Coronation 1953


——————— Ready to go from Gray’s Lane ——————–










Mr Covington with tractor following the band.

Sheila Leath and Nancy Herbert attendants to the Queen, Rosemary Humphries.

Potterspury Excelsior band leading the procession past the Blacksmith’s shop, Freddy Swain marching along with  them.
Doug Holloway leading followed by Dusty Atkins, Dick Birchall, Dennis Webster,
little Les Pittam, Billy Atkins & Reg Atkins (one person cannot be seen.)
(Yardley Prize Band had ceased to exist at the time of the second world war.)

As you can see from this picture the Pack Horse was still in business as a pub
and you can also see the old petrol pump by the backsmith’s shop.











Do you know who these ‘ladies’ are?

Phyllis Horton                                                                                                                                             Julian Pittam

Sport on the day


Geoff Warren larking about.


Peter Plummer looking very smart

Mrs Covington, Molly Dunkley, Grace Lawson, Winnie Phillips, Nancy Clarke, Jane Johnson, Daphne Edwards, Pauline Webb,
Kath Swain, Ada Swain, Phyllis Horton, Flo Pittam. Edie Odell & Mary Borali at back.

Fred Kightley, Julian Pittam, Bill Carroll, Ken Nash, Ted Nicholls, Billy Kightley, Bob Devereaux standing at back.

The village children having fun with an extra sports day, it took place in the grounds of Yardley House.
Are you here? How many people do you recognise and can name?

Ladies football teams

Just for the day



Nancy Clarke, Phyllis Horton, Molly Dunkley, Jane Johnson,
Pearl Henson
Edie Brown, Molly Clarke, Mrs Church, Dot Herbert, Flo Pittam, Vera Church.

Yvonne Dickens, Marjorie Swain, Doreen Horton, Barbara Rush,
Kath Swain, Valerie Williams,
Shirley Dickens, Hilda Horton, Doreen Cooper, Gloria Humphries,
Joyce Cave



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