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October 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd October 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), Peter Cook, Bob Finn, Peter Burton, David Hyde and David Keene

ATTENDING: Lara Bruce (Clerk), Ian McGregor (MKC), Pat Seymour (MKC), Raymond Graham and 4 public.


2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Hyde declared an interest in item 10.1 planning application at 31 Carters Close.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Pilot Sceme The Chair welcomed Ian McGregor from MK Council who presented a new initiative whereby village repairs could be prioritised according to need. The initiative would involve two steps. Step 1 is Asset Management and would involve all roads in Sherington being driven over by a vehicle fitted with infrared equipment that would assess the condition of the road. The collected data would be fed into a national database that would then “rate” the condition of the road and thereby prioritise the need for road repairs in the village. Step 2 is Area Estate Management. This would involve identifying all the “assets” in the village such as roads, footpaths, signs etc. A First Impression Survey would be carried out by MK Council, the Parish Council and possibly local residents with the aim of “scoring” the assets. This would give a baseline from which improvements could be prioritised and carried out, subject to budget restraints. Councillors welcomed this initiative and confirmed they would like the parish council to participate. Ian McGregor will prepare a note for inclusion in the Parish Newsletter and this would then be included in SCAN in order that residents are aware of the scheme. When the Terms of Reference have been finalised these will be forwarded to the parish council from Ian McGregor. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

4.2 Carters Close. Cllr Hyde reported that although the resurfacing of the footpath was continuing, it was felt that the road surface was in greater need of re-surfacing compared to the footpath. It was noted that when the current phase of re-surfacing has been completed, however, there would still remain parts of the footpath not re-surfaced. ACTION: Clerk to follow up with MK Council

4.3 Hanson site. In June it was reported to MK Council that the flooding outside the Hanson site was unacceptable. As a result of this the ditches have been cleared and the culverts repaired to a good standard. Flooding no longer appears to be an issue. It was agreed to send complements to MK Council. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

4.4 Water Lane. Anglian Water (AW) has now confirmed that all manhole covers in Water Lane have been replaced with sealing plates in order to prevent the ingress of surface water into the foul sewer. The aim of this was to prevent Water Lane flooding with sewage. The clerk reported that a letter had been received from a resident in Water Lane who confirmed that despite this work being carried out, there was once again flooding of sewage following heavy rain. Councillors agreed that this was not acceptable and that the responses received from AW were not satisfactory. It was agreed that MP Mark Lancaster and the Chairman of AW, Jonson Cox, would be contacted to voice the dissatisfaction of the parish council with regards to this matter. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

4.5 Bedford Road. The surface water remains outside the nursery on Bedford Road and this matter will continue to be chased with MK Council. ACTION: Clerk


5.1. Undergrounding and street lighting. Cllr Hyde reported that Nick Brown has confirmed that the undergrounding work would be starting shortly. It was agreed that the light in the copse between the High Street and Crofts End would be repositioned closer to the footpath as at present trees obscure it. Lorraine Calcott has confirmed that the new lights have now been ordered.

5.2. Co-option of councillor. Cllr Finn reported that the individual he approached did not have the time available to become a councillor. Cllr Cook reported that he did have an interested party and Cllr Hyde agreed to liaise with them. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to follow up

5.3 Sherington Pre-School play area development. A letter from the pre-school outlining proposed development to the play area had been circulated amongst councillors. No objections were raised to these proposals. ACTION: Clerk to confirm with pre-school


6.1 Raymond Graham. Raymond Graham attended the meeting and updated the councillors on a number of items. He has submitted quotes for planting different types of hawthorn hedge along the edge of the Perry Lane car park that backs onto the Hillview properties for both up to the security gates and to the end of the car park. This will be circulated and councillors will agree which quote to proceed with at the next meeting.
The replacement bench for the environmental area at Perry Lane will be fixed within the next two weeks.
A quote will be submitted for a bench and paving to be positioned at the end of Carters Close.
The seeding around the Ascot fencing for £210 was approved.

6.2 Goal Posts. Bernard Haynes has now dismantled the old goal posts and it is hoped that he will be removing them shortly.

6.3 Pavilion decoration. Shane Lea will be asked to complete the staining of the exterior of the Pavilion before the next meeting. It was also agreed that the damaged glass in the Pavilion door does not need replacing. ACTION: Clerk to advise Shane


The Chair reported that councillors now felt it was time to encourage some small scale growth in the village. Milton Keynes Council has been contacted for advice. It was stressed that any development would want to be undertaken on Parish Council terms and would include conditions such as improving sewers in the village. Cllr Finn reported that Nigel Andersen, Chair of Governors at Sherington CE School, is keen to liaise with the Parish Council over their development plans. Cllr Finn also reported that he has started updating the Village Appraisal for village developments such as the undergrounding of the electricity cables in Water Lane and the development at Perry Lane.


The Clerk confirmed that there is £100 in the budget for purchasing new Christmas tree lights and councillors approved this spend. The Parish Council have not yet received any offers of a donated Christmas tree. It was agreed that a note should be included in SCAN.


9.1 Monthly balances. . Enterprise Account £24,657.29. Treasurer Account £1,252.85. Receipts during the month included the remaining £9,056.50 precept from Milton Keynes Council for 2006/07.

9.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

03/10/06Lara Bruce Clerks Salary £143.19 101388
03/10/06Lara Bruce Clerks Expenses £15.00 101389
03/10/06Shane Lea Caretaker Duties £50.00 101390
03/10/06J W Cook & Son Weedkilling £35.25 101391
03/10/06Anglian Water Pavilion Water £90.82 101392
03/10/06Synergy Goal post installation £323.13 101393
03/10/06Nina Beal Pavilion cleaning £56.00 101394
03/10/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £41.36 101395
03/10/06J W Cook & Son Perry Lane Rent £100.00 101396


10.1. Applications
The two applications for wind farms at Nun Wood (06/01290/FUL) and Petsoe End (06/01349/FUL) were discussed jointly. Comments from councillors included:
  - Both wind farms are in areas of attractive landscape and would blight the area
  - The turbines proposed would be the highest in the country (which is believed to indicate the lack of wind in this area)
  - There is concern that if one wind farm is granted planning permission then more applications will follow
  - It was felt that alternative energy sources such as wind farms do need to be considered
Peter Joel explained at the recent MKNECAF meeting that consideration of the planning application was likely to take up to a year. Pat Seymour explained that if Milton Keynes Council turns the applications down then appeals would be made to the Secretary of State. By a majority vote it was decided to object to both applications.
The following comments were made on the remaining planning applications:
06/01330/TCA The Barn, Park Road – why were the trees being removed?
06/01430/TPO White Hart Pub – the cedar should be replaced with 2 deciduous trees rather than the one proposed
06/01498/FUL 31 Carters Close – no adverse comments
ACTION: Clerk to inform Planning Dept at MK Council of all comments

10.2. Decisions
The clerk reported the following applications had been permitted:
06/01075/FUL 25 Water Lane – two storey side and rear extension
06/01129/FUL 9 School Lane – erection of a garage and rear conservatory


11.1. MKNECAF Tuesday 26th September. The Chair reported that four councillors had attended this useful meeting held in Sherington. Topics discussed included the wind farm applications, the new speed limits on the A509 and the cycle path.

11.2. Rural police meeting 8:15pm Thursday 246th October. The Chair agreed to attend this meeting.


12.1. Thames Valley Air Ambulance. A letter has been received asking for donations to this cause. The council may not make a contribution to Air Ambulance as it would be acting ultra vires if it did so.


13.1. A resident noted that the planning notes in SCAN would benefit from more detail.

13.2. A resident noted that trees obscured the streetlight outside the village hall.

13.3. A resident commented that Corn Close footpath was becoming overgrown with ivy and needed attention. ACTION: Clerk to inform MK Council

13.4. A resident requested that the possibility of a bus shelter on the opposite side of the road to the current one be included into the village appraisal.

13.5. A resident noted that the Olney / Newport Pagnell sign at the bottom of Gun Lane was in need of cleaning. Councillors commented that this should not be there since the bypass was built and that if we inform MK Council of the need for cleaning it may be removed.

13.6. Residents commented on the number of potholes in roads in the village. ACTION: Clerk to inform MKC

13.7. A resident asked if it was possible to have sight of the plan of the village hall car park that shows what parts are owned by the parish council and the village hall trustees. ACTION: Cllr Keene to investigate


14.1 Cllr Burton commented that an apple tree had died at the village hall play area. It was agreed that this should be replaced. ACTION: Cllr Cook to follow up.

14.2 Cllr Burton commented that children had been found playing in Mrs Smeath’s wood having gained access through a broken fence in the village hall play area. The fence has now been repaired. A watch should be kept on the wooded area.

14.3 Cllr Keene noted that the bench at Sherington Bridge was completely overgrown and needed clearing. ACTION: Cllr Lewis to clear

14.4 Cllr Cook commented that the number of new speed signs on the A509 to Olney was “over the top”.

14.5 Cllr Finn commented that a number of streetlights were not working at Chicheley Hill. ACTION: Clerk to raise with MKC

14.6 Cllr Finn proposed a village walkabout by councillors on Sunday 29th October. Councillors to meet at village hall at 10:00am.

14.6 Cllr Lewis reported that a resident had noted a large amount of surface water collecting on School Lane following heavy rain and also a large number of pot holes outside the Old Rectory. ACTION: Clerk to raise with MKC

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th November in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

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