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Parish Council Minutes

October 2003

Minutes of the Meeting at the School on Tuesday 7th October 2003 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr David Hyde, Cllr Peter Cook, Cllr Sarah Jackson, Cllr Bob Finn.


2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd September, were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


3.1 Repairs in Village: Cllr Hyde had reported the loose kerbing. Ivy around Lamp Post-corner of Water Lane: Since the last meeting two Councillors had cut the ivy at the base (the intention being to clear when it had died off). A letter of complaint had been received from the owners of Primrose Cottage whose land adjoins the verge on which the light is sited, stating that previously the Electricity Board had cleared the ivy from the light. The Parish Council were not aware of this. Clerk asked to write to residents and explain the Parish Councils position. ACTION: Clerk

3.2 Village Hall Car Park: Cllr Keene had spoken to Mr Hine and formed the opinion that the Trustees were not in favour of a path. Mr J Cook advised that the Trustees had not yet met to discuss this matter, the Village Hall Management Committee had however agreed to the path in principle, but were not prepared to finance it. Councillors agreed that this matter should be pursued and that a meeting of all parties should be arranged. ACTION: Cllr Keene

3.3 Sherington Mound: This item is listed for discussion with residents at the meeting on Saturday 25th October. Jan Phillips from Milton Keynes Council will be attending.

3.4 Multi Activity Area: It was agreed that plans need to be on display at the meeting on 25th October, which show that exact location. It is hoped that all residents with a view on the proposed location attend on this day and make their views known to the Parish Council. The flyers have been produced and delivered with Scan, there are also two mentions of the event in the magazine.

3.5 Village Appraisal: As the event on 25th October is also to be used to obtain views towards the Village Appraisal, it was agreed that a meeting be held during the week prior to this. Cllr Lewis will organise. ACTION: Cllr Keene

3.6 Village Trees: The two dead trees in the Village Hall play area to be removed this weekend by Cllr Burton and Mr J Cook, these will be burnt, however the tree surgeon advises that there appears to be a disease, which is already beginning to effect other trees in the village. It was agreed that Clerk will ask Milton Keynes Council in inspect the trees and advise of the possible cause. Milton Keynes Council have agreed to reduce the size of the tree in front of 2 Park Road and have instructed Vincent Landscapes to carry out the work, also to grind out the tree stump on Carters Close.

Stump in Pre-School Area: Pre-school have requested that this be ground out, in order that further equipment can be installed. Clerk has requested a quote for this to be done.

3.7 Stonepits Close: Mr Giles has agreed to look at the license for no initial fee, Clerk has sent this to him.

4. STREETCARE INITIATIVE: Parish Council have been asked to complete a form, stating which items under this heading (graffiti, vandalism etc) are their highest priority. It was agreed that Cllr Hyde complete on behalf of the Council.

5. VILLAGE WEBSITE: Mr I Collinge attended and advised that the Village Website had been chosen as website of the month for October 2003. Mr Collinge was congratulated on this as there are 2000 websites in this category. The website was shown to the meeting and the Parish Council were asked to decide what further material they would like on there (minutes and agendas already shown).

6. YOUTH SHELTER: Cllr Hyde asked that this item be considered as a future project. He had contacted Thames Valley Police for their comments, but had as yet received no reply. It was agreed that as these shelters can be contentious, that the subject be raised at the meeting on the 25th. Meanwhile Cllr Hyde has sent for brochures to establish types, prices etc.


Play Area:
    The climbing frame has rotted and fallen down - Clerk will speak to MKC about this.
    Levelling of football pitch and raising of goal mouth areas.
    Removal of dead tree near Village Hall - in hand.
    Clearing of perimeter overgrowth - Cllr Cook will look at this with a view to clearing.

School Lane:
    Additional Light - apart from the expense, additional lighting could be met with opposition. This item will be left on future Agendas.
    Dead Tree: This will be removed at the same time as the village hall tree.
    Hollow in pavement: Cllr Hyde will report this to the Highways Department.
    Broken Inspection Chamber - Clerk will report this to the Gas Board.

Perry Lane Recreation Field:
    Management Committee: Mr J Cook has seven names of people who are willing to make proposals on the running of this area. Next month Parish Council will appoint a representative to join this working party.

Sherington Mound:
    Litter Bins and Rubbish Management Sign.

Spinney at Junction of High Street & Crofts End:
    The tidying of this is in hand. ACTION: Cllr Cook


Current Balances: Clerk provided balance sheet, which showed 186.57 in the Treasurers Account and 15,245.87 in the Enterprise Account. Clerk advised that there had been a refund of 737 on the 2002/3 Section 136 Landscape Charge.

Cheques for Payment: It was agreed that the following cheques be authorised:

Anglian Water Pavilion Cheque 101140 84.20
Scan PC Photocopying Cheque 101141 14.00
JW Cook Recreation Ground Rent Cheque 101142 100.00
Powergen Pavilion Electric Cheque 101143 22.96
J Sharp Clerk's Salary Cheque 101144 176.50
J Sharp Clerk's Expenses (3 months) Cheque 101145 18.00
Village Hall Hire for 25/10/03 Cheque 101146 15.75


03/001630 47 High Street No objections
03/001373 35 Church Road This application has been granted

10. EXTERNAL MEETINGS: Thames Valley Police Presentation: Cllr Lewis had attended, this had focused on the relationship between the police and parishes. The mobile CCTV camera is available, Parishes need to make a bid to use it.


New Cycle Route: Clerk had notified Milton Keynes Council of the concern on routing this through the village, but had received no reply. The cycle path is now to go straight up the by-pass, not through Emberton (the original route).

Youth Club: Letter from Club pledging 650 towards the Multi-Surface project. The are also intending to fund raise for seating.

Speedcheck Signs: The positioning of these has been altered in Gun Lane.


No 1 Bus Service: With the exception of the 8.13am, all services have now been altered to go straight up the by-pass, rather than through the village. Clerk had been made aware of this and had spoken to Cllr Mabbutt. Milton Keynes Council have made very strong complaints to MK Metro regarding this but they are adamant about the changes. Mr Sims advised that a card previously used on the No 1 service were now not being accepted.

Commitment on Spending: Concern about the amount of money the Parish Council are currently looking to spend on future projects, also that most items are youth orientated.

Drain Cover: One is missing opposite 53 High Street, Clerk will notify Anglian Water.

Pricing for Football: Suggestion that Councillors look at the facilities offered elsewhere, before setting prices.

Crofts End-Carters Close: The road is badly in need of attention. Cllr Hyde will report this.

Sherington Mound: Mr Ferris advised that this area has nothing to do with the Parish Council. The land was handed to Milton Keynes Council by Bucks County Council. Caution should be given before committing the village to any expenditure on the Mound.

Electricity Cables-Gun Lane: Following a cable break on 1st October, there is concern about and age and subsequent safety of the overhead cables. The preference is still for undergrounding, although EMEB have made it clear that this will not happen in the near future. It was agreed to ask them to carry out a safety inspection of the remaining cables.

Streetcare Initiative: Mr J Cook concerned that one Councillor be asked to complete this form. It was agreed that each Councillor would receive a copy and the responses be collated, before the form is completed.

Speedcheck Signs: These are part of the Speeedcheck Camapign (only stay up for a few weeks every 3 months or so), which the Parish Council signed up to. This also includes the use of the Speed Indicator Device.


Pavement Parking-Carters Close: A complaint had been received on this subject. Parking on pavements is a police matter and should be reported to them. It was agreed that an item be put in Scan asking residents not to park on the pavement.

Flood Event Data Gathering: Cllr Lewis asked that any flood incidents be reported to him.

Lighting of Bonfires: Correspondence from Milton Keynes Council indicates that this is only allowed after 4.30pm on weekdays (not Weekends or Bank Holidays).

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: This will be held on TUESDAY 4th November 2003 at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.55pm

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