Amanda, an Australian, married to an Englishman now living in England approached the History Group a few weeks ago for further information on the Horners of Yardley Gobion as she was related to a Horner who emmigrated to Australia in the 1840s. After further contact she sent me more information which was an article written by Joan Fenton (1985) which showed that the Horner family travelled to Australia at the same time as Eli Bonham, his story is already to be found on the website. Later she contacted me to say she had more recently been put in contact with Tony Horner in this country who had done a lot of research on the family origins in this country and has some interesting information in the local brickmaking industry which had been noted as occupation for some members of Yardley Gobion in the early censuses although I was unaware where this took place. I will try to coordinate this information for you here.

B. Pittam May 2008

Emails as follows:-

20 February 2008 In 1848 a large group of bobbin lacemakers (and brick makers) fromYardley Gobion migrated in one mass migration on the ‘Fairlie’ and’Charlotte Jane’ to Australia. Being a direct descendant of Noah & Hanna HORNER from Yardley Gobion I was wondering if the Yardley Gobion History Group had any information in its archives about the HORNER or KIRK families?

27th February 2008 Since I wrote my email to the Yardley Gobion History Group I have linked up with several Horners (from the UK & Australia) who have completed some amazing research on the Horners of Yardley Gobion. Mr Tony Horner from Northampton has traced back the line to the early 1700’s and with his co-authors created context for the individuals during that period of immigration to Australia. Joan Fenton was also involved in producing the material.

1st April 2008 The scanned article I sent to you was written by Joan Fenton in 1985 (I believe she was also the original transcriber of the YG Census of 1841) and some of the information is out of date. If you still want to use it, I can see if Joan will give you permission – I doubt she would mind.

16th April 2008
I did contact Joan but as yet she has not responded back.

(Amanda has tried contacting Joan on two occasions with no success)    

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