A man from Yardley Gobion who from very humble beginnings became nationally known for his knowledge of plants. He wrote books on the flora of Northamptonshire and nearby counties. He moved from this county to Oxford where he set up his chemist shop and lived for the rest of his life.  On Saturday last, April 28th 2018 at his chemist shop a  blue plaque was mounted outside in his memory.

                  Sylvia Chandler      Susan      Stephen Harris     Druce Genealogical Report

Between 2009 and the present day I have had contact with two ladies both with Druce interests Sylvia and Susan.

Sylvia was asked to Yardley Gobion a few years ago to open our pocket park, named Druce‘s Orchard which was on land left to the church by George Claridge Druce in memory of his mother. Sylvia has written out the George Claridge Druce story from her notes used when giivng talks on his life, click on Sylvia above.to see it.

Susan wrote to me to see if I could find out if her father was related in any way to George Claridge Druce as he was the son of Edward Druce of Holly House Potterspury. In the process I was to find out that Sylvia, Susan and my husband were all descended as was George, from William Druce born 1730.
Susan had
visited the Druce Herbarium in Oxford and met the curator there, he gave her a copy of something he had written about George Druce, she has passed this on to me with Stephen Harris’s permission, allowing me to add it to the website, you can find it under Stephen Harris above.

1861 Census This house is known as the White House opposite the chapel

YardleyGobion . Ann Blunt Head Widowed 63 Fundholder . Buckinghamshire Wollstone  
. . Jane Druce Niece Unmarried 33 . . Buckinghamshire Woughton  
. . George Claridge Druce Nephew . 10 Scholar . Northamptonshire Potterspury