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September 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd September 2008 in Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs Peter Burton (Chair), David Keene, Ian Thomson, David Hyde, David Wright and Lisa Masters

ALSO ATTENDING: Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr Sam Potts (Sherington Ward) and six other members of the public.

Cllr Cook.

Cllr Keene declared an interest in item 10.5 Planning application for land adjacent to 10 Crofts End.

The minutes of the meeting held on 1st July 2008 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Anglian Water – surface water sewer and ditch. Drawings received only show a partial section of ditch to be piped. AW is currently contacting the landowners to hold a site meeting to discuss access and timescales. ACTION: Clerk

Water Lane remedial works. The work to the road and hedges to help prevent flooding has now been carried out and all agreed that an excellent job has been done, with thanks to Cllr Sam Potts for his efforts. There is some fencing that needs repair, Cllr Cook has agreed to arrange this in November.

Street lighting. The clerk is still chasing an explanation for different styles of lights with Aylesbury Mains who installed them. It was agreed to have both day and night time photos of the lights on display at Sherington On Show. ACTION: Clerk

Cycle path/speed limit on Alban Hill. The “advisory” cycle lanes have now been marked on Alban Hill but the speed limit has yet to be reduced. MKC reports that Thames Valley Police have objected to the reduced speed limit as they cannot enforce it. MKC is to carry out further speed checks on this stretch of road to see if the average speed has naturally reduced due to the new markings.ACTION: Clerk

Local police support. The clerk confirmed that the local police contact for Sherington is PC Julian Kendall; there is also PCSO Tom Booth who can be reached on 07971 326866. The local police number is 08458 505505. The mobile police station has been reported in the local press as starting up again soon.

Bus shelter. MKC has expressed concerns over visibility of cars pulling out of the lay-by behind buses. An onsite meeting is to be held 3rd September to agree the location. ACTION: Clerk/Cllr Thompson


Cllr Keene has met with Diane Evans and Stephen Narborough from MKC on site. They plan to carry out a survey with measurements, levels, contours etc and will prepare a plan together with suggested species for planting, for the parish council’s consideration and for display at Sherington On Show. The clerk reported that Central Networks is currently considering options on relocating or removing the wooden pole that currently supplies electricity to the Kennels. ACTION: Clerk, Cllr Keene


Cllr Wright is preparing a visual display to cover items such as the Parish Plan, new street lighting, bus shelter, pavilion, and Stonepits Close woodland project. ACTION: Cllr Wright


MKC forwarded information from ENCAMS (formerly the Tidy Britain Group) about neighbourhood “clean up” events in September. It was agreed that this was something to be considered in the future.


Cllr Keene and Cllr Sam Potts reported in summary that contrary to the Planning Inspector’s recommendations the government has suggested that 5600 houses are built east of the M1, the most likely areas affected being Moulsoe and North Crawley. A focus group called NEEM1 has been set up and will produce a list of points objecting to the decision (anyone wishing to join please contact Sam Potts). MKC is holding a full council meeting on the subject w/c 9th September, North Crawley PC is holding a meeting with Mark Lancaster MP in attendance on 4th September, and Sam Potts will also cover this item in his “Sherington Ward Matters” meeting on 24th September. The consultation period runs until 24th October 2008 so it was agreed to put this on the October agenda when the results of all of the aforementioned meetings can be considered. ACTION: Clerk


Monthly balances. Enterprise Account £17158.90; Treasurer Account £28923.88

9.2. Cheques for payment were as follows:

02/09/2008R C Builders & Contractors Pavilion extension £25,850.00 101593
02/09/2008D C Blunt Mowing £969.38 101594
02/09/2008Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £412.56 101595
02/09/2008Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £100.62 101596
02/09/2008Sherington Village Hall Hall hire £22.00 101597
02/09/2008A H Contracts Dog bins £168.44 101598
02/09/2008P Burton Ink cartridge £8.27 101599
02/09/2008Milton Keynes Council Building Control inspection fee £633.40 101600
02/09/2008Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £92.50 101601
02/09/2008Colin Scowen Perry Lane caretaker £80.00 101602

9.3. Village Hall footpath refurbishment. MKC’s quote to refurbish the path is now £6320 which represents £2300 not budgeted for. The clerk reported that the contingency reserves will cover the extra cost and the expenditure was approved by Cllrs Burton, Keene and Thomson in August, in order to be able to place a purchase order. A start date is now awaited. ACTION: Clerk


10.1. 08/01002/FUL Land adj. to 10 Crofts End – amendments to prior consent. Cllr Keene declared an interest in this item. The parish council heard that objections to the application have been made by residents at 10 Crofts End, 6 Crofts End, 15 Crofts End and 19 Crofts End. The council agreed to object to the application on the grounds that it still considers the property to be an over development of the plot, inadequate access and parking provision, and by allowing the amendments to be approved MKC Planning would be setting a dangerous precedent for future planning applications. The parish council will request that work is halted until the Development Control Committee makes its decision on 25th September.

10.2. 08/01231/FUL 2 Griggs Orchard – rear conservatory. No adverse comments.

10.3. Decisions. Permission has been granted to 57 Carters Close (extension) and The Barn, Park Road (fell 2 cedar trees), permission has been refused to Gowles Farm, Perry Lane (2 storey extension).


11.1. Pavilion building project. Cllr Burton reported that building work is progressing with the roof soon to be erected. Funding confirmation is still awaited from Awards For All and The Football Foundation. Planning approval for an extended porch has been received and quotes for this are to be obtained. ACTION: Cllr Burton, Clerk

11.2. Pavilion management committee. Cllr Thomson has chaired the first meeting of the management group and questions for the parish council have been raised, these are numerous and it was agreed to discuss them at a separate meeting on 15th September.ACTION: Cllr Thomson/Masters

11.3. SFC Annual Review. This took place on 4th August. It was noted that the relationship between the club and the parish council continues to improve and the current seasons’ pitch fees have been paid. The club has been invited to join the pavilion management group but is currently reluctant to get involved. It has however offered support for the Sherington on Show event. The club has applied to receive the FA Charter Standard and has placed an advert for new players in SCAN.

11.4. Perry Lane grounds man duties. Ray Graham has now terminated his contract with the parish council. The management group will consider the agreed list of tasks and agree a way forward. ACTION: Cllr Masters/ Thompson


12.1. MKNECAF Wed 17th September. Cllrs Hyde and Burton will try to attend.

12.2. Sherington Ward Matters meeting 24th September 6pm. Cllr Burton to attend.

12.3. N.Crawley meeting re expansion east of M1 4th September. Cllr Masters will attend.


13.1. Planning Aid. It was noted that the Planning Aid organisation offers free independent and professional advice to community groups who need advice but cannot afford a planning consultant.


14.1. Large stones have resurfaced on the BMX track at Perry Lane, these need removing. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. There is concern that the incorrect grout mixture was used during footpath and highway works to Hillview as loose kerb setts have been knocked out. Concern was also expressed over vehicles parking on pavements ACTION: Clerk

14.3. Posters are being left “past their sell by date” on poles. Note to be placed in SCAN

14.4. Gas cylinders appear to have been dumped on Gun Lane. ACTION: Clerk


15.1. Cllr Thompson wondered if planning permission had been granted at End Farm and also 44 Water Lane where parts of fields are being used as a garden.

15.2. Cllr Masters reported loose kerb setts on Crofts End, on the other side to which the new kerb has been laid. It was also agreed to enquire whether any more kerbing is planned. ACTION: Clerk

15.3. Cllr Hyde asked if oak trees on the Carters Close green were too near to houses and should be removed. ACTION: Clerk

15.4. Cllr Burton reaffirmed that dogs are not allowed on the Perry Lane recreation field.

15.5. Cllr Burton reported that he has been asked whether a Cold Calling Zone can be created in the village. It was noted that this cannot be done without a high percentage of residents’ approval

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th October 2008 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm

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