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Parish Council Minutes

September 2003

Minutes of the Meeting at the School on Tuesday 2nd September 2003 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllr David Keene (Chair), Cllr Peter Burton, Cllr Bill Lewis, Cllr David Hyde, Cllr Peter Cook.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllr Pat Seymour (Milton Keynes Council).

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Meeting held on 1st July, were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


3.1 Multi Activity Area: There was a large representation from the Youth Club present and a discussion took place regarding the proposed new surface. The young people would like to see some form of seating around the edge. It was agreed that the Youth Club should hold an event from which they could purchase the seating. Two quotes have now been received Wickstead Leisure have given a price of 4,014 net for black tarmac and 8,793 for green tarmac. Monster Play Systems have quoted 9,429 for black surface, but will not quote for green tarmac as prices have increased by 600%. A third company have not yet responded. Clerk advised that she had managed to secure a grant of 2,431 from the Play Area Enhancement Fund towards this project. The Youth Club had received a substantial donation from the proceeds of the fete and were prepared to make a contribution. It was proposed by Cllr Lewis and seconded by Cllr Cook that "the Parish Council make a contribution of up to 1,250 towards this project, this is subject to a public display of the scheme and full approval by the residents in the area". This was agreed by all Councillors.

3.2 Repairs in Village: Some of the most recently laid kerbstones are loose. Cllr Hyde will notify the Highways Dept of this. ACTION: Cllr Hyde

3.3 Village Hall Car Park: The meeting to discuss the path has yet to take place. ACTION: Cllr Keene

3.4 Sherington Mound: Jan Phillips from Milton Keynes Council had visited the mound with the Clerk. She advised that before any grant applications could be made, the use of the mound needed to be clearly defined. Her suggestion was that this specific item needed to be discussed in conjunction with the village appraisal, to establish its use and how much money the village via the Parish Council, were prepared to spend on it (any grant would almost certainly need to be matched on a 50/50 basis). She is quite willing to come along to a meeting and explain the situation.

3.5 Village Appraisal: It was agreed that further progress on this could be made in conjunction with the other projects of the Multi Activity Area and the Mound. Clerk asked to book the Village Hall for a Saturday morning in mid October, where these matters could be publicly discussed. A flyer will then be produced and delivered with the October Scan.

4. VACANCIES ON COUNCIL: The Parish Council have now received four letters from residents interested in co-option, these being Mr Bob Finn, Mrs Sarah Jackson, Mr Stuart Clarke and Mrs Wendy Clarke. A ballot was conducted and the result was that Mr Bob Finn and Mrs Sarah Jackson were co-opted to the Council.

5. VILLAGE TREES: Two trees in the Village Hall Play Area have died and require felling. Clerk asked to contact Sports Ground Services and obtain a price to carry out the work. Cllr Hyde asked that Milton Keynes Council be reminded that the stump in Carters Close had not yet been ground out as promised. Cllr Lewis advised that the Cherry Tree in front of 2 Park Road required cutting back. This is not thought to be the responsibility of the Parish Council, but probably Milton Keynes Councils responsibility. Clerk will check the Section 136 plans and report back.

6. PERRY LANE RECREATION AREA: Mr J Cook asked that the Perry Lane Recreation Area be looked at in some detail before any decision is made on the new storage shed. The whole site is in need of desperate attention and should be discussed at the Saturday morning meeting in October. The football field is well used by a number of teams, but there appears to be no pricing structure for this. Clerk asked to provide the Income and Expenditure of the site. A Management Group would appear to be the most effective way of running this area and will be put on the next Agenda for discussion.

7. STONEPITS CLOSE: It was agreed that the current Licence is in need of some clarification and simplification. It was proposed by Cllr Cook and seconded by Cllr Lewis that Giles Ferris be asked to quote a price to look at this and advise the Parish Council.


Current Balances: Clerk provided balance sheet, which showed 589.54 in the Treasurers Account and 9,070.05 in the Enterprise Account.

Cheques for Payment: It was agreed that the following cheques be authorised:

J Sharp Salary August & September Cheque 101138 353.00
MK Council Parish Conference Cheque 101139 50.00


03/001281 Ash Cottage, 8 High Street No objections
03/001373 35 Church Road No objections


Safer Communities Launch: Cllr Lewis had attended this and advised that the new unit is multi agency and will deal with such items as fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. There is a mobile CCTV available, which could possible by used at the Mound to identify those persons fly-tipping.

MK Association of Local Councils: Cllr Keene had attended this meeting, were the main focus was on Quality Parish Councils and the requirements to meet this status. As Sherington did not have 80% of its Councillors elected, then for the next four years we do not meet the first test of a Quality Parish.


Parish Conference: During the recess details had been sent for the Parish Conference on 11th October. Cllrs Cook and Hyde will attend. ACTION: Clerk

Thames Valley Police Presentation: This event takes place on 13th September, Cllr Lewis will attend.

Youth Shelters: Cllr Hyde asked that this item be put on the next Agenda.


Light on Corner of Water Lane: Council advised that this was permanently on due to the censor being covered by ivy. This is possibly not the responsibility on the Lighting Dept, if the ivy is coming from private property. Cllr Burton will have a look at this and report back. ACTION: Cllr BURTON

Garden Area at Sherington Bridge: Mrs Graham asked what the building was that had been erected on this land. Cllr Lewis advised that the owner of the land was using it for recreational purposes and that he understood that no planning consent was required.


Disability Act-Play Areas: Cllr Burton asked the Council to be aware that this Act will be introduced in 2004 and that Wickstead Leisure had sent a check list. Clerk has spoken to Bernard Perkins about this and he has advised that Milton Keynes Council will be checking play areas and advising Parish Councils of items that do not conform.

Benches in Village Hall Play Area: Cllr Burton requested that one of the benches at the top of the area be moved further down. It was agreed that this was a sensible idea as there was no need for two in the present position.

Bonfires: Cllr Burton had been asked what the restrictions were on the lighting of bonfires. Clerk will try and obtain details from Milton Keynes Council.

Footpath in Carters Close: Cllr Hyde advised that roots from a tree appeared to have damaged the pavement and it was becoming dangerous. He will alert the Highways Dept of this.

Village Walkaround: Cllr Keene asked that a date be set for this. SUNDAY the 28th September, 10.00am at the Village Hall was agreed.

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: This will be held on TUESDAY 7th October 2003 at 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 9.35pm

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