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Parish Council Minutes

May 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, Bob Finn, Peter Burton and David Keene

ATTENDING: : Lara Bruce (Clerk), Pat Seymour (MKC) and 4 public.

1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN Cllr Keene nominated Cllr Lewis as Chairman, seconded by Cllr Finn. There were no other nominations for Chairman and Cllr Lewis accepted the position. Cllr Burton nominated Cllr Hyde as Vice Chairman, seconded by Cllr Cook. There were no other nominations for Vice Chairman and Cllr Hyde accepted the position.

2. APOLOGIES Cllr Herbert

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item and Cllr Cook declared an interest in item 15.2.

4. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING After the title of item 5 was changed to “Village Repairs” and item 5.6 was changed to read “Cllr Cook agreed to clear the ditch at Sherington Bridge T-junction adjacent to the left hand “triangle” ”, the minutes of the meeting held on 4th April 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


5.1. Street lighting in village. The next phase of undergrounding will start in the High Street followed by Crofts End. At this point the new lights will start to be installed. Lorraine Calcott (MKC) has prepared a plan for the new lights and she will present this to councillors at a meeting that has been arranged for Thursday 18th May. Lorraine should be contacted to see whether she could provide details of the lighting plan in advance of this meeting, ideally in electronic format, in order that all the councillors can review it before the meeting. ACTION: Clerk to arrange.

5.2 Village Hall footpath. A letter had been received from the Village Hall Trustees who state that they are unable to approve the construction of a footpath alongside the Village Hall. The councillors expressed their disappointment at this decision, especially as the original request for the footpath had come from a number of village groups. Councillors also expressed frustration that the Trustees had agreed to have drawings prepared for such a path at the Parish Council’s expense. It was agreed that a reply would be sent to the Village Hall Trustees. A note would be put in SCAN to let residents know of this decision. ACTION: Clerk to draft letter and Cllr Hyde to include in SCAN notes.

5.3 Youth Club. Cllr Hyde had spoken to Jane Coles who explained the reasons for closing the Youth Club. A meeting has been arranged for Thursday 4th May between Cllr Hyde, Jane Coles and a representative of the Milton Keynes Youth Service to discuss future options for the Youth Club. Cllrs Lewis and Keene would also attend if possible. The Council indicated their support for the Youth Club and their hope that it will be started again in the near future.

5.4 The Mound. Pat Seymour indicated that it might be possible to have a waste bin installed at The Mound. It was felt that waste bins can sometimes encourage rubbish. It was agreed to ask MKC to install a waste bin on a trial basis.


6.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. Repairs have started on the stopcocks opposite the gas pumping station. An update on progress regarding the Gun Lane triangle and the verge opposite Bakers Farm on the High Street was needed and Nick Brown should be contacted. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

6.2 Anglian Water – Water Lane repairs. No further leaks have been reported.

6.3 Pavilion windows. It was reported that there had been further breaks to two windows at the pavilion. A quote for toughened glass replacement to the windows at the front had been obtained which was significantly cheaper than the quotes for shutters. Councillors agreed to replace all the broken windows with toughened glass and monitor future breaks. ACTION: Cllr Burton to arrange

6.4 Bus Shelter. The contractor that had expressed an interest in doing maintenance work for the council is currently working outside Sherington. An alternative contact was chosen and councillors agreed that he should be contacted as soon as possible to carry out the repairs. ACTION: Clerk to arrange

6.5 Ditches. The ditch at Sherington Bridge T-junction adjacent to the left hand triangle still needs clearing. ACTION: Cllr Cook to arrange.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm for Pat Seymour to address the councillors and public. She reported on the work that she had done for Sherington Ward during the year. This included the following:

Pat reported that she was pleased to work with the Council on behalf of the residents. The Chair thanked Pat Seymour for all her work. The meeting was reconvened at 8:10pm.


7.1 Sherington Football Club. Cllr Hyde had asked Jason Giller to contact him a week earlier to discuss the way forward but no reply had been received. The fees for the 2005/06 season remain outstanding. It was agreed that a letter should be written to Jason and copied to the chairman and manager. The letter should include a request for:
      • immediate payment of the £250 for the 2005/06 fees. This letter should be copied to other contacts within the club;
      • the return of the keys to the pavilion, storage hut and security gates, and
      • the fees for the 2006/07 season to be paid on collection of the keys for the first game of the new season.
The club will be given 14 days to respond. ACTION: Clerk to arrange
Post meeting note from clerk - £240 has now been received. The additional £10 will be requested.

7.2 Argos. The first game to be played by Argos was this evening and the council had been informed that the team had been unable to open the security gates, as the keys that had been cut from the original did not work. It was agreed that from now on the gates would be locked open. Posts would need to be installed to lock the gates to. ACTION: Cllrs Burton and Cook to investigate

7.3 New City Saints. The chair of the club, Mike Ovenden, had been on holiday and was unable to attend the council meeting this evening. It was agreed that a meeting must be arranged with him before the next Parish Council meeting. ACTION: Clerk to arrange


Earlier in the evening Richard Duffill (MKC) had dropped off the plans for the cycle path into Sherington. After an initial review, councillors noted that the costings of an off-road track along part of Alban Hill had not been included. The plans were put into circulation and comments should be given to the clerk who will forward them to Richard. These comments should be copied to Kevin Whiteside, Pat Seymour and Caroline Godfrey. ACTION: Clerk to progress


There was no further progress to report as time had been taken up with a visit from residents of Sameon. Before the next meeting the Chair will liaise with the police over parking at the event. ACTION: Chair to progress


Date now set as Saturday 24th June. Betty Feasey has been asked whether she can include details of the Open Morning at the Perry lane Field on the map she is preparing for the Open Gardens Weekend. Residents will be encouraged to come along between 11am and 1pm. Refreshments will be made available – councillors approved expenditure of up to £50 for this. A note will be put in SCAN. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include in SCAN notes


11.1 Management Committee. Due to lack of attendance at the meeting on 28th March it was not possible to establish a committee. Jeff Charles expressed a wish to continue to be involved at the future activities at Perry Lane.

11.2 Perry Lane Sports Ground Progress. Waste bins and turfing to be done by Raymond Graham. It was suggested that the low bund of reclaimed earth should be removed and levelled otherwise it may attract tipping. ACTION: Cllr Burton to liaise with Cllr Cook.

11.3 Football Club. The SRMG in agreement with proposals regarding SFC.

11.4 Pitch Maintenance. Advice has now been received and matters are in hand to progress. ACTION: Clerk to chase

11.5 Pavilion Extension/Multi Sport Arena. Agreed to see what village support there is at the Open Day before any further commitment is made on these new facilities.

11.6 School. Ongoing use of environment area handed over to Sherington CE First School. Raymond Graham indicated he would be prepared to maintain area for first 6 months prior to an active management committee being operational.

11.7 Business plan/financial acount. Parish Council will be requested to produce a draft of the business plan that will be needed if and when further funding is sought for Phase III.

11.8 Jubilee account. If Phase III is actioned then it may prove beneficial for the SRMG to have their own bank account instead of being amalgamated into the village jubilee account.

11.9 Future of SRMG. Group will continue to meet and monitor the future until Phase III is reached.


A management committee was still not in place. Cllr Burton suggested the parish council “employ” a caretaker who could be paid a nominal amount to maintain the new facilities. There would need to be a job specification. Parish Liaison should be consulted over any employment issues. ACTION: Clerk to contact Parish Liaison. Councillors approved the “employment” of this new caretaker role. ACTION: Cllr Burton to draw up job specification


13.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £18,350.89; Treasurer Account £1,373.80. Receipts during the month included parish precept £9,056.50 and Shanks funding of £18,414.00

13.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

02/05/06L Bruce Clerk's Salary £261.01 101344
02/05/06L Bruce Clerk's Expenses £30.74 101345
02/05/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £328.17 101346
02/05/06W Austyn Clerk's Expenses £8.72 101347
02/05/06W Austyn Clerk's Salary £37.76 101348
02/05/06N Beal Cleaning £63.00 101349

13.3 Insurance. The Clerk reported that the new benches and shelters at Perry Lane had been added to the insurance policy. The new play equipment was expected to be covered under MK Council’s maintenance and insurance programme, but final confirmation was awaited from Phillip Snell at MKC.

13.4 MKC Sustainability Grant. The Clerk reported that Sherington CE First School have been contacted to ask what further development they would like that could be applied for under this grant. The deadline for the application is 12th May. ACTION: Clerk to progress

13.5 Maintenance for Perry Lane Field. Synergy had been contacted for advice on remedial works to the football pitch. They have provided a “menu” of treatments that can be selected in the future. Their advice for immediate treatment, however, would include verti-drain, overseed 65% of pitch, selective weedkiller and single roll. The cost of this is £683.99 and the council approved this expenditure. ACTION: Clerk to progress when “official” quote received.


Matthew Hooks at MKC had reported back to the Clerk that the site of significant levels of speeding had been brought to the attention of Thames Valley Police (TVP) road safety department for consideration by mobile enforcement. Residents confirmed that TVP had been doing checks that week and a number of people had been stopped.


15.1. 06/00252/FUL 10 Crofts End Councillors felt the proposed extension was an “over development” of the site. This comment would be passed to MKC who would also be asked to take into account comments from residents, one of whom believes that their sewer runs under the proposed extension.

15.2. 06/00521/FUL Manor Farm TMKC would be asked to ensure that the original access be closed off once the new access is created. Although this was noted in the drawings, it was not noted in the application.

15.3. 06/00234/LBC 3 The Knoll Application granted


16.1. Your Energy wind farm exhibition 25th April Cllr Hyde attended. Plans for the wind farm showed 7 turbines (originally 10). Photo montages were on view and views of the turbines are clear from Sherington (although it was not clear from where in Sherington the photo was taken). In 25 years the turbines will either have to come down (cost not known) or a new application be submitted. The council will be formally asked for views on the farm when the application is submitted.

16.2. Lighting Design (Lorraine Calcott) 18th May. Cllrs Lewis & Hyde to attend.


17.1. Thames Valley Police. The Council and residents are invited to put forward a PC who they think deserves recognition for their service to the community.


18.1. A resident commented on the surface water on Bedford Road near the nursery. ACTION: Clerk to chase

18.2. A resident asked whether the police had been consulted on the proposed cycle path. ACTION: Clerk to ask Kevin Whiteside..

18.3. A resident asked whether the league that SFC played in would be interested in their non-payment of fees


19.1 Cllr Burton agreed to get a quote for the glass at the pavilion. The insurance policy should be checked to see if we are covered. ACTION: Clerk to check

19.2 Cllr Finn asked whether any funding was available for a new bus shelter outside the school. ACTION: Clerk to investigate.

19.3 Cllr Finn asked for any comments on the Village Appraisal to be passed to him as he will prepare an update for the Sept meeting. ACTION: All Councillors

19.4 Cllr Hyde noted that the Sherington Bridge proposal was purely speculative.

19.5 Cllr Keene thanked Cllrs Hyde and Lewis for their tremendous work, diligence and energy over the past year as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively.

19.6 Cllr Lewis reported that he would contact the new Police Constable shortly.

19.7 Cllr Lewis reported that the visit from Sameon residents went well. The visitors had brought a gift of a “windmill” that may be offered to the School.

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next two meetings will be held on Tuesday 6th June and Tuesday 4th July 2006 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.

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