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Parish Council Minutes

May 2004

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2004 at the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr David Hyde, Cllr Bob Finn, Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Sarah Jackson, Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr Pat Seymour (Milton Keynes Council).


2. DECLARATIONS OF MEMBERS INTERESTS: Cllr Keene and Cllr Jackson declared an interest in the planning application for the land adjacent to the White Hart. Cllr Finn declared an interest in the planning application for 5 Knoll Close. All Councillors left the meeting whilst the items were being discussed.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2004 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.

4. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN & VICE CHAIRMAN: Cllr Hyde was proposed as Chairman by Cllr Jackson, this was seconded by Cllr Cook. This was agreed by all.

Cllr Lewis was proposed as Vice Chairman by Cllr Finn and seconded by Cllr Burton. This was agreed by all.

Both Councillors signed their declarations.


5.1 Gateway Feature/Speed Limit: Andy Coe (Milton Keynes Council) attended and advised That he could see no problem in extending the 30mph speed limit to the end of the wall surrounding Manor Farm (opposite the existing Sherington nameplate). The gateway feature can be scaled down in size and new drawing will be completed and sent to the Parish Council for discussion. This will take possibly another three months. Mr Coe was asked about the possibility of extending the speed limit at the Olney end of the village and recent SID data showed that vehicles were entering the village at high speeds. Mr Coe agreed to enquire about this, but felt that Thames Valley Police were unlikely to support this application. It was agreed that Thames Valley Police will be contacted and asked to take the necessary action with regard to speeding.

5.2 Multi Activity Area: This is being well used.

5.3 Village Appraisal: Cllr Finn is currently compiling the draft document, this should be available for next months meeting.

5.4 Village Trees: We have now received the report from John Price (Milton Keynes Council). The Poplars in the Village Hall Play Area are diseased and will require felling. There is no immediate danger and it was agreed that this work could be left until the Autumn. The dead tree outside 5 School Lane has now been removed.

5.5 Perry Lane Recreation Area: The meeting with the football clubs to discuss the prices for next season, has not yet taken place. The storage units have now been priced and it is thought that a concrete one may be the most suitable (price approx 6,500 to 7,000). Further details will be available next month. A Committee has been formed, Chair John Cook, Secretary Peter Burton, Treasurer Ian Duncan. The money left by the defunct Cricket Club is being held by the Parish Council and could be used towards the improvements of this facility.

5.6 Village Repairs: Nothing has been heard from the Highway Department, we assume that this years inspection has yet to take place. A letter has been received from Alec Chinnery (EMEB), confirming the proposed programme as reported last month (this as always, is finance permitting).

5.7 Cycle Route: Andy Coe advised that he was under the impression that Phase 2 of the Cycle Route was at the design stage. Cllr Keene has chased Richard Duffill, but has received no reply, will continue to pursue


6.1 The current balances are 12,829.88 in the Enterprise Account and 1,546.61 in the Treasurer Account.

6.2 Cheques: It was agreed that the following cheques be signed:

Allianz Cornhill Insurance Premium 1236.92Cheque 101178
A Cussell Internal Audit 20.00Cheque 101179
J Sharp Clerks Salary 187.50Cheque 101180

6.3 Audit 2003/2004: The full accounts have been completed and the Internal Audit carried out. The audit form was agreed and signed by the Chairman.


04/000543 5 Knoll Close No objections
04/000661 Land adjacent to the White Hart No objections
04/000675 2 Gun Lane This is a substantial extension and there was insufficient time to study the plans in depth. Clerk will asked that that be deferred, in order that full consideration can be given, before any comments are made



Youth Service: Letter requesting permission to bring the mobile unit to the village, during the summer holidays. There are no objections to this.


Bus Services: Mr Sims advised that he had collected the new timetables. He reminded residents again that further cuts are likely if the services are not used.

St Georges Day: There was no flag flying on the Knoll, Mr Sims offered to donate one, if the Parish Council does not have one.

Pot Hole-Gun Lane: Cllr Hyde will report this to Milton Keynes Council.

White Hart Planning Application: Mr Pilcher commented that the land involved could have been used to extend the parking facilities and thus ease the current problems (apparently last weekend was particularly bad).

Youth Shelter: Jane Coles advised that the Youth Club had agreed to raise money for seating around the new multi activity area, however would like the Parish Council to consider a Youth Shelter instead. Cllr Keene commented that it had been agreed that future new items would be in the Perry Lane Recreation Area. It was agreed that this item be put on next months agenda for further discussion.

Football Area - Village Hall: Mrs Smith asked whether this was to be repaired. Cllr Burton advised that ways of funding this were still being investigated.

Council Minutes: Mrs Haynes was disappointed that these were not going to be published until after they had been approved.

White Hart Planning Application: Mrs Haynes asked whether the Parish Council had seen the reasons why the original application had been refused. The appeal conclusions had been circulated and seen by Councillors.

Perry Lane Car Park: Mrs Haynes advised that to her knowledge the Parish Council was only responsible for the car park beyond the garages. The Housing Department were responsible for the remainder.

Dog Ban in Perry Lane Recreation Area: Mr Ranger asked on behalf of residents of Hill View whether the ban was currently in force. He was advised that this was effective and the signs had been put up.


New Equipment for Perry Lane Area: Cllr Jackson asked that a full discussion takes place with the Parish Council, before any decisions are made about the new equipment to be purchased.

Twinning Association: A visit had taken place to Sherington last weekend. The village had been presented with a weather vane.

Ouse Valley River Walk: Cllr Finn advised that this had opened today. The web address will be passed to the Clerk for reference.

Stonepits Close: Cllr Keene asked that prior to further discussion at next months meeting, Councillors consider the long term future of this land.

Mowing in Village Hall Play Area: Cllr Burton had noted that again, this year contractors were having difficulty with certain areas. Cllr Cook agreed to bring in some larger equipment if required.

12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: : The next Meeting will be held on 1st June 2004 in the VILLAGE HALL at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.30pm

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