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Parish Council Minutes

May 2007

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th May 2007 in Sherington School commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), Peter Burton (Vice Chair), David Hyde, Peter Cook, David Keene, David Wright and Ian Thomson

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 5 public.

1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE CHAIRMAN Cllr Hyde proposed Bill Lewis as Chairman, seconded by Cllr Keene, there were no other nominations for Chair and Bill accepted the position. Cllr Lewis proposed Peter Burton as Vice-Chairman, seconded by Cllr Cook, there were no other nominations for Vice Chair and Peter accepted the position. The Chairman signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

2. DECLARATIONS OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE The newly elected councillors all signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, which was witnessed by the Clerk or another councillor. Registers of Interest were also submitted.



5. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd April 2007 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


6.1. Cycle Path Cllrs had now had the chance to review the plans submitted last month and noted that there were no covering notes or legend, as well as confusing road markings. It was reported that results from another safety audit are awaited, this time on the proposals for advisory cycle lanes on Alban Hill rather than mandatory. The difference between the two was clarified. The possibility of using the footpath out of Sherington and into Newport Pagnell is still being considered. Richard Duffill does consult with TVP on a regular basis although is not legally obliged to do so unless a statutory change in Traffic Order is proposed ACTION: Clerk to follow up

6.2. Anglian Water follow up The hydro brake inspection is scheduled for Friday 8th June at 10am but there has been no real progress regarding the Water Lane sewer or the watercourse and ditch behind Smiths Yard. AW seems to be reverting to its original stance of absolving responsibility. As agreed last month another letter will be sent to the Chairman of AW. ACTION: Clerk

6.3. Sherington Bridge Farm The owner Mr Sharpe had contacted the Clerk expressing grave concern over this item, especially as no such Enforcement Order, as reported last month, had been served. MKC Planning when questioned denied having stated this was about to happen. It would appear that MKC Enforcement decided not to pursue the contravention of planning consent, back in 2001 mainly due to the length of time over which vehicular trading activity had already taken place. The Chairman stated that the parish council was unaware of this decision and was simply responding to a request for information. It was acknowledged that the parish council had been misinformed by MKC Planning and therefore the council agreed to apologise for any upset caused. The clerk reported that MKC Enforcement had been asked for info to clarify the position regarding the conditions of planning consent granted to Mr Sharpe.

6.4. Triangular verge at Gun Lane/High St Nick Brown from MKC Enforcement reported that the verge had been mown and the status of the verge reviewed and found to be satisfactory. It was agreed to ask whether this piece of land is still included in MKC’s mowing contract. ACTION: Clerk

6.5. SID data The clerk reported that the data collected at the beginning of last month has been lost by MKC. Devices will be in the village again mid May.


7.1. Streetcare Rural Pilot Scheme. The spreadsheet has now been updated with deadlines according to priority. Items such as dumped tyres are being resolved in a timely fashion. Work on the footpath to Newport Pagnell should be completed within 6 weeks and the maintenance team are currently in the village. ACTION: Clerk

7.2. Missing Bin at Pery Lane. A replacement bin was situated in Perry Lane but was somehow moved to the car park. The caretaker has been asked to arrange its transfer back to the rightful place. ACTION: Clerk to chase

7.3. Path through Village Hall play area. No progress on this but Ian McGregor has promised to contact Cllrs early this month for a site visit. ACTION: Clerk to chase

7.4. Fence at gas pumping station. The damage to this has been reported to Centrica but not yet acknowledged. ACTION: Clerk

7.5 Water hydrant stone School Lane. The fallen stone at the end of School Lane has been reported to Anglian Water. ACTION: Clerk.


Cllr Hyde reported that work on School Lane has commenced although the area outside the school is being left until Half Term. McAlpine wish to begin connecting the new street lights 1st week of June and Aylesbury Mains have confirmed there should be no problems with this. It is proposed to move the light opposite the school to the other side of the road and Cllr Hyde is meeting with the contractors on Thursday 10th May 9am to discuss the proposed works. ACTION: Cllr Hyde and Clerk to progress


9.1 New bench on Carters Close/Crofts End corner. The contractor has been chased and is to contact Cllr Burton this week. ACTION: Clerk to chase if necessary.

9.2 New bus shelter on School Lane. Funding of £3500 from the MKC Parish Partnership Fund has been granted which the parish council must match if this proposal goes ahead. Planning permission is not needed but the clerk is awaiting confirmation that there are no Development Control issues, before any public consultation takes place. ACTION: Clerk to chase.


10.1 Caretaker's report. The caretaker has reported that large thistles are appearing on the BMX track. It was agreed to ask Shane to take care of this. ACTION: Clerk.

10.2 Pavilion repairs. The exterior repairs and decorating is due to take place end May/beginning June. ACTION: Clerk to chase if necessary.

10.3 Pavilion refurbishment. A decision on whether funding has been granted is due by end of May. ACTION: Clerk to chase if necessary.

10.4 Pitch repair/relocation. Cllr Wright reported that relocating the pitch down one goal length is no longer an option as the newly seeded goal mouths must be untouched for 10 weeks. Therefore it has been agreed to allow Argos to play its summer league until mid July on the original pitch and then to turf the goal mouths instead. This is a cheaper option but the new turf must be heavily watered (MKC can assist) and left for 6 weeks before Sherington FC recommences play. It was agreed to discuss this at the annual review meeting with the club. ACTION: Cllr Wright to arrange.

10.5 Hire of pavilion and/or grounds. There had been no response to the questions asked about the proposed barn dance, and this has now apparently been arranged at the White Hart. Cllr Cook reported that the sale of alcohol would only be an issue if it was taking business away from the pubs. It was noted that there are still no set procedures or hire agreement in place for the pavilion, the Village Hall Terms and Conditions are to be circulated. ACTION: Clerk. The Long Distance Walkers Association has asked to hire the pavilion overnight in June 2008 as a checkpoint.

11. STONEPITS CLOSE, MILL LANE Two bids were received to rent to the land this season, the highest from Mr and Mrs Robert Brewis. Mr Brewis asked if he could erect a temporary fence alongside the track that allows access to vehicles across the field, this was agreed. The council agreed that it was still interested in turning the field into woodland; Cllr Keene has obtained a useful guide from the Woodland Trust and is meeting with the Parks Trust this week. ACTION: Cllr Keene .


12.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £28364.96; Treasurer Account £1070.72.

12.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

08/05/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £250.52 101453
08/05/2007Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £17.91 101454
08/05/2007A H Contracts Dog bins £47.19 101455
08/05/2007Raymond Rowan Design Pavilion drawings £100.00 101456
08/05/2007Shane Lea Perry Lane Caretaker £50.00 101457
08/05/2007Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £59.50 101458
08/05/2007Milton Keynes Council Litter bin for Mound £188.00 101459

12.3 Bin at Mound. A bin has been sited at the Mound, expenditure of £160 + VAT was approved.


13.1. 07/00537/TCA White Hart tree
No adverse comments.

13.2. 07/00567/FUL 2 Water Lane
No adverse comments.

13.3. 07/00529/FUL 4 Village Close
No adverse comments.

13.4. Recent planning decisions
The White Hart application to reduce lateral branches of a horse chestnut tree by 25% has been granted.


14.1. TVP Open meeting Thurs 26th April Cllr Lewis reported that only items regarding Newport Pagnell were discussed when the poster advertised “rural issues”.

14.2. TVP Parish Consultative Meeting Thurs 24th May. Cllrs Hyde and Keene will try to attend.

14.3. Code of Conduct training sessions May and June. Cllrs agreed to attend one of 3 dates offered.


15.1. Open Space strategy document. The contents of this were noted.

15.2. BRTA letter. The contents of this were noted.


16.1. It was suggested that if the bus shelter proposal goes ahead, it might be a good idea to move the bin currently right outside the school gate to nearer the shelter. It was noted that there is currently a dog bin close to where the shelter is likely to be situated so this would also need to be moved..

16.2. It was agreed to place a note in SCAN magazine about dog mess, and also to report that special “doggy poo bags” are available from the shop. Pink recycling sacks are also available.

16.3. It was noted that there is an advertising trailer in the field next to the bypass; this is by permission of J W Cook and Son.


17.1. Cllr Hyde asked for any objections to the proposal to move the street light from opposite the school to the other side of the road, there were none.

17.2. Cllr Cook reported broken fencing at the junction of Newport Road near the Shell petrol station.

17.3. Cllr Keene reported an increase in cars parking on pavements, it was agreed to place a note in SCAN magazine asking drivers to refrain from doing this.

17.4. Cllr Burton reported that weeds are coming up where the new bushes have been planted in Perry Lane car park. He will contact Raymond Graham about treating them. ACTION: Cllr Burton.

17.5. Cllr Burton reported that cyclists have been seen on the A509 itself rather than on the cycle lanes provided. It was acknowledged that professional cyclists often prefer to use the road.

17.6. Cllr Wright reported that the pavement outside his house on Carters Close is to be re-laid.

17.7. Cllr Thomson reported overhanging trees and hedges that are hazardous at night. It was agreed to place a note in SCAN asking owners to keep these trimmed back.

17.8. Cllr Lewis reported on behalf of the Twinning Association that the French hosts had made them very welcome over May Bank Holiday weekend; and that a milestone similar to the one recently placed on the Knoll was taken to Sameon as a gift.

17.9. Cllr Lewis welcomed Ian Thomson to the parish council.

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th June 2007 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.47pm.

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