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Parish Council Minutes

October 2009

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th October 2009 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Peter Cook (Vice Chair), David Hyde, Ian Thomson and Trevor Kirby

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr Sam Potts (Sherington Ward) and three other members of the public

Cllrs Burton and Keene


The minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2009 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Alistair McIntyre from Lune Architects then gave a brief presentation to the parish council offering to produce a Village Design Statement which would assess the setting, character and appearance of the village and also supplement the Parish Plan. Alistair offered to send the council examples of other Design Statements from rural parishes, and the clerk will send him a copy of the Village Appraisal which already includes a Design Statement and Conservation Area Character Statement. ACTION: Clerk


4.1 July 2010 meeting. The clerk suggested having the July 2010 meeting later in the month to avoid having to hold an August planning meeting. It was agreed to leave the meeting as the first Tuesday of the month and assess the need for an interim meeting when appropriate.

4.2 Youth Club village services. A letter has been received asking for tasks/projects that the Youth Club could help with. It was agreed to send a list of suggestions e.g. weeding the newly planted hedge at Stonepits Copse, for consideration. ACTION: Clerk

4.3 Carters Close green. MKC has admitted that the mower blades were set too low for the recent mowing and will over seed the area if necessary. The dead and dying larch trees are to be removed in the new year.

4.4 Mobile fishmonger request. Bruce Battens, a mobile fishmonger at Olney Market has asked to trade in the village once a week for a couple of hours. This is prohibited by MKC on the High Street, Bedford Road and Sherington Road but ok anywhere else with the landowner’s permission. The Village Hall committee has expressed concern over his using the village hall car park due to hall users but it was agreed that the car park could be used on the parish council owned side for a six week trial basis. ACTION: Clerk


A very successful village meeting on September 5th ended with the consensus that a shop is required in the village, with additional facilities if possible. The chairman has met with Ian Toye from the Plunkett Foundation (formerly ViRSA) who has lots of information and advice to offer. It was noted that some sort of management committee is needed which can include one or two parish councillors. It was agreed that there is a lot to do in a short space of time especially as Alan and Pam Simms have now announced that they will be closing the current shop in January 2010, following the recent break-in. The newspaper delivery service will be retained however until the new facility opens. The Swan pub is still being prepared for re-opening; and the Post Office has also been in touch with regards to re-opening in the village.


After establishing that this consultation was merely to invite comments on the proposed scope and level of detail of a Sustainability Appraisal it was agreed not to comment


Cllr Cook advised that he had met with Peter Crook on site and reviewed the site. The electricity pole has now been moved to the side of the field; most of the trees have survived the summer with the lack of rain forcing the roots to properly establish; the newly planted hedge needs some attention; and the bulbs are now to be planted so a limited amount of grass cutting is appropriate. Cllr Keene has proposed an official launch on Sunday 22nd November 10.30 to 12.30 with the plaque unveiling at 11.30am, inviting local residents to come along and plant an extra tree. It was agreed that this should be carefully monitored so interested participants should contact Cllr Cook or Keene beforehand. Notice to be placed in SCAN and invitations sent. ACTION: Clerk


8.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £10,066.17; Treasurer Account £3,413.90

8.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

06/10/2009A H Contracts Dog bins £194.89 101731
06/10/2009J W Cook & Son Perry Lane rent £100.00101732
06/10/2009Anglian Water Services Ltd Pavilion water £121.59 101733
06/10/2009D C Blunt Perry Lane groundsman £360.00101734
06/10/2009SCAN magazine Pavilion advert 6 months £58.00 101735
06/10/2009Peter Burton Ink and paper £22.99 101736
06/10/2009Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £56.00 101737
06/10/2009Plunkett Foundation Printing community shop info £15.00101738
06/10/2009Milton Keynes Council Recreation ground renovation £1,057.21 101739
06/10/2009Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £314.80 101740
06/10/2009Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £40.76 101741
06/10/2009Martin Jeeves Perry Lane booking + caretaker £100.00 101742

8.3 Interim payments. . It was noted that a payment of £7867.15 was made to R C Builders who carried out the pavilion refurbishment, in between the September and October meetings; and the approval of a payment of £1082.82 to EON for pavilion electricity was proposed by Cllr Hyde and seconded by Cllr Thomson. The clerk will research obtaining cheaper electricity. ACTION: Clerk

8.4 Clerk’s salary. The NALC recommendation of a 1% increase in clerks’s salaries from April 2009 was approved.

8.5 Trees and hedges at Perry Lane. D C Blunt has quoted £250 including VAT to replace dead hawthorn bushes, and crown lift trees in the Perry Lane play area was approved. ACTION: Clerk

8.6 Dog bin contract. The current supplier has offered a fixed contract until March 2012 at the current price; and a new supplier has offered a cheaper price but fixed only until 31st December 2010. It was agreed to do some research before making a decision. ACTION: Clerk


9.1 009/01445/FUL Sherington House, Park Road - erect cow shed and yard. - There were no adverse comments as long as the shed was only used for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

9.2 09/01523/FUL 5 Carters Close – single storey side extension. - No adverse comments.

9.3 09/01491/FUL 21 High St (formerly post office) – change of use of one room formerly used a post office to residential. - No adverse comments.

9.4 09/01656/TCA 1 High St – work to several trees in conservation area - A decision was deferred until a reason has been given for removal of the mulberry tree.

9.5 Decisions - The applications from Hamelcroft, Church End and Alban Hill Nursery have been granted. MKC Planning has noted the comments raised regarding The Paddocks at the last meeting.


10.1. Pavilion building/refurbishment project. The major refurbishment is complete with some defects outstanding from the extension work that are being addressed. Some minor tasks are to be carried out in the next few weeks. ACTION: Cllr Thomson, Clerk

10.2. Pavilion management group. Cllr Thomson reported that Sherington FC has now paid for the 2009/10 season. The pitch renovation and relocation is complete; the cleaner cupboard has been moved into the old kitchen; the problem with the flooring (not the responsibility of R C Builders) is still be addressed; and the official launch is being planned.


11.1. NECAF Wednesday 16th September. Cllr Hyde reported that more officers were present and therefore able to answer questions; updates on rural bus services and lorry routes were provided; and that according to Richard Duffill the plans for the cycle route from Sherington to Newport Pagnell are ready and should have been sent by end September. ACTION: Clerk


12.1 Holiday sports club. MKC Sports Development department has sent a letter of thanks for hosting summer activities at Perry Lane Recreation Ground. Numbers were lower than hoped for but this initiative will continue in the school holidays starting with rugby at Olney.


13.1. A resident expressed concern for people’s safety due to the number of cars parking near the Knoll and shop for when the Bedford School bus drops off.


14.1. Cllr Thomson reported that he had received a request to have the gate on the Perry Lane Recreation Ground car park moved back to increase access for the closest garage. It was felt that as the owner has a key to open the gate himself this was an acceptable solution.

14.2. Cllr Cook reported that Alban Hill Nursery has offered the village a Christmas tree this year. Cllr Cook will arrange this.

14.3. Cllr Hyde reported that the Crofts End street name sign is not secured into the ground. It was agreed to ask MKC Highways to action this.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2009 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

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