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Publications produced by the Society
The Societies publications are available for purchase
  • at any meeting of the Society;
  • by post (contact us);
  • in person from Towcester Museum, White Horse Yard, Towcester, NN12 6BE, Telephone 01327 352662

"Exploring Towcester's Hidden Histories - A Guide Book"
by B.L.Giggins and A.M.Howard
Four self-guided walks starting from the north, south, east or west of the town and ending in central Towcester. Almost every page includes colour photographs or illustrations, including 20 new photographs of Towcester from above taken from a light aircraft. There is a history of Towcester, and chapters on the Market Square and Watling Street.
Paperback; 132 pages 240x167mm; ISBN 978-0-9524619-7-8; £10.00
Published 2022
"Towcester - An Interesting Medical History "
by Margaret Webb and John Sunderland.
A Brief History of Healthcare in Britain with Particular Reference to the English Country Town of Towcester. It is about the doctors of Towcester and the services they delivered from 1732 through the foundation of the NHS in 1948 to the present day.
Paperback; 64 pages 240x165mm; ISBN 978-0-9524619-6-X; £6.00
Published 2020
"All the Business of War" 2nd Edition
by John Sunderland and Margaret Webb
For five days in September 1913, with rumblings of war stirring all over Europe, North Bucks and South Northants were turned into a "battleground" for British manoeuvres for more than 50,000 soldiers and airmen and 25,000 horses in what turned out to be a vital dress rehearsal for the so-called Great War. The troops that exercised in South Northants in 1913 helped to save the day for the Allies in the opening months of the Great War less than a year later. What happened in those few weeks was to have a profound influence on European history for much of the 20th. century.
The second edition of the book contains a more extensive account of the critical opening phase of The Great War and the relevance of the 1913 manoeuvres. The book includes a facsimile of the booklet, published by the Northampton Mercury in 1913, to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Northampton to see the manoeuvres.
88 pages; ISBN 978-0-9524619-5-1; £13.00
First edition published 2011, second edition published September 2013
Also available from Amazon www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0952461951
"Towcester - The Story of an English country town "
Edited by John Sunderland and Margaret Webb.
Chapters on Towcester in pre-historic times, the Roman period, the Dark Ages, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and Modern Towcester
Hardback; 310 pages; ISBN 0 9524619 1 9; £12.50
Published 1995
Out of print
"William Sponne (c.1380-1448) - Archdeacon of Norfolk and Rector of Towcester"
by Brian Giggins
With an introduction by Rev. Tony Bryer, Rector of St. Lawrence, Towcester.
This biography of William Sponne looks at the life of a medieval archdeacon who was influential on Towcester and its parish church. It includes details of his parishes and the families he was associated with.
36 pages; two appendices; 77 references; ISBN 0 9524619 35; £3.50
First published September 2010
"Old Towcester in Camera"
Booklet of 50 old photographs, plus line drawings. £3.00
Reprinted spring 2000
Reprinted September 2006
"Old Towcester in Camera - No 2"
A second booklet of 50 old photographs, plus line drawings. £3.00
Reprinted September 2006
"Old Towcester in Camera - No 3"
A third booklet of old photographs, plus line drawings. Many "then and now " images with text describing the changes in Towcester. Plus two old aerial photographs . £3.50
First published March 2007. ISBN 0 9524619 2 7
"Towcester Memories of the "Slow, Miserable and Jolty" (Stratford & Midland Junction Railway)"
by Robert Stevens
A collection of childhood memories of Towcester Railway Station, covering its history from 1938 until the 1950s. With photographs, maps and line drawings.
36 pages; ISBN 0 9524619 0 0; £3.00
Reprinted 1999
"Wartime Memories 1939-1945"
64 pages, A4 size Published Nov 1999 Reprinted 2003. Also in A5 size. £4.50
This compilation records the authentic memories of people who lived in Towcester and the area in the years of the Second World War.
"A Towcester Trail"
Walking guide to the buildings of interest in Towcester.
Illustrated with line drawings.
Single sheet leaflet, A3 size. 25p.

Reprinted 2014 on heavier paper, £1 from Towcester Museum
"Roll of Honour"
A replica of the Roll of Honour in St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester.
Single sheet, A4 in a protective cover. 40p.
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