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Parish Council Minutes

October 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th October 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, David Keene and Peter Burton.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk) and 7 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Finn.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item (item 7), Cllr Cook declared an interest in the Mercers Farm planning application (item 13) and the ditch ownership issue in Water Lane (item 4).

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Under grounding and street lighting in village. The Chairman reported that approximately 30 new street lights would have to be supplied and paid for, if electricity in the whole village is under grounded in 2006, as intended by Central Networks. It was agreed that the Parish Council should not necessarily have to fund this and that enquiries should be made with MKC and Central Networks in the first instance. ACTION: Chairman. The Clerk reported that the works in Water Lane have been subject to another delay regarding contractors, but the residents have been informed.

4.2 Parking Place at 1 Bedford Road. The Clerk reported that the work was carried out by Housing Maintenance, under instruction from Neighbourhood Services/Aids and Adaptations dept. It is this department’s job to obtain permission from Highways and Planning. Enquiries are ongoing as to whom if anyone in Highways and Planning was consulted, and why the Parish Council was not. ACTION: Clerk.

4.3. Anglian Water - Water Lane. The Chairman reported that a meeting was held between himself, Cllr Cook, Michael Cook and 3 AW reps on 14th September. The ditch ownership issue remains unresolved and it is now incumbent upon the various landowners and parties involved to try and find paperwork relating to the works carried out several years ago. It was agreed to write to AW and ask them to try and locate paperwork as well. ACTION: Clerk. The reps also suggested that the gullies needed clearing and that there are insufficient gullies to clear water draining off driveways. The Clerk reported that MKC are currently satisfied with the condition of the gullies that were last cleaned in May; and that disposal of surface water from private driveways should be accommodated within the private property. It was agreed to ask MKC to revisit the existing gullies. ACTION: Clerk

4.4 Proms VH play area summer 2006. The Clerk reported that the council’s cover only extends to claims regarding the land itself, and that the council is responsible for ensuring that all other parties involved have full public liability insurance. Cllr Lewis reported that the Twinning Association does not have such insurance and it was agreed to enquire with the council’s own agency as to whether a one off event can be added to the policy. ACTION: Clerk.

4.5 Councillor vacancy. The Clerk reported that no one had called for a bye-election, so the council is now free to co-opt. It was agreed to place posters on the notice boards and for everyone to think about suitable candidates. ACTION: Clerk and Council.


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. The Chairman reported that Nick Brown is still awaiting a meeting with Transco to go over the remaining problem areas. A core sample from the High Street has been taken and the result is awaited; the triangle at Gun Lane is to be mowed and re-landscaped by Transco. The clerk reported that Nick was unsure as to whose responsibility the missing fence and holes at the gas pumping station, these are to be covered at the meeting.

5.2 Crofts End footpath works. The Clerk reported that MKC have agreed to put more topsoil down and reseed the Crofts End verge that was recently worked on, but that the unkerbed section was not part of the works and there are no current plans to kerb it. It was agreed to ask that this be included in the 5 year footpath programme currently being put together. ACTION: Clerk

5.3 Village footpath/carriageway works programme. The Clerk reported that the corner of the High Street opposite Manor Farm will be included, and that the Parish Council is allowed input towards the priority of works carried out, although the safety factor comes first.

5.4 Village weeding programme. The Clerk reported that the village weeding for this season has been carried out, but any problem areas e.g. Crofts End can be reported to MKC.

5.5 Village road sweeping programme. The Clerk reported that Sherington is cleaned monthly, the last visit being 13th September and the next 11th October. This covers the whole village, and the main roads leading into the village are on an eight week schedule.

5.6 Graffiti. The Chairman reported that during the night of Friday 30th September several lots of graffiti appeared, allegedly following a party in Perry Lane where there were several uninvited guests. It would appear that the police were called and turned up around 9pm, although more disturbances were reported later on that included some damage to vehicles and property lights. The Chairman reported that he had requested information from Newport Pagnell police and was awaiting a response. In the meantime the Clerk will contact “Graffiti Busters” to arrange a clean up. ACTION: Clerk

5.7 Fencing around Knoll. One of the fence posts is missing from around the Knoll, it was agreed to ask Barry Tofts to repair this and also check the remainder of the fence. ACTION: Clerk

5.8 Street light by Mercers Farm spinney. Cllr Cook reported that the offending vegetation has been cut at the root so will now die away.


6.1. Ownership. It was agreed to enter the Village Hall office in an attempt to locate paperwork relating to ownership of the Knoll on Saturday 22nd October 10am.

6.2. Electricity supply. The Chairman has a meeting with Chris Watson MKC on Tuesday 18th October. The council has been advised that only low voltage lighting should be used.


7.1. Junior Team. MK Saints have requested to use the football pitch on Sundays; the fees have yet to be negotiated. ACTION: Cllr Burton

7.2. Planning Application. This is now due to be considered by MKC on 12th October.

7.3. Car Park Weeds. The Clerk reported that Rycroft Garden Services will be revisiting the car park to spray the weeds.

7.4. Parking. MKC Housing has agreed to stencil “No Parking” on the garage doors, if the tenants are happy with this. The football club have also been requested once more not to park in front of the garages.

7.5. Football club fees. The Chairman reported that a meeting took place with the football club and the 2006/07 fees were discussed. A figure has been suggested and a response is now awaited from the club

7.6. Veterans 2004/05. The Clerk reported that the Veterans have admitted that their cheque for the 2004/05 season was never cashed, and are sending a replacement. ACTION: Clerk to chase


It was suggested that the Chairman John Sanderson be invited to parish council meetings to develop the relationship between the new committee and the council. ACTION: Cllr Burton


The Clerk reported that following the last council meeting, a letter of concerns was sent to Richard Duffill. Further to the MKNECAF on 29th September Richard has now suggested an on site meeting with Cllrs. Clerk to arrange this. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Burton reported that he had been asked what progress was being made on this. John Cook is busy with other projects at the moment, so it was agreed that the council will arrange for plans to be costed and drawn up, and then John will liaise with local contractors to do the work. ACTION: Chairman


11.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £16019.19; Treasurer Account £1932.52

11.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

04/10/2005Sports Ground Services Mowing Rec Field £551.08 101275
04/10/2005Hacker Young Audit Fees £141.00 101276
04/10/2005Scan PCC Photocopying £10.18 101277
04/10/2005Anglian Water Pavilion Water £98.28 101278
04/10/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £217.23 101279
04/10/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses £13.25 101280
04/10/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36 101281
04/10/2005N Beal Cleaning £56.00 101282


12.1. Sherington Bridge. The Clerk reported that Thames Valley Police have no record of any collisions at Sherington Bridge.

12.2. SID Data. Despite promises from MKC, no data has been made available to the council from the most recent SID recordings.

12.3. Thames Valley Police speed gun use. Cllr Lewis reported that PC Mark Poulton was in the High Street on 12th September with the speed gun and received positive feedback from residents. He will be returning asap. It was agreed to ask that he visits during rush hour i.e. around 6pm or in the mornings. ACTION: Cllr Lewis


13.1. 05/00727/LBC Mercers Farm. The council had no adverse comments.

13.2. Proposed Wind Farm at Petsoe End. Olney Town Council has hosted a meeting of nearby parishes where lots of questions were raised and discussed. Mark Lancaster MP has offered research assistance and provided copies of his recent newspaper article on the subject. Olney TC has offered to be the central point for receiving and disseminating information as it comes in. Your Energy is expected to present to the public at the NECAF on 24th November at Lavendon, before submitting a planning application in the New Year.


14.1. MKNECAF 29th September Sherington Village Hall Lots of topics were discussed including, A509 speeding, Emberton Park, Policing in Rural Areas, Community Safety, MKC Streetcare, Cycle path and the Wind Farm. It was agreed that this is a very useful forum for discussing local issues with MKC.

14.2. Clerks’ training 15th September The Clerk reported that this had been a useful session, giving opportunities to meet and talk to the Parish Liaison team and other local clerks. Unfortunately the latter half of the session tried to cover too much in the time allotted and was rather rushed.


15.1. Proposed changes to MK Licensing policy. There were no comments.

15.2. MK Play provision. It was agreed to carry this over to the next meeting as cllrs did not have the information to hand.

15.3. Donation requests. The council has received two requests for donations recently from organisations with links to Sherington. It was agreed to make a small provision in the precept budget for such requests each year. The Clerk will respond to the applicants advising that the council will make a decision in early 2006. ACTION: Clerk


16.1. A resident raised concern over delays in under grounding if the council queries who will fund the replacement street lights. Other alternatives may need to be looked at.

16.2. It was suggested that the council try to talk to someone in a higher position at Anglian Water with respect to the ditch ownership issue

16.3. The role of Parish Liaison was queried. The Clerk has some information and will report at the next meeting. ACTION: Clerk

16.4. A resident reported a blocked drain outside 28 Crofts End. ACTION: Clerk

16.5. A street light on the corner of Crofts End and School Lane is not working. ACTION: Clerk


17.1. Cllr Lewis reported a faulty street light in Griggs Orchard; he will obtain the pole number. ACTION: Cllr Lewis

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st November 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.42pm.           Pages 1146 to 1149  

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