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Parish Council Minutes

November 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st November 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Peter Burton and Bob Finn.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 10 public.


2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item; Cllr Cook declared an interest in both the Cycle Path and Anglian Water items; and Cllr Keene declared an interest in the planning applications for 10 Crofts End and 14 Park Road.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 4th October 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Under grounding and street lighting in village. The Chairman reported that Eddie Cochrane from Central Networks had confirmed that he was still waiting for the contractor to recommence works in Water Lane. The Clerk reported that MKC have initially agreed to provide for approximately 30 new street lights when the rest of the village is under grounded next year. It was agreed to contact John Peachey again to clarify the position before any precept figures are agreed in January. ACTION: Clerk

4.2 Parking Place at 1 Bedford Road. The Clerk reported that this wouldn’t have needed planning permission and the parish council would not have been consulted. Requests for details of the transaction have proved fruitless as the Housing department at MKC seem to have lost any useful paperwork. It was agreed not to pursue any further.

4.3. Anglian Water - Water Lane.
    4.3.1. Ditch ownership. The Clerk reported that a letter was sent last month requesting AW to locate paperwork relating to the construction of the concrete outfall which empties into the ditch. Ian Norton has stated that there are no records kept of any such construction and AW have previously advised that it is normal practice for the riparian owners to maintain ditches. It was agreed to contact the Land Registry to see if they have any records of ownership. ACTION: Clerk
    4.3.2. Repairs. The Clerk reported that AW has identified blockages in the foul sewer and minor repair work is needed to the pipe. The work to rectify this is currently being scheduled and residents will be informed.
    4.3.3. Gullies. The Clerk reported that MKC consider that the gullies in Water Lane are in a satisfactory condition and will inspect the drainage during the next heavy or prolonged rainfall.

4.4 Proms VH play area summer 2006. The Clerk reported that only if the Twinning Association became a committee of the parish council, could the event be covered under the council’s own insurance. Cllr Lewis will look into obtaining a separate quote for the TA, it was also agreed to ask Parish Liaison for advice. ACTION: Clerk.

4.5 Councillor vacancy. The Chairman reported that one resident has expressed an interest in becoming a councillor and the council agreed to co-opt immediately. The Chairman will contact Peter Herbert and the clerk will follow up with a more formal letter and some information. ACTION: Chairman and Clerk

4.6 Role of Parish Liaison team. Following a request from the public last month, the Clerk read out a list of roles and responsibilities that are covered by the MKC Parish Liaison team.

4.7 Village Hall footpath. Quotes for the drawings are still in the process of being obtained.

4.8 Village Incident 30/9/05 incl. graffiti. It was reported that NP Police only have a record of one phone call that night. The graffiti was cleaned up by the MKC team and Alan Simms. There are a couple more signs with some graffiti on which the Clerk will report. ACTION: Clerk


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. Nick Brown is on holiday until 10th November so no update this month.

5.2 Crofts End verge reinstatement and blocked drain. The verge appears to have been top soiled and reseeded and looks better. The drain outside no. 28 was clear although the grass and soil covering it has been removed.

5.3 Fencing on Knoll. Barry Tofts has been asked to repair the damaged fence, but has not done so yet, Clerk to chase. ACTION: Clerk

5.4 High Street dains. A letter has been received from a High Street resident concerning blocked drains; this is to be investigated and dealt with appropriately. ACTION: Clerk

6. The Knoll

6.1. Ownership document. The Chairman carried out an initial search of the village hall office but did not find anything. The issue was raised of what documentation the council should be keeping, for how long and in what format. It was agreed to ask Parish Liaison for advice. ACTION: Clerk

6.2 Power supply to tree. The heavy duty rubber cable covering has been purchased ready for the Christmas tree. MKC have recommended low voltage lighting be used.


7.1. Junior Team. A 2005/06 fee of £260 for 12 games has been offered. Cllr Keene proposed and Cllr Lewis seconded that this be accepted for the current season and at the precept meeting in January the council will agree an ongoing policy on charging for the use of the football facilities for future seasons. ACTION: Clerk

7.2. Planning Application. This has been agreed subject to conditions that mainly concern drainage and levelling of the car park. MKC Estates dept is to provide designs and costs for this within 2 months.

7.3. Car Park Weeds. The weeds have been re-sprayed and are visibly reduced.

7.4. Parking. MKC has stencilled “No Parking” onto the garages.

7.5. Football club fees. No response has been received from the club regarding the proposed fees for 2005/06. It was agreed to write to the chairman Ian Stewart requesting a response. ACTION: Clerk

7.6. Pavilion Windows. Further to an incident of broken glass, it was suggested and agreed that timber shutters would be a good idea to cover up the glass when appropriate. The clerk will approach John Risby for a quote. ACTION: Clerk

7.7. Storage Hut. It was reported that the hut had been left unlocked; Cllr Burton will speak to Jason Giller. ACTION: Cllr Burton

7.8. Bowls and Tennis. Sufficient support, demand and sustainability for both the Bowls club and interested tennis players in the village need to be established if plans for such facilities are to be progressed.


John Cook has kindly drafted a Delegation of Management Agreement between the Mgmt Committee and Parish Council. It was agreed that councillors will review and send suggestions for amendments to the Clerk within 2 weeks from above date. The Clerk will then amend and re-circulate so that the document can be approved at the next pc meeting. ACTION: Clerk and Cllrs * Post meeting note – John Sanderson has now resigned from the chairmanship.


The Chairman reported that following the on site visit from Richard Duffill and Graham Mabbutt on 17th September, 3 alternative routes for the cycle path have now been offered and are currently with the Estates dept for feasibility and costing. Route 1 is the widely preferred route that uses the track (Winyards) in between the A509 and Gun Lane; Route 2 still comes down Alban Hill but actually in the field at the side; and Route 3 goes into Filgrave, round the fields and back into the High Street opposite the Gun Lane turn. Cllrs agreed to tell Richard Duffill that Route 1 was still the favourite, followed by Route 2. ACTION: Clerk


10.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £16181.19; Treasurer Account £1194.44

10.2 Approval of Clerk's training. The cost of £5 was approved.

10.3 Fete proceeds. A cheque for £728.61 has been received from the Sherington Fete committee being the council’s share of the proceeds. It was agreed to discuss how the money could be spent at the next meeting.

10.4 Cheques for payment were as follows:

01/11/2005D C Blunt Grounds mowing £924.26 101284
01/11/2005Powergen Pavilion Electric £27.09 101285
01/11/2005N Beal Cleaning £56.00 101286
01/11/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £179.12 101287
01/11/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses £74.84 101288
01/11/2005SLCC Clerk's training £5.00 101289


11.1. SID Data. The Clerk regretfully reported that due to staff absence and an IT problem at MKC there is still no SID data available.

11.2. Police speed gun use. Cllr Lewis reported that there are now 2 guns available and PC Mark Poulton will be in the village soon. Cllr Lewis will ask him to be present during the morning rush hour. ACTION: Cllr Lewis


12.1. 05/01538/LBC 3 The Knoll. There were no adverse comments but the council would like the neighbour’s concerns to be taken into account.

12.2. 05/01641/LBC Church Farm, Church End. No adverse comments.

12.3. 05/01634/FUL 14 Park Road. No adverse comments.

12.4. 05/01604/FUL 10 Crofts End. No adverse comment but the council is aware of possible objections from neighbours.

12.5. Smiths Yard development. A letter has been received proposing to remove all of the industrial development and replace it with an initially suggested 18 houses of mixed size and type. It was agreed to acknowledge the letter and state that the council’s position remains unchanged from the previous correspondence dated 12th July 2005. ACTION: Clerk


13.1. MKNECAF 24th November 7.30 pm Lavendon Village Hall. Cllrs Hyde and Lewis will attend.

13.2. Parish Assembly 30th November MKC. Cllr Keene will try to attend.

13.3. MK Local Plan update briefing 8th November. Cllr Hyde will try to attend.

13.4. Local Management of Community Safety 26th November. Cllr Lewis will attend.


14.1. MKC Play provision. An email from Cllr Paul Bartlett reports on the lack of provision for play equipment in the next MKC budget. The council agreed to support a proper budget provision for future years. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. Channel 4 TV programme. An independent TV company has approached the council with reference to a new programme about fly tipping where the Mound could be featured. It was agreed there should be no response to the request.

14.3. A509 traffic calming proposals. MKC are proposing to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph and introduce a No Overtaking zone from the Filgrave turn to Olney. There were mixed feelings among Cllrs about the speed limit but all agreed that no overtaking was a good idea. ACTION: Clerk


15.1. A pothole in the road outside Carisbrook House needs repairing, the Clerk confirmed that the pothole on the crest of the hill as Bedford Road turns into Crofts End has already been reported. ACTION: Clerk

15.2. It was suggested that a notice be placed on the storage hut informing people as to where a key could be obtained from.

15.3. Residents suggested that speed reduction on the A509 would only be as good as the enforcement that comes with it, and that a No Overtaking zone should take care of the speed issue. Vehicle Activated Signs saying “Slow Down” are considered to be an effective speed deterrent. It was agreed to mention these points as part of the feedback to MKC. ACTION: Clerk

15.4. The condition of Water Lane is causing concern. It was agreed to ascertain the next road sweeping dates and then endeavour to “inspect” the day after. ACTION: Clerk

15.5. A resident is in possession of parish council minutes dated 1914 regarding the Knoll.

15.6. It was suggested that only Route 1 for the cycle path be offered as acceptable, rather than risk MKC considering it too expensive and deeming either Route 2 or Route 3 to be more suitable on grounds of cost.

15.7. It was suggested that another way to approach Anglian Water on the ditch issue is to ascertain “who derives benefit from the ditch”, the answer being Anglian Water and therefore they should maintain it.


16.1. Cllr Cook was concerned that cllrs are not getting enough time to consider planning applications properly.

16.2. Cllr Finn suggested it was time that cllrs went on another “walkabout”. Sunday 13th November 10am at the Village Hall was agreed.

16.3. Cllr Finn suggested that a date be placed in the diary for the precept meeting, sooner rather than later so that cllrs’ schedules could be arranged in advance. ACTION: Clerk

16.4. Cllr Keene reported that 2 of the newly installed drains in Bedford Road do not seem to be functioning correctly.

17. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th December 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.56 pm.

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