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Parish Council Minutes

September 2005

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th September 2005 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs David Hyde (Chair), Bill Lewis (Vice Chair), Peter Cook, Peter Burton and Sarah Jackson.

ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Pat Seymour (MKC) and 9 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllrs Finn and Keene.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Burton declared an interest in the Sherington Residents Management Group item, Cllr Cook declared an interest in the Village Appraisal (Affordable Housing) item.

At this point the Chairman, on behalf of the council, offered condolences to Cllr Cook on the recent death of his mother; and to Cllr Jackson on the recent death of her father-in-law.

3. MINUTES of LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2005 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Street Lighting/Under grounding. The Chairman reported that 3 new street lights have been installed in Water Lane, making 5 in total. Cllr Jackson will confirm to Central Networks that they can begin the next phase of works. Central Networks are intending to underground the electricity supply for the whole of Sherington in 2006, except for one in Church Road and past Bakers farm on the High St. The council will need to budget for new street lights in the 2006 precept.

4.2 Parking Place at 1 Bedford Road. The Clerk reported that MKC Highways are currently dealing with this but have stated that they are unlikely to request that it is removed. It was agreed to ascertain exactly who requested and authorised the construction and why the council was not involved. ACTION: Clerk.

4.3. Anglian Water - Water Lane. The Chairman reported that Anglian Water have supplied a brief summary of the results of the survey carried out in Water Lane recently, and have agreed to a meeting with Cllrs on 14th September to discuss outstanding issues. This will include the issue of the ditch behind Smiths Yard.


5.1. Gas pipeline - Transco/Murphy repairs. The Chairman reported that in response to the council’s letter of dissatisfaction, Transco had claimed that all repairs had been carried out and approved by MKC. This has been passed to Nick Brown who has written back to Transco reminding them of the outstanding defect notices. It was agreed to chase Nick Brown for an update. ACTION: Clerk

5.2 New tree planting Village Hall Following the removal of trees by Salcey Arborcare in late spring Cllr Cook agreed to organise the ordering and planting of 6 fruit trees, in late Autumn/Winter this year. ACTION: Cllr Cook

5.3 Dumped Tyres. The Clerk was asked to request MKC to remove some dumped tyres from near the Mound. ACTION: Clerk

5.4 Crofts End footpath works. It was reported that the verges/kerbs where MKC have recently been carrying out footpath construction are in a terrible state. It was agreed to contact MKC to ensure repairs are in hand and ascertain whether more kerbing is planned for the area that currently has none. ACTION: Clerk

5.5 Gas Pumping Station. A section of fence has disappeared at the gas pumping station, and there are holes in the ground opposite. It was suggested that these may be included in the Transco defects. ACTION: Clerk to check with Nick Brown


6.1. Land Ownership. Bucks County Council archives cannot find any deeds for either piece of land. The Countryside Agency, however have Stonepits Close registered as Common Land so it was suggested that this be used as evidence for the Land Registry process. ACTION: Clerk. This leaves the Knoll outstanding and it was agreed that Cllrs would spend some time this autumn sorting out the council records in the Village Hall office, when hopefully the Knoll ownership documentation will turn up. If that fails there may be documentation at Aylesbury available for someone to pay a visit.

6.2. Power supply to Knoll. The clerk is currently liaising with MKC about obtaining some heavy duty cable covering that could be temporarily put down over the electricity cable to the Christmas tree. ACTION: Clerk


7.1. Planning Application. The SRMG have met with and responded to MKC planning dept regarding issues raised from the application, a decision is now awaited. Meetings with local objectors are also to take place asap. Once the application is successful orders for the playground, nature area and BMX track will be placed with work envisaged to start late autumn.

7.2. Goalpost prctice wall. This is now complete and in use.

7.3. Car Park/Drainage. The necessary drainage pipe has been obtained so now the removal of earth, ditch filling and turfing etc can commence, ready for the installation of the play equipment and fencing. The clerk reported that MKC, upon request are willing to treat and remove the weeds. A resident reported that they have been cut today, the clerk will chase MKC to ensure that they are also sprayed ACTION: Clerk

7.4. Development Plan. This is to be updated asap with a view to producing draft no. 3 in early spring next year.

7.5. Caretaker. Nina Beale has commenced work with a distinct improvement already apparent. She will invoice the parish council each month.

7.6. Football Charges. The clerk reported that she was mistaken last month in thinking that Sherington FC had not paid for the 2004/05 season. It would now seem that the Veterans club did not pay and they are to be pursued for this money, even though the club has folded. ACTION: Clerk. Cllrs Burton, Hyde and Finn are to meet with Jason Giller to negotiate the 2005/06 fees for Sherington FC. ACTION: Cllrs Burton, Hyde and Finn

7.7. Parking. The Clerk has asked MKC Housing for signs to place on the garage doors to prevent people from parking in front of them. MKC have also suggested a letter to the Football club, but as this has already been done it was agreed to reaffirm the request for the signs. ACTION: Clerk


8.1. Tennis. Public interest in forming a tennis club seems to have declined. A club including a committee and constitution are necessary for LTA support so this needs working on. However if only one tennis court is built, Bowls facilities could be included.

8.2. Football. Jason Giller has confirmed that Sherington 1st and 2nd teams are using the facilities for the 2005/06 season.

8.3. PC/MC. The relationship between the parish council and management committee needs clarifying. It was suggested that a Cllr be on the mgmt committee, separate from the Cllr who is on the SRMG; and also that a mgmt committee rep should be attending parish council meetings. It was agreed that a Cllr will join the next mgmt committee meeting on 17th September at 11am at the pavilion where such items can be discussed.


For this item, the Chairman invited comments from the public. Plans for the section of cycle path from the A509 down Alban Hill into Sherington have finally been received, along with a brief summary of the proposals from Richard Duffill that include photographs of existing cycle paths. The proposals now include a 30 mph zone down Alban Hill, a 1.5m wide cycle lane each side of the road, removal of central road markings, speed ramps and lots of signage to indicate that vehicles are entering a cycle zone and that cyclists have priority. On the positive side a reduced speed zone was felt to be a good idea and would perhaps deter traffic from using the village as a rat run during rush hour. There was a general feeling however amongst the Cllrs and public present that the proposals are still unacceptable for reasons of safety. Concerns were raised about visibility, emergency vehicles and farm machinery crossing the ramps, giving cyclists priority, and the possibility that parents might well not allow children to use the route because of concerns about safety. One resident pointed out that in cities e.g. York the only option available to the council is land purchase i.e. widening the road, for reasons of safety. It was agreed to go back to MKC pointing out the concerns, and asking that both the options of land purchase and the Gun Lane route be reconsidered, especially as the cost of the current Alban Hill proposal might now be comparable to the aforementioned alternatives which have previously been deemed too expensive. ACTION: Clerk


Following two recent requests for development consideration in the village, the council deemed it appropriate to add a paragraph to the Village Appraisal document stating its position. The following paragraph was proposed by Cllr Lewis and seconded by Cllr Burton: “Sherington Parish Council will seek planning obligations, which contribute towards the delivery of village facilities that are identified in the Village Appraisal. The Parish Council will seek to ensure that MKC reflects this strategy in its S106 negotiations with developers and third parties.” It was agreed to send the changes to the MKC Senior Planning Officer. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Lewis, on behalf of the Twinning Association asked the parish council’s permission for the use of the Village Hall playing field for a “proms” type concert evening on Sunday June 25th 2006. The council was in agreement in principle but would like further details of what is planned. The Clerk will check out the insurance policy. ACTION: Clerk


12.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £11075.96; Treasurer Account £858.03

12.2 Approval of Perry Lane planning application and Clerk’s training. The costs of £478.75 incl. VAT and £10 respectively were approved.

12.3 Annual Return. The Clerk reported that the annual audit of accounts is now complete and the annual return is available for inspection by local electors upon application to the Clerk.

12.4 Cheques for payment were as follows:

09/09/2005N Beal Cleaning £70.00 101266
09/09/2005R Rowan Planning Application £478.75 101267
09/09/2005Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £22.00 101269
09/09/2005D C Blunt Grounds Mowing £924.26 101270
06/09/2005A H Contracts Dog Bins £93.06 101271
06/09/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Salary £266.77 101272
06/09/2005S Jackson Dog Bins £50.60 101273
06/09/2005W. Austyn Clerk's Expenses £20.22 101274


13.1. Signage at Sherington Bridge. The Clerk reported that the suggested “Concealed Access/Entrance” signs are not in current legislation. This was confirmed by the Dept for Transport. It was suggested that the Thames Valley Police Traffic Management dept be asked for records of incidences on this particular corner. ACTION: Clerk


14.1. 05/01149/FUL 10 Crofts End. This application has been withdrawn.

14.2. 05/00768/MIN Shooting Ground. The noise attenuation report has not been produced and the application has been withdrawn.

14.3. Other Planning decisions. Applications recently refused are for Arbour House, Church Road (extension) and 25 Crofts End (new bungalow). Applications recently permitted are for 22 High St (extension), 54 Carters Close (extension), End Farm, Water Lane (new buildings), Mercers Farm (garage and roof link), 25 Crofts End (extension) and Bedford Road (communication equipment).

14.4. White Hart signage. Keith Shepherd has requested brown “Hotel” signage to the White Hart. There were mixed feelings amongst the council, and it was agreed to defer a decision until the signage that will arrive with the new cycle path has been confirmed. ACTION: Clerk to investigate. It was also suggested that a Village Map that points out all the local amenities might be a good idea.

14.5. Wind Farm at Petsoe End. The Chairman reported that Your Energy is likely to submit a planning application for a wind turbine station at Petsoe End in the New Year. MKC have advised Your Energy that they should consult with the local parishes and that a suggested forum would be the MKNECAF on 24th November 2005.


15.1. MKNECAF 29th September Sherington VH 7.30pm. Cllr Hyde will attend.

15.2. Parish Assembly 8th September MKC 7pm. No one on the council can attend.

15.3. Clean Neighbourhoods briefing 14th September MKC 6.30pm. Cllr Hyde will try to attend.


16.1. Councillors’ training questionnaires. MKC would like to assess training needs so the Cllrs were requested to complete a questionnaire each and return it to the Clerk ASAP. ACTION: All Cllrs


Cllr Sarah Jackson has resigned from the council, with immediate effect. On behalf of the council, the Chairman thanked her for her considerable work for the council and particularly in relation to the under grounding of cables in Water Lane. The Clerk will be posting the vacancy on the notice boards from Wednesday 7th September, if within 14 days there are less than 10 local electors calling for a bye-election the council can co-opt.


18.1. Following discussion on item 10, a resident requested the parish council be more proactive when talking about how much development should be allowed.

18.2. A Water Lane resident was concerned to report that the road has not been swept for 2 months, and there has been some considerable rain fall. ACTION: Clerk

18.3. The issue of traffic speeding through the village arose again, especially as the nights are now drawing nearer. The council recalled PC Mark Poulton attending the June meeting and stating he was about to receive hand speed-gun training. Cllr Lewis agreed to chase Thames Valley Police ACTION: Cllr Lewis

18.4. A resident enquired about the reseeding of the triangle of land at the bottom of Gun Lane. The Chairman confirmed that it had been reseeded but the overall condition of the land was still unacceptable and this was included in the concerns currently being raised with Transco.

18.5. A resident enquired as to whether the proposed wind turbines will be visible from Sherington. It was confirmed that as the turbines currently proposed are 125m high, they will undoubtedly be visible from at least some parts of the village.

18.6. A Gun Lane resident reported that the recently moved 30mph sign in Gun Lane is obscured by vegetation. ACTION: Clerk to contact MKC

18.7. A Gun Lane resident requested an additional street light in Gun Lane on Field Close side, as one particular light is obscured by a tree. It was agreed that when the under grounding takes place MKC be asked to place the new street light further away from the tree so that it is not obscured.

18.8 A Gun Lane resident was concerned at the noise from the Shooting Ground. It was suggested that as the owners are apparently acting within their permit conditions, any concerns should be reported to MKC Planning dept

18.9. A High St resident asked that, when the footpaths and verges are repaired/reconstructed as part of the new programme currently being devised, the path on the corner opposite Manor Farm be included. It was agreed to check with MKC as to the extent of the High Street intended repairs; and also whether the council can have any input about the priority of repairs carried out. ACTION: Clerk


19.1. Cllr Burton has received a request to hire the pavilion for an adults’ party on Saturday 10th September. It was agreed that more details are needed as to the exact requirements. ACTION: Cllr Burton

19.2. Cllr Lewis reported that the street light in the spinney by Mercers Farm is obscured by vegetation. ACTION: Cllr Cook

19.3. Cllr Jackson asked that a specific Cllr take on the under grounding project as Central Networks have appreciated having one contact to deal with.

19.4. The Chairman passed on a request from Sherington School Board of Governors for a parish councillor to be on the board, or for a resident to be a “community governor” and liaise with the council on school related matters. Interested persons should contact the Chairman Nigel Anderson.

19.5. Cllr Hyde reported an abundance of weeds in the verges in the village, especially on Crofts End. It was agreed to ask MKC what their weeding plans are ACTION: Clerk

20. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th October 2005 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.10pm.

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