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Parish Council Minutes

October 2004

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th October in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: : Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene, Bob Finn and Peter Burton.

ATTENDING: Jayne Holliss (Acting Clerk), Barry Holliss (Minute Taker) and seven public.

1. APOLOGIES: Apologies were received, and accepted, from Cllr Jackson.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTERESTS: There were none given.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING: The minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2004 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1 Village Appraisal: Cllr Finn advised that the appraisal was about 95% complete. It was agreed that when completed the document should be put on the village website, in hard copy for inspection in the shops and available on loan.

4.2 Village Repairs: Chairman reported that work had started, albeit late He had not had a chance to check on progress but will do so.

4.3 Undergrounding: Cllrs Cook and Jackson are the contacts to liaise with the company. A Project Manager may be considered for the future

4.4 Perry Lane Recreation Ground, Car Park and Garages: Cllr Burton reported all research work has been completed for the Perry Lane Development Plan. 31% of the questionnaires sent to residents had been returned. The Development report will come to the Council next month for consideration and comment. It was suggested another residents meeting be held in January. In the meantime the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act will be investigated. The Council will have to consider the future role of the Sherington Residents Management Group, including its autonomy, at a later date. The Acting Clerk reported that she had not been able to find a copy of any letter having been sent to Mr Bardell (MKC) as requested at the last meeting concerning the urgent repairs to the garages. ACTION. Clerk.

Chairman reported that a meeting had taken place with the Trustees of the Village Hall who had agreed to an experimental area being laid with concrete inset with large pebbles. It is hoped this would make it passable for wheelchairs but not suitable for skateboards. The Council is to wait for the result of the experiment before proceeding further. Quotes have been received for making a path, should the experiment not be a success.

The time limit on the use of the 1500 available as part funding for this path from Parish Partnership was questioned. ACTION: Clerk


6.1 Chestnut tree in School Lane. Clerk had spoken to John Price (MKC) who advised that the tree will not improve and he will arrange for it to be felled. No date for this however could be given

6.2 Poplar trees in Play Area Agreed that the recommendation of John Price (MKC) dated 6th April 2004 should form the basis of obtaining quotations for this work, but also to include stump grinding and root destruction. ACTION. Clerk. Cllr Burton agreed to be available to meet contractors.

6.3 Replacement of Trees. It was asked if the Council should not consider planting trees to replace some of those recently lost. It was agreed that councillors would consider where this might take place and to ask for suggestions from villagers through SCAN. This item to be placed on the December agenda.

Chairman reported he had received one application and four expressions of interest for the post. It was agreed that application be submitted by 15th October when Cllrs Hyde, Finn and Jackson would draw up a shortlist for interviews to be held in the week beginning 25th October, with a view to the Clerk being appointed before the December meeting.

The Youth Club had made an application to Awards for All, which had been declined as the application had to be made by the organisation responsible for maintenance. It was agreed that the Council would consult with residents as to the location of the shelter. It was suggested that an exhibition be held in January 2005 at which the shelter, the Village Appraisal and Perry Lane Recreation Area plans are all on view for comment by the residents. The exhibition should be advertised in SCAN. It was agreed to ascertain when applications are considered. Put on next agenda for further consideration. ACTION. Clerk


9.1 Balances: The current balances are 12375.37 in the Enterprise Account; 1968.81 in the Treasurers Account and 706.58 in an account believed to be in trust.

9.2 Cheques: The following cheques were agreed for payment.

Sports Ground Services Recreation Field Mowing 381.88 Cheque 101199
D Blunt Gardening Services Half Year Mowing 924.26 Cheque 101200
A H Contracts Emptying Dog Bins 61.60 Cheque 101201


04/01507/FUL 1 High Street No Comment
04/01631/FUL 26 High Street No Comment
04/01637/FUL 7 Perry Lane Uphold comments passed on previous application ref; 03/01911/FUL
04/01640/TPO 4 Field Close No Comment
04/01663/TCA 16 Crofts End No Comment
04/01671/FUL End Farm, Water Lane No Comment


There have been no meetings


12.1 Milton Keynes Local Plan. It was noted that the Inspector suggested deletion of the Area of Attractive Landscape from the plan as he said there were adequate safeguards elsewhere. Concern was expressed over this. It was noted that MKC will have to prepare a report on the plan which will be come out for comment. The Council agreed it needs to keep this matter under review.

12.2 Parish Councillors Training: Cllr Cook wished to attend the latest session but found it to be over-subscribed. The Chairman to attend one for Chairmen and advised councillors to apply early for these courses. Action. Clerk to ascertain date of next session.

12.3 Residential Parking Partnership Scheme: This paper to be circulated for councillors to consider possible places. It was noted that the scheme may have financial implications for the 2005-6 precept if it were taken up.


13.1: Mr Ranger asked if anything could be done regarding the dangerous corner at the junction of Perry Lane, Crofts End and Bedford Road and parking in Crofts End from School Lane to Perry Lane. It was agreed this should be placed on the next agenda.

13.2: Mr Sims asked if anyone had gone to the Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 27th September. He also asked what had happened to the previous Watch schemes within the village. He still gets Ringmaster information. It was agreed that Neighbourhood Watch should also be included in the January 2005 exhibition. Mr Sims would liaise with Christine Duncan about this.

13.3: Mr Pepper again asked if the under-grounding along Water Lane would be extended past his property. Cllr Jackson is the person to liaise with the company on this matter.


14.1 Planning Applications. There was concern about the speed with which these were moved around councillors. It was suggested that councillors meet together prior to the Council meeting. Clerk is to warn of any possible time implications. Action. Clerk

14.2 Traffic Management. Concern was expressed about the speed of traffic entering the village from Cross Alban Hill. It was suggested that a traffic management scheme should be considered. Councillors asked if a visit from Thames Valley Police Traffic section could be arranged. The data from the latest SID position was requested. Action. Clerk

14.3 Perry Lane Footpath. It was noted that the footpath which had been damaged in building work had not been re-instated. The Chairman had tried to contact Lillian Drew (MKC Enforcement Officer) but had not received a reply.

14.4 Village Hall Play Area. The grass on the re-seeded junior football pitch had started to grow but the fencing needs strengthening. Cllrs Cook and Burton will look into this and monitor the situation . A note should be put in SCAN asking that children are reminded to keep away from this area.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: : . The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd November in the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.17pm.

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