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Whellan's Directory (1849) - Employment in Towcester (sorted by job)
The following is a list (sorted by the type of job) of employment in Towcester and the surrounding area in 1849.

Smith ,MaryAcademy (Boarders)
Linnitt JamesAcademy (Boarders)
Willetts ,Rev. I. W.Academy (Gram.)
Turner, EdwAcademy (National)
Wilcox, WilliamAgent
Eales, JohnAgent
Golding, JohnAgent to Earl Pomfret
Sheppard, John, HortonAttorney
Lovell, JohnAttorney
Cook, John, MalburyAttorney
Beesley, SamuelAuctioneer
Sharp, SamuelBaker
Sheckleton, JosephBaker
Simco, JosiahBaker
Stone, JohnBaker
Gibbs, RichardBaker
Greaves, JosephBaker
Kirby, MarthaBaker
Dove, WilliamBaker
Henson, HenryBaker
Frost, MattbiasBaker
Savings BankBank, (branch of Northampton), open on Tuesday from 11 till 1.
Towcester Old BankBank, draw on Dennison & Co., London, John and Samuel Percival
Campbell, Rev. John Baptist
Hutchins, Wm.Basket-maker
Webb, PaulBasket maker
Jeffery, WilliamBlacksmith
King, WilliamBlacksmith
Davis, RichardBlacksmith
Jarvis, GeorgeBlacksmith
Jarvis, RobertBlacksmith
Davis, Rebecca Blacksmith and Carrier
Rodhouse, Thos. BlencoweBookseller
Inns, SamuelBookseller
Hurfurt, Jas. BrooksBookseller & circulating library.
Beesley, SamuelBookseller, Printer &c.
Smith, GeorgeBoot and Shoemaker
Penn, TimothyBoot and Shoemaker
Clark, WilliamBoot and Shoemaker
Eales, SamuelBoot and Shoemaker
Eales, ThomasBoot and Shoemaker
May, WilliamBoot and Shoemaker
Causebrook, JosephBoot and Shoemaker
Tear, SamuelBoot and Shoemaker
May, JamesBoot and Shoemaker
May, EliBoot and Shoemaker
Collins, WilliamBoot and Shoemaker
Brown, JobBoot and Shoemaker (& leather sel.)
Webb, JohnBrazier & Tinner
Carvell, WilliamBrazier & Tinner
Johnson, WilliamBuilder
Howes, RichardBuilder
Bowden, Win.Builder & plasterer
Martin, AnnButcher
Powell, WilliamButcher
Key, JohnButcher
Phillips, ThomasButcher
Taylor, AnnButcher
Frost, ThomasButcher
Holloway, GeorgeButcher
Key, BennettButcher
Brown, AnthonyButcher
Snedge, SamuelCarpenter &c
Howes, RichardCarpenter &c 10 9 12
Hefford, GeorgeCarpenter &c
Hefford, RichardCarpenter &c
Ancell, EdwardCarpenter &c
Blaxley, JohnCarpenter &c
Blaxley, SamuelCarpenter &c
Jeffs, JohnCarpenter &cabinetmaker
Lovell, ThomasCarpenter & cabinetmaker
Allen, JamesCarrier (serving London)
Enston, JohnCarrier (serving Northampton, and Daventry)
Webb, Robt.Carrier (serving Northampton)
Webb HenryCarrier (serving Northampton)
Ratley, Robt.Carrier (serving Northampton)
Richardson, John H.Carrier by waggon [sic] and railway, to London, Birmingham, & places intervening. Also serving Brackley, Banbury, Oxford and Stony Stratford.
Sheppard, John H.Clerk to Magistrates and Board of Guardians
Sheppard, John H.Clerk to the Commissioners of Assessed & Property Taxes, and Assistant Clerk to the County Council.
Cross, JamesCooper
Gurney, Geo. Wm.Corn-merchant
Hambidge, T.Currier, &c.
Gardner, WilliamDruggist &c
Blencowe, TimothyDruggist &c
Watkins, Rebecca Druggist & soda-water manfr.
Blaxley, MaryEarthenware distributor
Deacon, SamuelEsq.
Gallard, RichardEsq.
Richardson, John HenryFarmer
Franklin, John GallardFarmer
Mayo, GeorgeFarmer
Sheppard, WilliamFarmer
Phillips, JohnFarmer
Manning, William BrownFarmer
Beam, Win., HandleyFarmer
Manning, OliverFarmer
Cockerill, RobertFarmer
Ayres, John, BurcoteFarmer
Inns, SamuelFarmer
Sheppard, JohnFarmer
Key, BennettFarmer
Key, JohnFarmer
King, ThomasFarmer & Timber merchant
Henson, Eliz.Farmer (Burcote)
Wootton, Win., Farmer (Caldicote)
Sheppard Wm.Farmer (Caldicote)
Osborn, HopecroftFarmer (Caldicote)
Woodin, Thos., Farmer (Caldicote)
Cockerill ,Win.Farmer (Caldicote)
Woodin, Robert, Farmer (Handley)
Sheppard Wm. Farmer (yeoman)
Brown, R. Farmer and hop and seed merchant
Harris ,SamuelFlour-dealer
Hughes, T.Furniture broker
Gardner, Edw.Gardener
Harris, ThomasGardener
Webb, JohnGas Works Secretary
Pinckard, John Thos.Gent. (Hanley Lodge)
Vernon, W. E. Grocer & British wines
Webb, RobertGrocer &c
Cryer, WilliamGrocer &c
Henson, GeorgeGrocer &c
Simco, GeorgeGrocer &c
Franklin J. G.Grocer and tallow-chandler
Miles, William, Grocer and tallow-chandler
Prestidge, WaltGunsmith, &c.
Adam, GeorgeHairdresser
Sharp, SimeonHairdresser
Eger, Chas.Hotel or Inn keeper. Horse and Jockey.
Burchell, Wm.Hotel or Inn keeper. Nelson's Arms.
Wilcocks, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Albion Inn.
Cooke, ThomasHotel or Inn keeper. The Bell,
Mayo, GeorgeHotel or Inn keeper. The Bull.
Barnicle, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Crown.
Martin, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Dolphin.
Enston JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Peacock.
Bignell, MaryHotel or Inn keeper. The Plough.
Inns, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Pomfret Arms (posting-house & excise office)
Powell, Wm.Hotel or Inn keeper. The Royal Oak
Cross, AnneHotel or Inn keeper. The Star.
Liggins, CharlesHotel or Inn keeper. The Sun.
Phillips, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The Swan
Heady, Elizth.Hotel or Inn keeper. The Talbot Commercial Inn (and horse & gig letter)
Caves, HannahHotel or Inn keeper. The Wheat Sheaf
Wright, JohnHotel or Inn keeper. The White Bear
North, HenryHotel or Inn keeper. The White Hart
Hawking, Rev. W.Indepnt.
Webb, JohnIronmonger
Brown, RichardIronmonger
Cockerill, Rt.,Life and Fire Office, County Fire
Tite, Saml. C.Life and Fire Office, Crown Life
Hurfurt, Jas. B.Life and Fire Office, Globe
Mills, W.Life and Fire Office, Metropolitan
Hurfurt, James B.Life and Fire Office, Professional Life
Cockerill, Rt.Life and Fire Office, Provident Life
Webb, JohnLife and Fire Office, Royal Exchange
West, JohnLife and Fire Office, Sun
West, JohnLinen & Woollen Draper &c
Vernon, ThomasLinen & Woollen Draper &c
Jenkinson, WilIiamLinen & Woollen Draper &c
Bayliss, FrederickLinen & Woollen Draper &c
Hambidge, IsaacLinen & Woollen Draper &c
Brown, RichardMaltster
Brown, MariaMaltster
Gurney, Geo. Wm.Maltster
Willets, Rev. James WhiteMaster of grammar-school & Curate of Green's Norton
Roby, AmeliaMilliner, &c.
Parrott, RobertPainter, Glazier &c
Gibbes, AnnPainter, Glazier &c
Brown, JohnPainter, Glazier &c
Cross, DavidPainter, Glazier &c
White, JohnPainter, Glazier &c
Travell, WmPattern maker
Nowers,, GeorgePolice Station superintendent.
Simco, Mr JosiahPostmaster
Wagstaff, GeorgeRegistrar of Births Deaths and Marriages (Blakesley)
Rodhouse, Thomas B.Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages (Blakesley)
Clarke, WilliamSaddler &c
Kirby, ThomasSaddler &c
Howes, WilliamSaddler &c
Johnson, WilliamShopkeeper
Geare, DeborahShopkeeper
Sheckleton, JosephShopkeeper
Cue, JohnShopkeeper, &c.
Wilson, WilliamStonemason
Johnson, WilliamStonemason
Thomason, JamesStonemason & gravestone cutter
Jeffs, John junStonemason, gravestone cutter & gilder
Benson, Geo.Straw & cap mfr.
Clarke, JaneStraw hat maker
Garner, CarolineStraw hat maker
Wilkins, Mary AnneStraw hat maker
Garner, SarahStraw hat maker & milliner
West, JohnSub-distributor, Stamp Office
Sheppard, John H.Superintendent Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages (Towcester)
Johnson, John W.Supervisor, Excise Office
Watkins, Robert WebbSurgeon
Collier, ThomasSurgeon
Green, Joseph CoghlanSurgeon
Jones, Hy. James Surgeon & M.D.
Foster, EzekialTailor &c
Hogg, JohnTailor &c
Eyles, ThomasTailor &c
Pilgrim, JamesTailor &c
Barwell ,WilliamTailor &c
Corbey, BenjaminTailor &c
May, JamesTailor &c
Miles, JamesTailor &c
Clark, James.Tailor &c
Baldwin, GeorgeTailor &c
Pinnock, JamesUnion Workhouse, master and relieving officer (Towcester)
Bradley, JphUnion Workhouse, master and relieving officer (villages)
Garton, Rev. Jph., M.A.Vicar
Pearson, Chas.Watchmaker
Pearson, Rev. T.Wesleyan
Johnson, JohnWheelwright
Franklin, John GallardWine and Spirit Merchant
Vernon, John MiddletonWine and Spirit Merchant
Perkins, Saml.Woolstapler and miller
Wright, Mrs. Frances 
Ashby, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Godfree, Miss Elizabeth 
Lucas, Mrs. Mary 
Harris, Mrs. Susannah H. 
Gurney, Mr. George 
Kirby, Mrs. Ann 
Goodwin ,Mr. John 
Dayrell, Mrs. Mary 
Davis, Mr. John 
Sheppard, Mrs. Lucy Eliz. 
Parker, Mrs. Martha 
Perkins, Mrs. Sarah 
Prestidge, Mr. Daniel  
  1. This text has been transcribed (with original spelling and punctuation) from the "History, Gazetteer and Directory of Northamptonshire" by William Whellan and Co, London, MDCCCXLIX. Published by Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria Lane, London. Printed by Robert Gardner, Narrow Street, Peterborough. Transcription and additional research by David Wilcock, November 2004.
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