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Parish Council Minutes

May 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd May 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton, Bob Finn and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), 2 public, Pat Seymour and Nick Brown (MKC) (both arrived part way through the meeting).


Cllr Cook nominated Cllr Hyde as Chairman, seconded by Cllr Jackson. There were no other nominations for Chairman and Cllr Hyde accepted the position and signed a new Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Cllr Keene nominated Cllr Lewis as Vice Chairman, seconded by Cllr Burton. There were no other nominations for Vice Chairman and Cllr Lewis was appointed to the position in his absence, having previously informed the council that he was willing to stand.

2. APOLOGIES Cllr Lewis.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item.

4. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


5.1. Cycle Path. Both the clerk and chairman have chased Richard Duffill for the new drawings that will show the proposed cycle route from Alban Hill through Sherington, but they are not yet ready. The chairman has provisionally agreed a site visit date for 24th May when councillors will be shown the proposed route. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

5.2 Roadside kerbing in village. The clerk has chased Ian McGregor for an update, he is currently on holiday. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

5.3. Under Grounding, Water Lane. Cllr Jackson reported that the works have come to a full stop. The culvert is bigger, deeper and in a different place than was originally thought, and Central Networks are now trying to get the correct plans before the work can restart with a new contractor. This will not be before 6th June. A letter has been sent to the residents to keep them updated. The chairman reported that Anglian Water might have the plans that are required. ACTION: Chairman to chase AW. It is likely that the council will have to fund 2 or 3 new street lights at the bottom of Water Lane.

5.4. Dog Bins. The clerk reported that all of the dog bins are being used to a level of at least 25% so it was agreed that they should be left where they are.

5.5. May Day and Parish Plant Sale insurance. The Clerk reported that letters had been received from both parties confirming that adequate insurance arrangements are in place for these events on the Knoll.


6.1. Gas pipeline – Transco/Murphy repairs: Nick Brown from MKC Enforcement dept attended and the meeting was adjourned from 8.34pm until 8.52pm whilst he addressed the council. He reported that the carriageway has been repaired to an acceptable standard within tolerable levels. He has however continued to issue defect notices to Transco regarding the verges on a fortnightly basis. The main trench will be core sampled to check the depth and construction. The bump in the road towards Olney is still to be redone.

6.2. Rubbish on site adjacent to Mound: The clerk reported that she is now dealing with yet another contact at Anglian Water, the new Operations Manager for Milton Keynes Cathryn Laxton. Cathryn was unaware of the problem and is now looking into it. The clerk reported that AW is considering selling the site. ACTION: Clerk to chase.

6.3. Viewing Mound: The chairman reported that a new post and rail fence has been erected. However there are fresh tyre marks up the mound and he is chasing MKC to come back and reseed the ground. Cllr Burton was concerned that a motorbike could still get through the gap in the fence, it was agreed that this should be closely monitored.


7.1. Electricity Supply: . Tony Pilcher has reported to the Chairman that the Land Registry have no record of the Knoll or the access road in front of his house. He believes there is documentation, possibly stored by HSBC, that should give ownership details, and he also has documentation from the previous owners of his house which the Chairman will look at. ACTION: Chairman. It was agreed to enquire with the Land Registry as to the implications of unregistered land before taking further action. ACTION: Clerk.

Cllr Burton reported from the SRMG minutes of 18th April Item 14 this states that extra car park space is urgently needed at the Recreation Ground. It has been suggested that the car park is extended to the right of the pavilion where there is potential for 12 more spaces. It was agreed that a separate meeting to devise an action plan with costs should be held, and any necessary planning permission should be applied for on behalf of the parish council.


9.1. Tennis Group. Phil Pounder is trying to gauge interest in this.

9.2. Football Club. The council need to meet with the SRMG and Football Club organisers to agree future arrangements ASAP. The FA have invited representatives to attend a workshop on 27th May in Milton Keynes.

9.3. BMX/ Skateboard circuit. An action plan for funding application has been agreed.

9.4. Child Protection Policy. The Chairman is to consult with Rev. Stanton-Saringer; this document will be necessary on some funding applications. ACTION: Cllr Hyde

9.5. Village Meeting 7th May. It is hoped that residents will show support for the developments and be willing to stand on the management committee.

9.6. Caretaker. It was agreed that the SRMG shall appoint a caretaker to keep the pavilion clean after matches. It was suggested that approximately £20 per week could be spent on wages. Possible candidates will be contacted.

The Chairman met with Ian Norton from AW and they walked the length of the drainage ditch behind Smiths Yard, after which Ian telephoned to report that the ditch is definitely not owned by Anglian Water. Peter Gardner is now checking his records to see if further information can be obtained. Cllr Cook will also investigate. ACTION: Cllr Cook


11.1 Monthly balances: Enterprise Account £14364.11; Treasurer Account £2267.57

11.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/04/2005J Cook Keys & Photocopying £42.00 101248
03/05/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £243.90 101249
03/05/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses £13.66 101250
03/05/2005N Gotts Internal Audit £60.00 101251
03/05/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins £35.20 101252

11.3 Insurance: The clerk reported that the insurance policy had contained cover for two pavilions, it was agreed to amend this to one but to ask MKC to value the current one ACTION: Clerk. The new storage building has been added on and Cllr Burton will provide details of which of its contents need to be insured ACTION: Cllr Burton. It was agreed to not cover the recreation ground fencing and gate erected in May 2002 as this is likely to be removed when the developments take place.

11.4 Annual Return: The clerk read a statement from the internal auditor stating that the year end accounts present a true and fair view of the council’s financial affairs; the Chairman then signed the annual return.


12.1. 30mph signs. Andy Coe has confirmed that the work on Gun Lane is ready to commence. It was suggested that the work outside Manor Farm and on the High St out towards Olney may be delayed due to the authorisation/consultation process. ACTION: Chairman to chase

12.2. SID results. The clerk presented SID data on Crofts End from January and April, which indicates that a small percentage of vehicles exceed the speed limit. The clerk is enquiring with MKC as to what percentage of speeding vehicles denotes an issue to MKC which would be acted upon. ACTION: Clerk.

12.3. Perry Lane/Crofts End road markings. The clerk is continuing to chase MKC for progress on this. Ian Gittens has given an estimated completion date of mid June.


05/000533/FULTN. Councillors had no adverse comments.


14.1. The next MK North East Consultative Area Forum is on Wednesday 18th May at Emberton Pavilion. Cllrs Jackson and Keene will attend.

14.2. Cllr Lewis will attend the next Thames Valley Police meeting on 5th May.

14.3. Cllr Hyde will attend the next Parish Assembly on Thursday 2nd June


15.1. Further to correspondence last year, a letter has been received from B Kyte regarding the possible development of the field between the High St and the church. The clerk will get in touch with Mr Kyte, and the letter will be circulated amongst councillors in the meantime. ACTION: Clerk

15.2. A letter has been received from Mr and Mrs Lawrence of Water Lane, regarding the planning application for End Farm. They are concerned about increased traffic. Letter to be acknowledged and circulated. ACTION: Clerk


16.1. A resident enquired as to how defects in the road can be reported. It was suggested that one way is to go through the parish council.

16.2. Alan Sims confirmed that Emma Lane will be attending the meeting on June 7th to talk about Neighbourhood Watch.

16.3. A resident asked about the possibility of more kerbing on Gun Lane, it was confirmed that this will form part of the survey to be carried out by MKC.

16.4. A resident enquired as to progress on the Village Hall path. It was confirmed that John Cook is currently obtaining estimates for the work.


17.1. Cllr Burton reported that there is a depression in the village hall play area that gets very muddy when it rains. He will contact someone to try and get this rectified. ACTION: Cllr Burton

17.2. Cllr Burton enquired as to progress with the felling of the Village Hall trees. The clerk reported that we are still awaiting suitable ground conditions.

17.3. Cllr Burton confirmed the date of the village meeting to gain support for Perry Lane Recreation Ground development. This is Saturday 7th May at 11am.

17.4. Cllr Cook reported an open manhole on the verge just opposite the lane that runs alongside Crooks Nursery. ACTION: Clerk

17.5. Cllr Cook reported that water from Bedford Road is draining into his field. He may need the assistance of the council if he cannot resolve it himself.

17.6. Cllr Hyde reminded the council that it has agreed to set up an unmanned stall at the village fete on 25th June. It was agreed to place this on the June agenda.

17.7. Cllr Keene wished to thank Robert Brewis on behalf of the council for organising the Election Hustings meeting on May 2nd, which was well attended.

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th June 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.23pm.

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