Woburn Sands Social Club 1920

The late Arthur Parker, town historian, traced the history of Woburn Sands Social Club back to a brief mention in 1897, when a recreational club for men was asked to vacate their premises at Sandymount in Station Road, as the owner wished to use the room for the Mothers Union. Before this, there had been a church youth club meeting in the cottage at the junction of Aspley Heath, in the Square, (later used as a tuck shop) followed by a meeting in one of the cottages in Leighton Hollow, Aspley Heath.

When the informal arrangement at Sandymount came to an end, a new organisation was formed, “The Woburn Sands Recreational Club”. Records date from 1899, when the Trustees were the Vicar, Mrs Pole Stuart, Canon Bartlet of Daneswood (St Michael’s curate), President was also Canon Bartlet, Chairman was the Vicar, with James McMurtrie (the furniture dealer) as Secretary, and A. G. Ellingham (the hairdresser) as Treasurer.

At this time, the club rented a room from Charles Inwood adjoining what is now Club Cottages, and was part of an old pub, the Red Lion Inn. By 1900, there were 40 members, and these premises had become too small, so a meeting was held and it was agreed to rent a room from Frederick Down in Russell Street. This is the half-timbered building that was later used as a bakery. At the same time, the name changed to “Woburn Sands Men’s Club”. The Mayor of Bedford came to officially open the new clubhouse.

The fortunes of the club (and the bank balance) rose and fell over the years, and although most of the members went away to fight in World War One, the Royal Engineers, who were stationed in Woburn Sands, made good use of the club. The clubhouse had now passed to William Needham, and he made an arrangement to reduce the rent to help keep the club afloat.

By 1920, there was enough support for the Club to take control of their own building, and after several options were looked at, the land to the rear of the High Street was purchased. This must have been a large financial investment, and in order to recoup some of the outlay, fundraising events were held, including a Bazaar in November, when a recipe book was compiled by locals.

Woburn Sands - Mmmm Tasty!

It would have been a good idea, as everyone who had submitted a recipe would want to buy a copy! Several of the recipes came from addresses in Canada, which I presumed had come from the girls who married some of the Canadian soldiers who were stationed here in World War One, but Paul Ferguson, curator of the Chilliwack Museum, has attempted to identify the individuals listed in the book from Chilliwack, Canada, and none of them appear to have a direct connection to Woburn Sands:

Mrs. H.C. Fox Mabel Maud Fox (maiden name Revis), wife of Herbert Charles Fox. Born Bedfordshire, England, came to Canada in 1911. Married to Herbert Charles Fox who was born in Dorset, England. For a number of years they lived at Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Mr. Fox operated a men’s furnishing business in Chilliwack, but first worked for Ashwell’s Ltd. He later went into business with his son-in-law B.G. Spencer. (Connection to your listed Mrs. Spencer not established).

However, B.G. Spencer is probably Basil Geoffrey Spencer, whose brothers were Leslie, Roy and Stanley Spencer. Stanley Spencer was killed May 3, 1917 as a Captain with the 25th York and Lancaster Regiment and is commemorated on the Arras Memorial, France. They were the sons of Constance M. Spencer Chilliwack, B.C. formerly Barton-on-Humber, Lincs. and the late Frank Spencer of Rob Royd, Barnsley, England. Stanley is the only one of the brothers that served during the First World War. The others attempted to join but were not accepted. Leslie managed to get o the UK during the First World War and was employed in the manufacture of munitions. He later returned to Canada.

Mrs. Percy Burton Katherine Anna Burton (maiden name Denmark and given name sometimes recorded as Kathleen) was the wife of Percy Burton. Born in 1869 at Cambelford, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. Married in 1905. The Burtons had a hardware business in Chilliwack “Denmark and Burton”. Mr. Burton was a native of Oxford, England.

Mrs. Spencer He speculates that this was Emma Ethel Spencer (maiden name Thilde). She was the wife of Thomas Spencer. Mrs. Spencer was born in Havelock, Ontario, Canada. She was married to Thomas Spencer who was born at Silver Hill, Ontario. No details of occupation provided in obituaries.

Mrs. G.H.W. Ashwell Mary Pauline Ashwell (maiden name Marsden) was married to George Horatio W. Ashwell. The Ashwells were leading business people in Chilliwack and Mary Ashwell prominent during the First World War as President of the Chilliwack Patriotic Society, until it was replaced by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. She remained with the new organization in a leading role and became the first regent of the IODE when it was organized in 1916. She remained in this position for five years and for two years became the organizaing secretary. She was instrumental in the formation of several local chapters of the IODE; additionally she was a charter member of the Chilliwack Municipal Chapter and a life member of the national chapter. Due to her connections many members of these societies were comprised of the leading women of Chilliwack, many of whom were married to local businessmen.

There are links below to the recipes themselves so you can try them out! [N.B. Some of the recipes feature raw eggs. Please remember that it can be dangerous to consume uncooked eggs.]

There is also an anonymous poem:

A Plea for Our Bizaar

Come ye gentleman near and far,
And wish success to this bazaar-
A duty you have to do;
A debt there is they wish to clear
Before the close of another year,
So help to pull them through.

Good ladies too, they wished to see,
Bazaars without them could not be,
Of that you are all aware;
Determined to make their burden light,
Come! Willingly bring your little mite,
The burden help to share.

Your friends they wish to see as well,
All kinds of things they hope to sell,
To suit both old and young;
However little you wish to buy-
Even a dip in the famous bran-pie
Will help them to move along.

Woburn Sands - Social Club Bazaar
Anxious to see their Club set free,
Prompts them to make this simple plea,
So try what can be done;
Shoulder-to-shoulder try and fight,
And pull together with all your might,
Until the victory’s won.

Perseverance gains the day
Oft we’ve heard our fathers say,
And so we think ‘tis true;
But we must ask from day-to-day
For guidance through life’s doubtful way,
Or nothing can we do.

For all our efforts oft we find
Are just as chaff before the wind,
Without God’s mighty aid;
And so dear Lord, we ask of Thee,
To lead us to our destiny,
Till our final debt is paid.

Many of the recipes in the book sound very mouth-watering, and I particularly like the sound of “Woburn Sands Pudding”, a suet pastry spread with golden syrup and currants, then boiled for two hours. But I am not sure what exactly was supposed to be done with the Embrocation… ¼ pint of Turps, ¼ pint of Methylated Spirit, ¼ pint of White Vinegar and 2 small eggs……

Dishes and their Owners, 1920 Woburn Sands Social Club Recipe Book

Soups View
Oxtail Soup Mrs McMurtrie Woburn Sands these
Tomato Cream Soup Miss A M Pratt Woburn Sands recipes
Marrow Soup Mrs H Thompson Eversholt, Woburn here
Cream of Tomato Soup Mrs H C Fox Chilliwack B C [British Cloumbia, Canada]
Stews and Savouries
Australian Stew Mrs Whitmee Wood Street, Woburn Sands View
Savoury Haricot Beans Mrs C Hutton Chapel Street Woburn Sands these
Stuffed Tomatoes Mrs Linnell Hardwick Road, Woburn Sands recipes
Veal or Beef Sausage Mrs Hill The Leys, Woburn Sands here
Convent Eggs Mrs Cook The Avenue, Woburn Sands
Kedgeree Mrs Davis Station Road, Woburn Sands
Savoury Stewed Steak Mrs A Tomlin High Street, Woburn Sands View
Vegetable Marrow, Stuffed Mrs F Dudley Station Road, Woburn Sands these
Fish Custard Mrs Howell Jones Aspley Heath recipes
Lenten Dish Mrs H Checkley Aspley Guise here
Beef Rissoles Mrs Saunders "Cranmere", Russell Street, Woburn Sands
Anchovy Paste Anon
Savoury Marrow Mrs Whitbread Station Road, Woburn Sands
Beef Roll Mrs Griggs Aspley Heath
French Tripe Mrs Tanton Woburn Sands
Friars Omelette Mrs Amy N Jackson Woburn Sands
Delicious Stewed Rabbit Mrs Harris "Cosy Corner", Woburn Sands View
Savoury Puffs Miss Holmes "The Shrubbery", Woburn Sands these
Salad for Cold Meat Mrs E G McMurtrie Woburn Sands recipes
Onions and Grated Cheese Anon here
Sausage and Rice Cutlets Mrs Frank Barnwell Woburn Sands
A Dainty Luncheon or Supper Dish Miss M A Botcherby "Epworth Vila", Woburn Sands
French Potato Angel Lina
Woburn Sands Pudding Mrs H Giles Woburn Sands
Australian Pudding Mrs W H Elliott Woburn Sands
Ginger Pudding Mrs Preston Theydon Avenue, Woburn Sands
Cream Pudding Mrs Kempster Chapel Street, Woburn Sands View
Honey-comb Pudding Mrs Hinge Aspley Heath these
High Church Pudding Mrs Jeffery Station Road, Woburn Sands recipes
Queen of Puddings Mrs Kestell Woodley Farm, Woburn Sands here
Banana Trifle Mrs C Inwood High Street, Woburn Sands
Treacle Sponge Pudding Mrs J W Tansley Woburn Sands
Venus Pudding Mrs Howell Jones Aspley Heath
French Pancakes Mrs Saunders Swan Hotel, Woburn Sands
Treacle Pudding Miss E M Sinfield Aspley Guise
Crystal Pudding Mrs H B Partridge Woburn Sands
Brown Pudding Mrs A R Sinfield Aspley Guise
Fruit Mould Mrs Bathurst High Street, Woburn Sands View
Canary Pudding Mrs Robinson Bell Hotel, Aspley Guise these
An Excellent Pudding Miss M B Gaskoin Greenwood Cottage, Woburn Sands recipes
Apple Mould Mrs Pinchin "Lynwood", Woburn Sands here
Ginger Pudding Mrs Holmes "The Shrubbery", Woburn Sands
An Economical Pudding Mrs E Tyres Woburn Sands
Fish Pudding Miss A G Smith Woodside, Aspley Guise
Dainty Pudding Miss A G Smith Woodside, Aspley Guise
Apple Surprises Miss S E Collins The Leys Terrace, Woburn Sands
Lemon Sponge Cake Pudding Mrs Bailey Aspley Heath
Charlotte Russe Miss Verena M Saunders Wood Street, Woburn Sands
Honey Comb Pudding Mrs Philips Aspley Heath View
Savoury Pancake Mrs Neild "Ridgmont", St Lesmo Road, Cheadle Heath, Stockport these
Lemon Mould Mrs E J Tompkins "Eastcote", Woburn Sands recipes
Sultana Pudding Mrs Dawson 107 Caversham Road, Reading here
Sago Plum Pudding Mrs Saunders Aspley Heath
Treacle Sponge Pudding Miss G Whitbread Woburn Sands
Sponge Pudding Miss Cheetham Stoke Albany, Woburn Sands
Marmalade Pudding Mrs A Chapman Newport Pagnell
Sponge Pudding Mrs A Dunkley Woburn Sands
Lemon Pie Filling Mrs Percy Burton Chilliwack B C
Lemon Pudding Mrs Spencer Chilliwack B C
Cakes and Pastries
Cornwall Tart Miss Braidwood Carron Villa, Woburn Sands View
Sponge Sandwich Mrs Bish 12 Howard Avenue, Bedford these
Orange Cake Mrs W H Elliott Woburn Sands recipes
Cuddleston Cake Mrs Homans High Street, Woburn Sands here
Maids of Honour Mrs Grey Chapel Street, Woburn Sands
Genoa Cake Mrs Disbrey Woodley Farm, Woburn Sands
Jam Turnovers Miss C. Summerford Salford
Cream Scones Miss T Hallworth Vicarage Street, Woburn Sands
Ginger Cake Mrs Dolton Vicarage Street, Woburn Sands
Cocoanut Pyramids Mrs F Day Bletchley Road, Woburn Sands
Ginger Biscuits Mrs Bowler Theydon Avenue, Woburn Sands
Rhubarb Shortcake Mrs Goodman Bletchley Road, Woburn Sands
Hailes Cake Miss T Tansley High Street, Woburn Sands View
Rock Cakes Mrs N Kestell Theydon Avenue, Woburn Sands these
Baking Powder Mrs H Inwood High Street, Woburn Sands recipes
Filling for Sponge Sandwich Mrs Brigden Aspley Guise here
Marmalade Cake Mrs S Smith "Heatherlea", Woburn Sands
Sweet Biscuits Mrs H Lines Aspley Guise
Parkin Mrs Cliffe Woburn Sands
Old Fashioned Cheese Cakes Mrs M Williams Woburn Sands
Walnut Cake Mrs H C Lovell Cranfield
Maderia Cake Mrs S C Denton The Manor, Salford
Genoa Cake Mrs A Barnwell Hucote, Woburn Sands
Snow Cake Miss S Bennett Salford
Sponge Cake Mrs M Hobbs Eagle Farm, Wavendon View
French Cake Mrs Blanchard Station Road, Woburn Sands these
Scones Mrs Robinson Wormholt Road, Uxbridge Road London W. recipes
Lemon Cheese Roll Miss M Garret Caldecot, Bow Brickhill here
Almond Cream Tartlet Miss V Martin "Weathercock Inn" Woburn Sands
Cocoanut Macaroons Anon
Coronation Tart Mrs R Chester Station Road, Woburn Sands
Chocolate Cakes Anon
Maderia Cake Mrs J Hill Woburn Sands
Cocoa Cream Miss E Tyres Aspley Heath, Woburn Sands
Almond Rock Cakes Miss F Hartrupp Aspley Heath
Victoria Buns Miss K L Brill Fen Farm, Wavendon
Gingerbread Mrs Griggs Aspley Heath
Linsday Souffle Mrs Foolkes The Leys, Woburn Sands View
Pound Cake Mrs H Barker Russell Street, Woburn Sands these
Crumpets Miss Q M Revis 18 Cromford Road, Wandsworth, SW18 recipes
Yorkshire Cake or Sponge Sandwich Mrs M Bryant 6 Springfield Avenue, East Finchley N2 here
Parkin Mrs F Carter Aspley Heath
Chocolate Cake Mrs Jessop 23 Mount View Road, Stroud Green N4
Queen Cakes Miss M Neild Ridgmont
Xmas Cake Mrs A M Martin 41 Springfield Terrace, Pantyffynnon, South Wales
Maids of Honour Mrs Jessop 23 Mount View Road, Stroud Green N4
Orange Cake Miss Toogood High Street, Woburn Sands
Cocoanut Macaroons Miss Kathleen Bazley Ashfield, Woburn Sands
Angels Food Mrs Whitbread Woburn Sands
Preserved Ginger Cake Mrs Acton Elm Bank, Douglas Road, Cork, Ireland View
Married Womans Cake Anon these
Potato Scones Mrs McMurtrie Carsehead, Dalry, N B recipes
Jersey Wonders Mrs A Smith Woburn Sands here
Scotch Shortbread Mrs McMurtrie Carsehead, Dalry, N B
Eggless Cake Mrs A Dunkley Woburn Sands
Yorkshire Cake Miss Cheetham "Stoke Albany" Woburn Sands
Fruit Cake Miss Harrison 52 Ford End Road, Bedford
Jams Jellies etc
Lemon Curd Miss Alice M Pratt Woburn Sands
Rhubarb Jam with Figs Mr J Dudley Woburn Sands
Curd for Cheese Tart Mrs Giles Vicarage Street, Woburn Sands View
Lemon Curd Mrs Negus Theydon Avenue, Woburn Sands these
Marrow Cream Mrs Marsh Aspley Heath recipes
Apple Ginger Miss Durrant Bletchley Road, Woburn Sands here
Preserved Marrow Mrs F Gilby Fenny Stratford
Vegetable Marrow Jam Miss E Murray Woburn Sands
Marrow Cream G M B Aspley Guise
Apple Ginger Mrs C A Barnwell Pine Grove, Aspley Guise
Lemon Paste without Eggs Miss Jane Clarke Lakes Farm, Cardington, Beds
Black Currant Jam Mr J Dudley Station Road, Woburn Sands
Lemon Mincemeat Mrs E E Rice Hardwick Road, Woburn Sands
Rhubarb Ginger Mrs Revis Cromford Road SW18
Orange Marmalade Anon View
Orange Marmalade Mrs Toogood High Street, Woburn Sands these
Lemon Cream without Cream Mrs Amy M Jackson Woburn Sands recipes
Drying Plums in Cooling Oven W H Neild Woburn Experimental Farm here
Bavarian Cream Miss Hilda Fox Chilliwack B C
Lemon Marmalade Mrs Dovey Woburn Sands
Raspberry Cream Mrs G H W Ashwell Chilliwack B C
Drinks etc
Lemonade Mrs J W Tansley High Street, Woburn Sands
Raspberry or Blackberry Vinegar Mrs F Gilby Fenny Stratford
Cherry Brandy Mrs H B Partridge Woburn Sands
Blackberry Vinegar Mrs M Lemon Eastcote, Woburn Sands
Imperial Drink Miss D Neild Ridgmont, Aspley Guise View
Gingerade Miss Bessie Richardson Fairfield Street, Liverpool these
Sauces, Chutneys and Pickles here
Gooseberry Chutney Mrs Walter Day Woburn Sands
Apple Chutney Mrs C Barnwell Pine Grove, Aspley Guise
Apple Chutney Mrs W H Neild Ridgmont
Rhubarb Chutney Mrs Solomon Jackson Woburn Sands
Gooseberry Chutney Mrs Wilkins The Studio, Woburn Sands
Green Tomato Chutney Miss H Murray Woburn Sands
Damson Pickle Miss E E Clarke Lakes Farm, Cardington, Beds
Tomato Sauce Mrs McMurtrie Woburn Sands
Salad Dressing Mrs W C Taylor 72 Victoria Road, Bedford
Sardine Butter for Sandwiches Miss A M Pratt Woburn Sands View
Green Tomato Chutney Miss Hodges Sandymount, Woburn Sands these
Salad Dressing Mrs M N Zair Aspley Heath recipes
Crab Apple Catsup Mrs Fletcher Vancouver Island, B C Canada here
Piccalilli Mrs Steers Field View, Woburn Sands
Pickle for Ox Tongue Mrs Allen Vancouver B C
Tomato Chutney Mrs E J Tompkins Eastcote, Woburn Sands
Pickled Beetroot H J W
Apple Chutney Mrs A Dunkley Woburn Sands
Pickled Plums Mrs F Barnwell Woburn Sands
Embrocation Anon
Cure for Indigestion Mrs F Harris Bletchley View"
Cod Liver Oil Emulsion Miss C Hogg recipes"
Furniture Polish Mrs Lovell Rose Villa, Cranfield here"
Adverts inside the covers for: A Dunkley, grocers W H Elliott, grocer
Marwell & Sons, grocers H B Partridge, baker
A well used recipe book is a good recipe book…
A well used recipe book is a good recipe book...
Original printed by Fisher & Sons, Woburn


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