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Parish Council Minutes

September 2006

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th September 2006 in the Village Hall, Sherington commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Bill Lewis (Chair), Peter Cook, Bob Finn, Peter Burton and David Keene

ATTENDING: Lara Bruce (Clerk) and 10 public.

1. APOLOGIES Cllr Hyde


3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 1st August 2006 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4.1. Undergrounding and street lighting in village. Since the last meeting MK Council had confirmed that they would replace the street lights that were taken down as part of the undergrounding project on a like for like basis or the parish council could purchase “heritage” style lights at a cost of £130 each. This is a reduced price and may not be available for future lights when the undergrounding continues in the village. It was agreed to go ahead with the “heritage” style lighting. MK Council should be informed of the decision immediately. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

4.2 Trees from Tony Pilcher. The trees had been identified as maple and prunus. It was agreed that Perry Lane Recreation Field was a suitable location but that we should wait for another month before re-planting.

4.3 Co-option of councillor. Cllr Finn reported that he would be approaching a possible candidate during the next month. ACTION: Cllr Finn to follow up


5.1. Hillview. The clerk reported MK Council had confirmed a new street sign would be available for Hillview in mid-September.
The situation reported last month of children causing a nuisance with footballs at Hillview was reported to have improved, but it was still evident. It was agreed to put a note in SCAN. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include in SCAN notes
A resident noted that a hawthorn hedge that had been planted behind the gardens of some of the properties in Hillview had improved the situation as it has acted as a deterrent and it was suggested that this planting be continued all the way along. ACTION: Clerk to obtain a quote
Residents also reported a lorry that had been parked in the car park at Perry Lane. This would be monitored.
The clerk reported that Ian McGregor had informed the parish council earlier in the year about a pilot scheme that they might be able to participate in where a parish council can prioritise repair works in their area. He is now able to explain how this scheme will work and has suggested attending the October parish council meeting to present the proposal. ACTION: Clerk to invite Ian McGregor to October meeting

5.2. Water Lane. Since the meeting in July, a resident in Water Lane reported sewage leaking from a manhole cover outside their property. Ian Norton from Anglian Water (AW) had confirmed that the 8 foul manhole covers in Water Lane should have been replaced with covers with sealing plates. This was done to stop the ingress of surface water and land drainage into the foul sewer and taking up its capacity. He confirmed that a site inspector would meet the contractor in Water Lane to ensure that this had taken place on the manhole cover that was leaking sewage. The clerk reported that Ian Norton had not yet come back and confirmed the outcome of this meeting. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.
Post meeting note – AW confirmed that the manhole cover in question had not been replaced with a cover with a sealing plate but that this had now been done.

5.3 Bedford Road. With regards to the surface water outside the nursery on Bedford Road, the clerk reported that MK Council would be sending a specialist drain-jetting contractor to the site during the coming month. It is still unknown as to whether Anglian Water has tested the surface water to see if it is a leak from the mains. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

5.4 Footpath between Manor Farm and Newport Pagnell. It was noted that this footpath is now severely restricted by overgrown hedges and undergrowth both above and on the path. A resident also reported that a bench on the corner of Sherington Bridge is completely covered by overgrown hedges. It was understood that it is MK Councils responsibility to ask landowners to keep hedges cut back. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.


6.1 Sherington Football Club. The Chair reported that since the last meeting an agreement had been drawn up between the club and the parish council that has been passed to them for their approval and signature. The clerk reported that Argos had reimbursed the parish council for the lime used during their summer tournament and these funds would be forwarded to the Football Club.

6.2 New City Saints. The Clerk reported that she had been unable to get in contact with the club’s representative. They will be given 2 more weeks to decide whether they wish to use the pitch. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

6.3 Other team interest. There had been some interest from a veteran’s team for use of the pitch during the 06/07 season but no details had yet been received. Councillors confirmed that they would need full details before a decision could be made. ACTION: Clerk to let the team know

6.4 Goal posts - maintenance & safety. The clerk confirmed that the goal posts were due to be installed during the coming week and the 50% funding had been received from the Football Foundation. On-going maintenance & safety would be the responsibility of the parish council, as it was with the previous goalposts.


The council had received a response in answer to their queries from Richard Duffill at MK Council in July. Councillors had now had time to review his responses and only wish to acknowledge his comments rather than make any additional comments to MK Council. Councillors reiterated their main concerns of the cycle path that included:

ACTION: Clerk to acknowledge Richard Duffill’s comments


8.1 Caretaker. . Shane Lea has begun sanding down the exterior of the Pavilion. He will be asked to purchase the wood stain himself and then claim expenses back from the Parish Council. ACTION: Clerk to advise Shane
Post-meeting note – Shane Lea submitted his report during the meeting. They noted broken glass on the Pavilion doors. ACTION: Clerk to arrange a quote.

8.2 Bench. The fixings left behind from the vandalised bench have now been removed. The legs of the picnic table have also been secured. Councillors approved the purchase of a replacement bench. ACTION: Clerk to request a quote from Raymond Graham.


The village appraisal was updated last year but needs to be reviewed. The councillors had arranged an informal meeting later in the week to start this process and will report back at the October meeting. A note should be included in SCAN to ask residents for their views. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include note in SCAN
It was agreed that the village appraisal should be included on the agenda each month to allow any relevant issues to be raised and a more thorough review performed every quarter. ACTION: Clerk to amend agendas


10.1 Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £15,505.90. Treasurer Account £3,102.30. Receipts during the month included £20 from Argos for an additional game as part of their summer tournament, £31.96 from Argos for lime used, £13.19 wayleave from Central Networks and £312 from the Football Foundation in relation to the new goal posts.

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/09/06Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £33.00
05/09/06UHY Hacker Young 2006 Audit fee £411.25
05/09/06Tony Pilcher Conduit expenses £56.46
05/09/06Sports Ground Services Mowing £405.38
05/09/06Powergen Pavilion electricity £49.93
05/09/06David Haycock Bus shelter repairs £245.00
05/09/06A H Contracts Dog Bins £93.06
05/09/06Lara Bruce Clerk Salary £280.49
05/09/06Lara Bruce Clerk Expenses £17.12
05/09/06Sherington Football Club Refund for lime £31.96
05/09/06Shane Lea Caretaker Duties £100.00
05/09/06Nina Beal Pavilion cleaning £126.00


11.1. Applications No comments were made on the following applications:
06/01050/FUL – 3 Church Road
06/01075/FUL – 25 Water Lane
06/01129/FUL – 9 School Lane

11.2. Decisions The clerk reported the following applications had been permitted:
06/00844/TCA – The Lodge, High St
06/00792/FUL – 9/11 Park Road
06/00774/LBC – 3 The Knoll
06/00768/FUL – Manor Farm
06/00687/FUL – 14 Park Road
06/00677/FUL – 10 Crofts End
The clerk also reported that an appeal has been lodged for application 06/00353/FUL 10 Crofts End which is for a two storey side extension


12.1. Allotments Meeting Friday 8th September. The meeting at MKC was being held to inform councillors how allotment land and the management thereof would be passed over to parish councils. Councillors would not be attending this meeting as the allotment land in Sherington is owned by the Cook family and is managed by a resident. Councillors confirmed that it is a key responsibility of the parish council to provide allotments to residents and it was agreed to include a note in SCAN to this effect. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include in SCAN notes.

12.2. Parish Assembly Thursday 14th September. This meeting will start at 8:15pm and will be preceded by a presentation by Thames Valley Police on the role of Police Community Support Officers. Cllrs Lewis and Keene to attend.

12.3. MKNECAF Tuesday 26th September. This meeting will be held at Sherington Village Hall at 7:30pm. The Clerk reported that Councillor Pat Seymour has arranged for Kevin Whiteside to attend to answer questions on the cycle path and Peter Joel to attend to report on the process that the planning application for the wind farm at Petsoe End would follow.


13.1. Hillview. . A letter has been received from residents in Hillview who were concerned about the increasing nuisance caused by youths kicking footballs into the back gardens of residents in Hillview. See point 5.1

13.2. Council Housing. The clerk reported that a letter had been received from a resident who is currently renting a property in the village. She is a fourth generation Sheringtonian with a child at pre-school in the village and has also joined the pre-school committee. She is looking for support from the Parish Council in her attempts to gain a council house. Councillors agreed that a letter of support should be written to MK Council, with a copy also sent to Pat Seymour. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

13.3. Waste Management. The Clerk reported the parish council have been invited by MK Council to complete a survey on waste management in Milton Keynes. Cllr Keene explained that this survey should be completed carefully as MK Council would be identifying future waste ACTION: Cllr Keene to complete survey and Clerk to provide Cllr Keene with accompanying CDrom

13.4. Clerk's maternity leave. The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from the previous Clerk, Wendy Austyn, who is currently on maternity leave. Although she had originally intended her maternity leave to be for a period of 6 months she wanted the council’s permission to extend her leave until January 2007 at which point she would undertake a handover with the current clerk. The current clerk expressed her agreement with this proposal. The councillors agreed this suggestion. ACTION: Chair to follow up with Wendy Austyn

13.5. Traffic Management. The Clerk reported that we have a new Safer Roads Liaison Officer who has agreed to look into moving the location of the SID in the High Street from opposite Crofts End to a position nearer the retirement flats.

13.6. Sherington Pre-School. A letter had been received from Sherington Pre-School who are looking to further develop the toddler play are adjacent to the village hall. This area of land is understood to be owned by the parish council. The details will be circulated.


14.1. A resident commented on the foul drain and surface water flow from the Pavilion to Hillview. They explained that the main drain in Hillview had been blocked in the past and that this coincided with the football season. It was agreed that the situation be monitored

14.2. A resident questioned what further developments there would be on the proposed footpath outside the village hall. Councillors explained that the matter now rested with the Village Hall Trustees who had no wish to pursue the matter any further, despite the support for the footpath from residents.

14.3. A resident questioned whether an additional streetlight could be installed at the end of Field Close due to poor lighting in the area. It was agreed that this would be considered when that phase of undergrounding was underway.

14.4. A resident commented that a sign stating “No Ball Games” be placed on the pavilion to encourage youths to stay away from that area.

14.5. A resident asked what progress had been made in the possibility of having a bus shelter outside the school. The clerk reported that MK Council explained that funding would need to come from the Parish Partnership Fund – the next time this can be applied for is March 2007. The clerk also reported that the school did not have any objections. It was agreed to start investigating costs and processes. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

14.6. A resident asked whether a new bench could be positioned by the notice board at the end of Carters Close. ACTION: Clerk to look into costs

14.7. A resident reported on the number of children without suitable lights on their bikes and the safety concerns this brings as the nights draw in. It was agreed to put a note in SCAN. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include note in SCAN

14.8. A resident commented on the cycle path and how at earlier presentations from Richard Duffill he had said that costings for alternative routes would be provided, but this has not happened.

14.9. A resident commented on the poor state of some footpaths in the village that had mud on them that was coming from vergers. They asked whether the road sweepers undertake any footpath cleaning. ACTION: Clerk to follow up

14.10. A resident commented on the increasing number of cars parked in the High Street, particularly outside Virginia House Stores and the Knoll. They queried whether white parking space lines would help. It was suggested this be raised with Ian McGregor who will be invited to attend the October parish council meeting.

14.11. A resident asked whether the verges in Crofts End would be sprayed for weeds. ACTION: Clerk to follow up.


15.1 Cllr Cook commented on point 14.11 as to whether MK Council should be spraying weed killer on verges, as residues flow directly into surface water drains.

15.2 Cllr Finn commented on the increasing number of cars parked on the pavements, particularly in Church Road and Carters Close. It was agreed to include a note in SCAN. ACTION: Cllr Hyde to include a note in SCAN.

15.3 Cllr Finn noted dead trees on the Knoll and the Village Hall play area that Tony Pilcher and Cllr Burton respectively have agreed to remove.

15.4 Cllr Burton reported that the Youth Club was starting again on 13th September under new rules. Councillors expressed their support once again for the Club.

15.5 Cllr Lewis reported that dumped tyres were a continuing problem and any further sightings should be reported to the Clerk.

15.6 Cllr Lewis reported that a new development of retirement homes in Milton Keynes had requested an advert to placed in SCAN. He has forwarded this onto Betty Feasey for her consideration.

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd October in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.

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