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Parish Council Minutes

October 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th October 2011 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs D Keene, (Chair) J Ager, D Hyde and M Northfield

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr D McLean (councillor for Sherington Ward) and 4 members of the public

Cllr Thomson.

Cllr Northfield declared an interest in the Community Shop item.

The minutes of the meeting held on 6th September were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Signage to Stonepits Copse. The new fingerpost sign pointing to Stonepits Copse via the public footpath has now been installed on the High St outside the flats. 50% of the cost is being covered by the Parish Partnership Fund

4.2 Proposed amendment to Standing Orders. The clerk had drafted the following amendment which was proposed by Cllr Hyde and seconded by Cllr Northfield after a value of £500 had been agreed. "Where a councillor has the relevant qualifications and/or expertise to carry out a required task that is deemed 'minor' by the parish council, that said councillor should be allowed to carry out the task as a contractor and be duly remunerated for materials and labour, as is deemed fair and appropriate by both the council and contractor. Expenditure for such 'minor' work carried out by a councillor should be limited to £500 before VAT, and is subject to the same rules as for any other council expenditure." ACTION: Clerk

4.3 Electricity socket on the Knoll. Now that Standing Orders are revised the clerk will ask Cllr Denman to give an estimate to repair the power socket on The Knoll. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Northfield reported that the committee is currently negotiating for a shop unit similar to the Frensham unit, with toilet facilities. The unit will sit on concrete slabs causing minimal disturbance to the ground. The location of the underground culvert needs to be established to avoid placing the slabs directly over it. Surface water drains into this culvert and Anglian Water need to be informed. Arrangements for the foul sewer are yet to be confirmed. Cllr Northfield apologised to the parish council for the accidental removal of a laurel tree during the recent ground survey, suitable screening will be put in place to acknowledge the closest neighbours. There is an issue with MKC Highways who are querying the car park entrance ways; this is to be resolved asap. £23k of funding has been secured from village residents although more is still needed; the project may not be eligible for Leader funding. Shopco has now been registered as a limited company and arrangements to open a bank account are in progress. A solicitor has been engaged with regard to an agreement between Shopco and the proposed tenant. There has been as yet no comeback from residents regarding the change from a community to commercial enterprise; the village will continue to be kept informed as to the project's progress. ACTION: Cllr Northfield, Clerk

The parish council wished to respond to the Post Office that it is entirely in support of the proposals to relocate Sherington Post Office to the proposed building next to the village hall. ACTION: Clerk

It was acknowledged that a lease agreement between the parish council and Shopco needs to be drawn up. It was agreed to approach MKC for help in the first instance. The agreement between the parish council and the village hall trustees will also need amending. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Hyde reported that he had walked the length of Alban Hill with Michael Cook who owns some of the adjacent fields and agreed that the ditches can be inadequate after heavy rain. It was agreed to take some photographic evidence of this and then ask those responsible for their maintenance to reinstate the ditches. The issue with the ditches in Gun Lane is not so easy to resolve and it was agreed to ask Mark Bennett and Rob Ward of MKC to make a site visit. Mr Cawley and Mr Brewis whose land is adjacent to these ditches will be available if possible. MKC state that the ditches are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner but have recently cleared the ditches between opposite 51 and 65 High St leaving one of the culverts half full of silt. It was agreed to request that this be cleared asap. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Northfield attended the recent workshop at MKC where the impact of Localism was discussed at an informal level between councillors, clerks and MKC officers. It was confirmed that there is no obligation for parish and town councils to take over contracts from MKC but that it could be financially beneficial. It was agreed that the two areas Sherington Parish Council would be prepared to consider are Mowing/Landscaping and Litter Bin emptying. This "Expression of Interest" is to be fed back to MKC. ACTION: Clerk


10.1 Monthly Balances Enterprise Account £9850.79 ; Treasurer Account £2990.85

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

04/10/2011Mel Northfield Shopco IPS application £475.00 101939
04/10/2011SCAN magazine Advertising for pavilion £135.00 101940
04/10/2011Signway Supplies Fingerpost sign to Stonepits £191.40 101941
04/10/2011D B Surveys Ltd Shopco ground survey £414.00 101942
04/10/2011Sports Ground Services Mowing Recreation Ground £496.80 101943
04/10/2011Lune Architects Inspection exterior pavilion works £216.00 101944
04/10/2011J W Cook & Son Rent for Recreation Ground £100.00 101945
04/10/2011Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker/bookings £100.00 101946
04/10/2011Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £56.00 101947
04/10/2011Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £154.09 101948
04/10/2011Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £25.69 101949

10.3 Clerk's holiday pay The contractor now carrying out the payroll has advised that the clerk should be paid 10.7% of hourly pay for each hour worked as holiday pay. The parish council asked for confirmation of the legislation for this. ACTION: Clerk

10.4 Shopco funds £414 of the village contribution towards the shop is being paid out for the ground survey carried out on the proposed shop site.


11.1. 11/01813/FUL and 11/01814/LBC The Old Rectory - Demolition of a range of outhouses, construction of a two storey dwelling and conversion of existing stone barn; plus Listed building Consent. The clerk confirmed that the parish council had not been notified of any neighbour objections, and there were no objections from the parish council.

11.2. Decisions. The application for 23 High St has been permitted.


12.1. Pavilion management group. There was no report available this month.


13.1. Report from NECAF 21st September Cllr Keene reported that discussions included Localism and the Cycle Path. It was agreed to chase Richard Duffill on this long standing issue, after the parish council learned that Ceri Griffin has left. Cllr McLean asked to be kept informed. ACTION: Clerk




15.1 Cllr McLean asked if any problems had been experienced since Royal Mail made changes to the postal system. Those present had no issues, and some reported that their post is now being delivered earlier than before

15.2. A resident expressed concern over the excess of expenditure over income at the Recreation Ground. It was agreed to look at this.

15.3. It was reported that the potholes in Gun Lane have still not been repaired and some are very dangerous. The clerk reported that the repair work is hopefully now imminent but will chase. ACTION: Clerk


16.1 Cllr Keene asked if anyone knew an Alex Wells who has expressed an interest in becoming a councillor but left an incorrect telephone number. It was suggested a note be placed in SCAN. ACTION: Clerk

16.2 Cllr Keene reported further to last month that Peter Burton will arrange for the tree in memory of Peter Cook to be purchased and liaise with the Cook family.

16.3 Cllr Keene reported that recently updated draft National Planning Policy Framework was a strategic level document and that it was not necessary for the parish council to respond, given that many organisations representing groupings of parish councils are already responding.

17. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st November 2011 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.17 pm

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