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Notes taken at Aylesbury Record Office from Potterspury Union Workhouse Guardians Minutes Books

 28th June 1842

The cheese now in use at the Workhouse being inferior in quality to what is contracted for ordered that Mr John Reeve the Contractor do forthwith take back that now in the house and supply other Cheese of a better quality in its stead and that our Clerk do require him to do so.

6th October 1842

The Master reported that Wm Richardson had absconded from the Workhouse leaving his wife and family therein chargeable to the Parish of Stony Stratford West. Ordered that a warrant be procured for his Apprehension.

17th November 1842

A notice of intended marriage between William Faulding and Jane Thompson was read at the meeting, the first pursuant to the Act.

1st December 1842

The following orders for the Workhouse given since the last meeting were sanctioned viz’t for the admission of Wm Brown of Calverton, Benjamin Atterbury of Cosgrove, Chas Hoaies two children and Sarah Henson and two children belonging to Passenham. John Henson and two children and Ann Tibbs of Paulerspury, Thos Jeffcoate of Stony Stratford and Wm Horner of Yardley Gobion.

Advertise for a Schoolmistress at £15 per annum plus usual rations and lodgings – Northampton Mercury and Northampton Herald. (Mary Ann Manning appointed.)

12th January 1843

Complaint against Dr Nixon upheld that he did not attend the husband of Mary Brooks. His excuse to her was that he never attended anyone in the afternoons.

9th February 1843

Elizabeth Wootton of Yardley Gobion admitted.

10th August 1843

A check was drawn in favour of the Duke of Grafton for £6.0.0. being two years rent of Garden Ground.

2nd November 1843

The Medical Officer having reported that Benj’n Atterbury an inmate of this house belonging to Cosgrove is a dangerous lunatic. Ordered that he be forthwith removed to the Northampton Lunatic Asylum.

28th December 1843

Larder was broken into and bread, meat etc was missing. Thomas Carr is in custody on the charge.

21st March

New Schoolmistress appointed, Charlotte Shillingford of Stony Stratford. The previous one went off without notice.

2nd May 1844

Clerk laid before the meeting an Authority from the Poor Law Commissioners for the emigration of Paupers belonging to Paulerspury. Ordered that our Clerk do apply to Caster and Bonus, Emigration Agents on the subject.

16th May 1844

A check was drawn for the Overseer’s of Yardley Gobion for £1.15.5d.for a Poor Rate.

10th October 1844

The notice of intended marriage between John Liddele of the Parish of Wolverton Wheelwright and Mary Ann Jeffcoate of Stony Stratford Dressmaker was read.

5th December 1844

The Medical Officer having reported that Benjamin Atterbury belonging to Cosgrove is a fit object for the Northamptonshire Lunatic Asylum.

5th June 1845

Notice of an intended marriage between John Mapley of Stony Stratford and Mary Jeffcoate of the same place were read.

21st April 1859

Mr William Linnell died after 20 years as Chairman of Guardians.

19th May1859

Plan considered for the conversion of the Old Bakehouse into a stable for the horses of the Guardians.

8th July 1859

Wall built between Men and Womens part of the yard.

Money for the provision of schools at Deanshanger.

8th September 1859

It was reported to this meeting that Ann Jeffcoate, who with her family had been lately removed by order from Stony Stratford last to Northampton had returned to Stony Stratford and that she was recovering from the Northampton Union, that it was believed the pauper was cohabiting with a young man at Stony Stratford and that she was keeping a disorderly house. Our Clerk is directed to communicate the above report to the Northampton Board of Guardians and draw their attention to the very irregular manner in which they are granting relief in this case.

22nd September 1859

The Clerk laid before the Meeting a letter from the Northampton Union stating that the relief to Ann Jeffcoate and family has been stopped.

15th October 1863

Mr Sharp is Master and Schoolmaster. Now appointed Relieving Officer at £80 per annum as well as Master, but resigned as Schoolmaster.

As the number of children in the Workhouse had diminished, it was decided not to replace the Schoolmaster and the Schoolmistress would look after the boys as well as the girls. No extra salary was mentioned.

24th December 1863

It is ordered that the paupers in the Workhouse be supplied with Roast Beef, Plum Pudding and Ale on Christmas Day, as in former years.

16th February 1871

Mr Reeve represented to this meeting that John Smith and Oliver Smith two children lately sent from this House to be boarded at the House of James Evans of Stony Stratford East had been violently beaten by Mr Ralph Mollett the National Schoolmaster there during their attendance at school. It is ordered that Mr Bonser the Relieving Officer do take out a summons against Mr Mollett for the assault.

2nd March 1871

It being necessary that the walls for the Drying Ground be begun the Building Committee are requested to make the necessary arrangements. Our Clerk is directed to see Mr Simpson (The Duke of Grafton’s Agent) to ask him to build the wall between the Cottage Gardens and the Workhouse Garden and at the same time to inquire whether stones for the Erection of the proposed New Buildings can be had from His Grace’s Stone Pit in the Parish of Potterspury.

The plans approved by the Poor Law Board for the erection of Buildings for the accommodation of the Workhouse children were laid before this meeting.

16th March 1871

The Duke of Grafton’s Pit being unable to provide the Stones for the erection of the Workhouse Schools Accommodation, it is ordered that the same be built of red brick with a string course of white brick this the centre and white brick Arclave and Joins.

13th April 1871

£529 tender for the building being the lowest was accepted.


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