off fund is 26th July 2013 and offers of matched funding will be favoured. It was agreed that proposals to light the area around the pavilion and level the concrete steps could be included in an application to this fund. ACTION: Clerk, Cllr Denman

11.7. MKC Play Area Improvement Fund 2013/14. The deadline for applications to this year's 50% matched fund is 31st May 2013. The clerk reported that MKC Play Areas have offered to provide instruction signs for the new fitness equipment at the recreation ground out of their own budget. There were no other suggestions for applications.

11.8. Remainder of funding allocation for Stonepits Copse. MKC have reminded the parish council that a matched funded allocation of over £1000 remains from a previous Parish Partnership Fund for additional capital expenditure at Stonepits Copse. This funding will be reallocated if information on how it will be spent and when, is not provided. It was agreed to purchase two wooden seats, a dog bin and a litter bin in order to use up the fund, even if they aren't installed straight away. It was also proposed to look into the costs of replanting trees where some have not thrived. The clerk reported that if the MKC funding is used up it is likely there will be some money available in the parish council's own reserves. ACTION: Clerk


12.1. 13/00598/FUL 50 Carters Close - Single storey rear extension, two storey front extension and first floor side extension over existing garage. Councillors were most concerned to hear from neighbours that the site location plan submitted by the applicants did not show any neighbouring extensions, some of which are at least ten years old, thereby giving an unreal view of the proximity of the applicants' residence from those of their neighbours'. Councillors were minded to object to the application based on this factor alone, but were also made aware of nearby neighbours' concerns regarding possible overshadowing of adjacent properties and vehicle parking, and would therefore ask that planning officers take these concerns into account. The parish council's final recommendation is that the application is resubmitted with the correct site location plan so that a properly informed opinion can be given at the next meeting. ACTION: Clerk

12.2. Decisions. None.


13.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Ager reported that the committee next meets on 16th May, there was no other update.

13.2. Proposals for lighting in pavilion car park. Further to last month, Cllr Denman agreed to prepare a detailed estimate of proposed additional lighting around the pavilion, to be included in the application to the MKC Community Safety Fund. ACTION: Cllr Denman

13.3. Proposals for repairs to concrete paving slabs. Cllr Denman had received a quote of £295 to re-level the concrete steps that lead from the rear of the pavilion into the car park. After some discussion however it was agreed to look into refurbishing the whole of the left side of the concrete path which is uneven and collects rain water. It was agreed that this proposal could be included in an application to the MKC Community Safety Fund. ACTION: Cllr Denman




15.1. Sherington Historical Society letter. A letter has been received informing the parish council of the society's proposals for increased storage and office space, and asking for due consideration from any future planning gain. It was agreed to simply acknowledge the request. ACTION: Clerk

15.2. Letter re new fitness equipment. A resident has suggested signs for the fitness equipment. As described in 11.7 this is already underway. ACTION: Clerk

15.3. Letter re Parish Games. A letter has been received from Cllr Brian White proposing a Milton Keynes Parish games in August. It was agreed a response was not necessary.


16.1 Cllr McLean reported that a final decision from the Boundary Commission is due by 25th June.

16.2 Cllr McLean reported that he had the new proposed timetable for the No. 1 bus service from Newport Pagnell to Olney via Sherington and would pass on to the parish council.

16.3 Cllr McLean reported that he had received complaints about the recent Beer and Sausage Festival at the White Hart regarding noise and anti-social behaviour. Cllr Denman agreed to ensure that Keith Shepherd is aware of the residents' concerns. A member of the public suggested that in the future more toilets are provided on the pub's property. ACTION: Cllr Denman

16.4 Cllr McLean encouraged residents to report any remaining potholes around the village before the current repair project ends.


17.1 Residents reported overgrown hedges at the bottom of Perry Lane and on the corner of Hillview. ACTION: Cllr Denman

17.2 An ex-councillor recalled that there could be utilities under the road on Perry Lane where additional proposed parking spaces would be.

17.3 A resident reported cars parking on grass verges, a note will be placed in SCAN. ACTION: Clerk

17.4 Thanks are to be passed on to MKC Play Areas for sprucing up the play area at the village hall. ACTION: Clerk

17.5 An ex-councillor informed the council that the horse chestnut in the pre-school play area was not part of the original village hall park planting scheme.


18.1 Cllr Ager asked for an update on the dog fouling issue. The clerk reported that the dog warden will be attending the June meeting.

18.2 Cllr Hyde gave thanks to David Keene for his invaluable service to the parish council over the last 14 years, especially when he was twice chairman, and in planning and development matters.

19. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th June 2013 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.20 pm.

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