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Parish Council Minutes

November 2004

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd November in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Bob Finn, Peter Burton (arrived 7.50pm) and Sarah Jackson..

ATTENDING: Jayne Holliss (Acting Clerk), Wendy Austyn (new Clerk), Cllr Pat Seymour (MKC) and six public.

1. APOLOGIES: There were none

2. DECLARATIONS of INTERESTS: There were none given.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING: The minutes of the meeting held on 5th October 2004 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Village Repairs: Chairman reported that all repairs on list had been done with the exception of the High Street, which is still in progress.

4.2 Parish Councillor Training: The next round of sessions at MKC is due to take place in late November /early December. Parish Liaison will advise all local Councils as soon as the date is set.

4.3 Footpath in Crofts End: Chairman reported that he had spoken with MKC and had been told that his contractors had been instructed to make good the public footpath.

4.4 Perry Lane Car Park and Garages: The Council was informed that Chris Bardell (MKC) had instructed contractors to start on the refurbishment of the garages.

It was agreed to amend paragraph 18a of standing to read:
Three estimates or quotations must be obtained for purchases or work which exceed 1000 unless as stated in (b) or (c).

The Chairman informed the Council that a new Clerk, Wendy Austyn, had been appointed as from 1st November. The Council agreed that Wendy should attend a Training Seminar on the 13th November.


7.1 Parish Partnership Funding. The Council was informed that this funding was on a roll over basis and if not used within any financial year could be held over into the next.

7.2 Experimental Surface. This is being worked on at the moment and a sample of this surface would be examined by Councillors soon.

The three quotations received for this work were discussed. It was agreed that they were too expensive. It was further agreed to look within the village for someone to do this work but Salcey Arborcare should be contacted regarding the price for stump grinding. Action: Acting Clerk.

Councillor Burton informed the Council that he would let them know the overall price for this work as soon as he receives it from MKC. He would contact Chris Bardell on this matter. Action: Cllr Burton.
Councillor Lewis informed the Council that a resident who rents two of the garages was having problems accessing these during Football matches, as cars were obstructing the entrance. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Club asking them to be mindful of this. Action: Clerk

Urgent repairs to pavilion: Cllr Burton informed the Council that the paving slab work would cost around 380 and the roof repairs would cost around 400. It was agreed that both these items of work should be done as a matter of urgency.

Councillor Burton informed the Council that the first draft of the development plan was now available for Councillors to read and comment on. He would like to receive any comments by the 14th November, so that these may be included in the second draft, which is hoped to be available for distribution to Councillors at the December meeting.

Applications to "Awards For All" were ongoing but there were restrictions on what parish Councils may bid for.
Jane Coles is to be contacted regarding prices for these shelters and for material for the public exhibition in the New Year.


13.1 Balances: The current balances are estimated to be 10375.37 in the Enterprise Account; 2601.07 in the Treasurers Account and 706.58 in an account believed to be in trust.

13.2 Cheques: The following cheques were agreed for payment.

Anglian Water Pavilion - March to September 04 127.00 Cheque 101202
Powergen Retail Pavilion electric June to Sept 04 18.98 Cheque 101203
Acting Clerk Expenses Sep and Oct 04 30.35 Cheque 101204
Acting Clerk Wages 375.00 Cheque 101205
MKC Dog bin emptying Apr to Jul 04 244.40 Cheque 101206
A H Contracts Dog bin emptying Oct 04 35.20 Cheque 101207
Sports Ground Services Recreation Field Mowing 152.75 Cheque 101208
Village Hall Hire Oct/Nov + interview 32.40 Cheque 101209
Bucks SLCC Clerks training 6.00 Cheque 101210


14.1 Crofts End. The Council notes the problem of car parking in this area and traffic having to pass them on the wrong side of the road. It was asked that David Frost, the Road Safety Officer at MKC be contacted and asked to come to a meeting with Councillors to discuss this matter further. Councillor Pat Seymour suggested that a report should be sent to MKC on this matter. Action Clerk

14.2 Visit From Police Traffic Management Unit. The Council was informed that they would first need to know the actual speed of vehicles in the relevant road, and suggested that MKC should be contacted as it is their Highway and they would then contact the Police on any work needed to be done regarding speed reduction.

14.3 SID Data. The latest information received from MKC was passed to Councillors. This data is to be placed on notice board.

14.4 Parking Partnership. It was agreed that extra spaces were needed in Perry Lane. Chairman to contact MKC regarding the letter received on this matter and its cost implications to Sherington. Action. Chairman


04/01855/FUL Coney Grey, Gun Lane Councillors had no comments to make on this matter.

Chairman and Vice-Chairman attended a training session at MKC. It was reported that this was short, but good and informative.

It was agreed that members should take it in turn to attend the Parish Assembly. The dates of the next meetings and those attending are:

2nd December 3rd March 2nd June
Cllr Cook Cllrs Keene and Jackson  


18.1: A resident asked about material at the end of Gun Lane. The resident was told that this was from the road works and it would be taken away, and the verge left as before, when the works are completed.

18.2: A resident mentioned that Mr Pepper is still concerned about electricity cables crossing his property. Cllr Jackson advised him that they had been checked and were considered safe. Cllr Jackson would also speak with Mr Pepper. Cllr Jackson suggested that residents whose supply was not scheduled to be laid underground should contact the electricity supply company direct, as this would put pressure on them to underground these cables. Concern was expressed that a fire had occurred where cabling laid underground came to the surface. Cllr Jackson asked any residents concerned about this to contact her.

18.3: It was asked if an outdoor bowls facility had been considered for the Perry Lane Recreation Area. Cllr Burton said he would look into this and contact the chairman of the indoor bowls club.

18.4: It was confirmed that Neighbourhood Watch would be included in the Parish exhibition to be held early in the New Year

18.5: It was asked if the Parish Council would promote or sponsor a meeting of candidates with villagers for any forthcoming general election. It was agreed that this would be placed on the next agenda. Action. Clerk


19.1 Cllr Cook said that better protective fencing was needed around the newly seeded part of the football area. Had anyone any ideas what could be used as the fencing needs o be in place until April next. Cllr Lewis will place another note in SCAN thanking parents for their help in keeping children off the area but also asking this help be continued until the area is fit again for use.

19.2 Cllr Burton asked if he could be given any items about funding for sports after it had been circulated to all councillors

19.3 Cllr Hyde asked about the grey pipes left near the Gas Station. He was informed that these were steel pipes which had to be welded before going into the Gas Station. They would have to be there for a while longer.

19.4 Cllr Lewis asked for confirmation of the date for the village exhibition. He was informed this would either be 12th or 19th February. When the date is known Cllr Lewis will confirm the booking for the Village Hall and place a note in SCAN informing residents.

19.5 Cllr Finn advised the meeting that the Village Appraisal was complete and would soon be on the web-site. A note will be placed in SCAN advising where hard copies would be available. A copy will be sent to MKC. Cllr Finn suggested a Precept Meeting should take place in December.

19.6 Cllr Keene said that vehicles had once again gone up the viewing mound at Chicheley Hill. This item to be placed on the next agenda. Action. Clerk

19.7 Cllr Keene advised the village walkabout is to be arranged for the last Sunday in November. Cllr Hyde will confirm the time to councillors by e-mail.

19.8 Cllr Keene said he was still trying to contact Richard Duffield (MKC) about the cycle path, but to no avail.

19.9 Cllr Hyde advised the meeting that he had asked School Lane to be urgently swept due to leaves clogging the path.

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: : The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th December in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Chairman welcomed Wendy Austyn as the new Parish Clerk and thanked Jayne Holliss for her assistance as Acting Clerk over the last two months.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.42pm

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