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Parish Council Minutes

November 2003

Minutes of the Meeting at the School on Tuesday 4th November 2003 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Sarah Jackson, Cllr Bob Finn.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr D Hyde.

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Meeting held on 7th October were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


3.1 Repairs in Village: Andy McPherson (MKC), will carry out a survey on the Carters Close junction. Clerk had as yet been unable to contact the correct person at EMEB, with regards to a safety check of the overhead power cables. ACTION: Clerk

3.2 Village Hall Car Park: This item is still ongoing. ACTION: Cllr Keene

3.3 Sherington Mound: Various comments received on this item at the recent presentation. Jan Phillips had advised that a concrete litter bin would cost 120. Her understanding is that Chicheley Estates own the land, therefore Milton Keynes Council are unwilling to meet the cost. There had been further fly tipping, from which Cllr Jackson had found some possible clues to the identity of the culprits. Enforcement Officer had been contacted, they will investigate further. It was agreed by all Councillors that in the first instance the entrance to the mound should be blocked off (initially for a trial period), to assess whether this problem improves. Milton Keynes Council to be asked if they could carry out this task, preferably not with a soil mound. ACTION: Clerk

3.4 Multi Activity Area: All residents close to the proposed site attended the presentation on 25th October. There were no adverse comments on the proposal. Cllr Keene thanked the Youth Club members for serving refreshments on the day. It was proposed by Cllr Burton and seconded by Cllr Lewis that the scheme should be approved. Agreed by all. Clerk will contact Milton Keynes Council and the contractors. ACTION: Clerk

3.5 Village Appraisal: A few extra items were raised by residents on 25th October. Councillors will meet on Monday 24th November at 3 Gun Lane at 8pm to discuss the format of the document that will be sent to village groups.

3.6 Village Trees: Resident of 1 The Knoll has asked that Parish Council consider felling the tree outside his property. It was agreed that Sports Ground Services be asked to quote for this. Cllr Burton advised that whilst looking at the football area with contractors, it had been noted that some willow trees were in need of attention. To ask tree surgeon to inspect at the same time. ACTION: Clerk

4. PERRY LANE RECREATION AREA: Following an initial meeting the request was made that a Parish Council led sub committee be formed with the brief to initially manage and maintain on a day to day basis, the current facility. It was proposed by Cllr Keene and seconded by Cllr Finn, that Cllr Burton should represent the Parish Council on the initial working party. All agreed.

5. PLAY AREA TREE STUMPS: A quote of 130 (to include hire of equipment) had been received from Sports Ground Services. There are two other stumps in the play area which also require grinding + the one left on the Knoll. Clerk will liase with tree surgeon and ensure that all stump grinding is carried out whilst they have the hire equipment.

6. STONEPITS CLOSE LICENCE: Mr Ferris had supplied a simplified version of the current licence. This will be circulated to Councillors and discussed again at the December meeting.

7. PARISH BASIC ALLOWANCE: The correspondence on this matter had been circulated. There was unanimous agreement that Councillors did not wish to make any financial claims for duties carried out.


Current Balances: Clerk provided balance sheet, which showed 3,255.18 in the Treasurers Account and 11,745 in the Enterprise Account.

Cheques for Payment: It was agreed that the following cheques be authorised:

G Ferris Mowing Cheque 101147 2,500.00
Sports Ground Services Recreation Field Mowing Cheque 101148 381.88
Hacker Young Audit 2002/3 Cheque 101149 141.00
J Sharp Clerk's Salary Cheque 101150 176.50
W Lewis Stationery for Presentation Cheque 101151 6.81

9. PLANNING MATTERS: There were no planning matters for discussion.


Parish Conference: Cllr Cook had attended together with Cllr Hyde and was interested to learn of the different nature of the problems faced by the urban parishes in comparison to the ones in rural locations.

Thames Valley Police Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th November, Cllr Lewis will attend.


Section 136: Notification that this scheme will be terminate, with effect from the end of this financial year. Milton Keynes Council will be discussing in the near future possible devolution of some services.

Training Session for New Councillors: This will be held on Tuesday 25th November. Cllrs Jackson, Burton and Finn would like to attend.


No 1 Bus Service: A petition had been signed by over 300 villagers. Apparently the 8.13am bus which should come through the village, is unreliable. There was a meeting today between Stuart Simmonds (MKC) and MK Metro to discuss services. Cllr Keene will speak to Stuart Simmonds. This item will be kept on the Agenda. ACTION: Cllr Keene

25th October Presentation: Mr J Cook congratulated the Parish Council on the clarity of the presentation and hoped that a summary of views would be published in the Scan.

Streetcare Initiative: Mr J Cook asked whether this had been completed. Councillors had returned their forms to Cllr Hyde to be collated and returned to Milton Keynes Council.

Cycle Path: Mr J Cook asked whether the Parish Council had been advised of the route this will take through the village. Clerk advised that the comments were passed to Milton Keynes Council, but that no reply had been received. This will be chased. Item to be kept on Agenda. ACTION: Clerk

Lighting at the Knoll: Mrs Atkinson asked that the Council again consider lighting on the phone box corner of the Knoll. It was agreed that Milton Keynes Council be requested to look at this and make recommendations. This can then be considered when the 2004/5 budget is set. ACTION: Clerk

Light on Corner of Water Lane: The light is still continually on, despite the ivy having been cut. Clerk asked Councillors to notify her of the pole number, this can then be reported. ACTION: Clerk

Power Surges and Cuts: Mr Sims requested that these be brought to the attention of EMEB, when asking them to carry out a safety check. ACTION: Clerk

Speedcheck Posters: Resident asked how long these were to be left up for. We had been advised that this was for a few weeks (not specified).


Dog Fouling Outside School: Cllr Jackson advised that this was an ongoing problem and that the dog bin close by was not being used. Cllr Lewis will put item in Scan. ACTION: Cllr Lewis

Pavement Parking: Cllr Lewis advised that reference to this had been made in this months Scan.

Replacement Monkey Bars: Milton Keynes Council had advised that they do not have the finances to replace these. Clerk will obtain prices. ACTION: Clerk

Notice Boards & Benches: It is noted that the refurbishment of these has not been completed, despite the quote having been accepted in early summer. Cllr Keene will speak to T Pilcher about this. ACTION: Cllr Keene

National Tree Week: The subject of replacement trees for those that have been felled, will be discussed next month.

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: This will be held on TUESDAY 2nd December 2003 at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.05pm

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