The band’s importance to the Mayday Festival



This item is the earliest newspaper found that mentions the Yardley Gobion band relating to the May day Festival in the village although there were three previous festivals organised by the school.   The band here was required to play for dancing after the festival presumably for the adults.

1894 North Bucks Advertiser.

May 18th.  THE MAY FESTIVAL and election of the May Queen was celebrated in the village on Saturday last, and was carried out in a very creditable manner. Miss Atkins was selected Queen of the May. The arrangements, which must have taken a deal of trouble, were mostly due to the valuable aid and assistance of Mrs. Robinson, schoolmistress of the village. Help was also given by Mrs. Fitzroy, Mr. And Mrs. Masom, the Misses Masom, Mr. Smith, and other ladies and gentlemen of the village. After the festival, dancing was indulged in the music of the Yardley Gobion Band.

From the North Bucks Advertiser 1897

May 14th 1897.   The children taking part the procession assembled in the Schoolroom, and marched from thence to Mr A. Masom’s field, headed by the Yardley Gobion Band (under the conductorship of Mr G. Glenn), which was preceded by a banner bearing the motto “Merrie Month of May.” Miss Annie Glenn was chosen Queen of the May and was duly “crowned,” and in the subsequent procession round the village occupied a conspicuous place in a florally decorated carriage.

After the procession, there was a May Pole Dance, which were very prettily executed. The chief event, however was an Arbour Dance, which was most interesting and admirably performed, the children taking part therein being photographed in a group.  The music for these two dances was supplied by the Yardley Gobion Band. 



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