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The launch of a community website in the NN12 area, about Towcester and the surrounding villages. Essentially it is a daily newpaper but on the web. Click here to visit ABOUTMYAREA

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Stony Stratford Market Square

Stony Stratford Market Square

WAR HORSE opened in the cinemas 13th January 2012. Did anyone in your Yardley family go into WW1 and was involved with looking after the horses or riding them. If I have enough information from you I will add this to the WW1 pages. William Glenn of Yardley Gobion prepared horses for Harry Weston to send for the soldiers as in the picture.  In 2014 it was 100 years since the beginning of WW I. BRENDA

11th November 2018 It is now 100 year since the end of World War 1.  War Horse continues to be popular in theatres.

Were you one of the children who came to live for a while at the “Home for little boys” run by Mr Fegan’s homes (later girls also) in Yardley Gobion or earlier in the first half of 20th century were you or an older member of your family fostered with a village family, if so I would love to hear from you, BRENDA  


I heard from the son of Reginald Bennett during 2018.  Reginald was admitted to Fegan’s homes before WW1, he lived with two different guardians in Yardley Gobion while he spent time at the village school they were Mrs Watts & Mrs Smith. His son went on to tell me how he got on in later life. –

(He stayed with the railways (LNWR, LMS and later BR). He was a member of the Eastern Electricity Board and Basildon Development Corporation., and did two spells as chairman of Essex County Council. during which time he played a major part in the relief work after the east coast floods, for which he was subsequently knighted.  He was also a magistrate and deputy Lieutenant for Essex.  So he didn’t do too bad for a Fegan boy!)


I had the pleasure of meeting a large group of ex-Yardley Fegan boys at a reunion in Stony Stratford during 2017.  Brenda



November 2018 – The new website is almost complete and includes some items not on the older one, these include the beginning of the photo archive of the buildings  the Militia list 17th Dec 1777 and Hearth tax 1674. 

June 2015 – Work is progressing to change the website to a more up to date format after 9 years.

July 2014 – A letter to the Times before the church was built. January 2014 – Information about George Claridge Druce the Botanist who spend most of his childhood years in Yardley Gobion is now on line.

Find out about the changes to our water supply in the village during the first half of the twentieth century. Watertower

Mention of the old St Leonards chapel. Also fatal illness in the village in 1925.

All earlier additions are now on the MAIN menu above under Archived additions.

November 2013 –
The zoomable maps I have been working on are now available to view, as yet their are no working links these will hopefully appear in the new year.

November 2013 – 149 wills now complete, to continue with inventries WILLS INDEX

Monthly Programme for 2014


March 2013 – The DURRANT family of Yardley Gobion


Jan 2013 – More wills available in person search – New The HORTON family genealogy report- HORTONS

Monthly Programme for 2013

July 2012 – Many more wills added – surnames A -S.

June 2012 – 1911 census for Yardley Gobion now on the website, shortly to follow burial of cremated remains.

January 2012 – More details of Charles Weston’s steam ploughing engines


November 09 – We have finally found and added the will of Hannah Windmill, BADGE AND CERTIFICATE for the Land girls (Wartime activities) and an update to SWAIN-WILLEY (Masom relatives from USA).

August 09 – More wills have been added, look in the WILLS INDEX which will tell you which date block to look in.

May 09 – A will index has been added to help find your WILLS and see list of wills to be added in due course.

April 09 – A genealogical report showing the ancestors of the Atkins/Adkins that lived in Yardley Gobion during the 19th and 20th century. ATKINS / ADKINS . Another ten WILLS, Boswell, Brown (8), Harris. A short history of the CHESTNUT CLUB.

March 09 – Ten new wills added to WILLS, Bignall, Bland (2), Boswell, Browton, Brown (3), Killworth, Marsey, thanks to Sue & Rod for their work.

Congratulations to the History Group, the Website has now been on line for 3 years.

December 08 – Yardley Gobion village school, big changes – a NEW HEADMASTER then a NEWSCHOOL, then click on new school.

September 08 – Another 20 years of admissions to Yardley Gobion village school. Search the database – Family history/census database for your relatives. More migrants to Australia from Yardley Gobion & Grafton Regis, DAWSON / KIRK

May 08 – Photograph of 1928 SCHOOL FOOTBALL team. A unique MORRIS MEN photograph has been added. Details of the HORNER family that emigrated to Australia in 1848.

April 08 – Pictures added to Flora & fauna intro page showing the BEECH TREES that were at the top of the Slype. Small addition, 1910 newspaper report on Y G Brittania Prize BAND socialising. Look in Wartime Activities to see LOCAL LAND GIRLS.

March 08 – New pictures in SOCIAL also an intro to WI hoping for more, two additions to MORE WESTONS also two sets of pictures of the THREE BEECHES & ORCHARDS and BOMBER CRASH

Febuary 08 – An Addition to MORE WESTONS Brothers supply goods and services to the workhouse and Jemima Smith’s grandson marries a Weston. Pictures of steam ploughing engines similar to those used by Charles Weston at Moorend Farm.

January 08 – More than sixty years in the village ITALIAN P.O.W.

December 07 – click above on details of Monthly Meetings for programme of events for the year.

November 07 – The first part of the WESTON family and now the second & third. A new photograph with some names, help with these and corrections too. 1953 SCHOOL MAYDAY


October 07 – Two marriage registers for Potterspury now available in the database MARRIAGES 1799-1837 (As Yardley Gobion was part of the parish of Potterspury it is impossible to tell who are from Yardley and who from Potterspury.

September 07 – An addition to the Social activities of the village – THE ARCHERY CLUBS

August 07 – More about the MASOMS FROM THE U.S.A. The Swain Willey family.

Also a new picture, the BLUE WHEATON OR HARVEST PLUM alongside the Yardley plum

July 07 – Addition to the Census Datababase of POTTERSPURY BURIALS 1894-1945 where most Yardley Gobion burials took place until the 1920s.

June 07 – Relating all the SWAIN families in Yardley Gobion, a genealogical report.

May 07 – The Youth Club from the 1950’s and 1960’s. YOUTH CLUB There are also two new photos from the 1960’s SOCIAL ACTIVITIES

April 07 – More photos in CYCLE SPEEDWAY and a new section on the CORONATION with a variety of pictures.

March 07 – Additions to war section – EVACUEES

also photos and details of the CYCLE SPEEDWAY from the 1950’s


February 07 Now added to the family history section in the census database is the first marriage register for St Leonard’s church Yardley Gobion 1867 – 1930MARRIAGES

Another Lambert family – LAMBERT 4

January 07 – A terrible fire at Prospect House, the curate loses wife and child – CHURCH PEOPLE

also details of enclosure 1775 – ENCLOSURE

December 06 – The village builder, undertaker, & shopkeeper, the – SHAKESHAFT

A follow on to the recent display in the village church – Yardley in Wartime – WAR

October 06 – A third Lambert family from Marjorie Lambert – LAMBERT 3

A large Johnson family from Julie Isard-Brown – JOHNSON

What was or is the Yardley Plum? – YARDLEY PLUM

August 06 – A second Lambert family from Jenny O’Connell – LAMBERT 2

July 7th 06 At Last !! The first part of the Lambert history with its special book produced by Stan Turner for his family – LAMBERT

July 16th 06 – Also the – BONHAMS from Yardley Gobion in Australia

June 22nd 06The Forum is now set up for you.

If you wish to contact others who are researching similar Yardley Gobion families to you, go to Family History, then – HELP WANTED and sign in to the guest book and leave your message and wait for your replies.


May 3rd 06FIELD MAPS


Photos added to CENTENARY

Photos added to PRIZE BAND

May 16th 06 Additions to CHURCH and church build & burials.

New article about the Morris men from 1955 magazine MORRIS MEN

March 3rd 06 – Launch of the site.


Information required on the beginning of the Children’s centre, I have photographs but would like to have some text to add.  If you were one of those enthusiastic people involved in its inception I would love to hear from you.  The same applies to the Recreation Centre.

The building of the canal through the village.

Information required on the Toll Gate that was up on the Pury road near where the allotments are now. I have only a minute amount of information about this.

Village Halls:- Building and then closing of the Old Social Hall and the building of the Silver Jubilee Village Hall followed by the building of the New Recreation Hall.

The connection between the Hortons who have been living in the village up until just over a year ago and the farmers by the name of Horton who had Prospect house (High House) built in 1757. Have you been researching your family (Hortons) tree?

What were the youth up to in the last 60-70 years? This is the area where there are many people who can contribute their memories and often pictures to go with them, these are of great interest to many of their contemporaries.

The history and personages of the Congregational church (the chapel)..

The Public Houses of the village.

 If you have information on any of these topics or are prepared to do some research contact BRENDA