Village Halls



In 1865 the Duchess of Grafton had a social club built for the use of the men and boys of the village of Yardley Gobion, there was a reading room where newspapers and magazines were available also a games room where a variety of games could be played.  In the winter earlier in the evening a fire was lit by a caretaker to make it a little warmer, he would often lay the fire ready and ask the older Glenn children who lived up the top of Sturgess Lane to light it about 4 o clock, perhaps this was only when he was busy.

In the late 1920s/early 1930s the village Womens Institute began to use this same building but found more facilities were needed so arrangements were made to purchase a small piece of land belonging to the Quick family next door.   SEE QUICK CONVEYANCE

In the early 1950s a Youth club was formed they used this building for a while later using the school room.

By 1935 the year of the Silver Jubilee of King George V it was decided to plan building a new village hall onto the back of this hall.    Some disagreed with this wanting a village hall elsewhere in the village with room for car parking.   This became a very protracted affair with this new hall not opening until 1953.

Considerable alterations were made to the old building in 1999 which required the removal of the complete roof.