Will for Mary Horn 1844


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Mary Horn 1844

This is the last Will of me Mary Horn Widow and relict of John Horn late of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton deceased

Taking into Consideration that my married daughters Esther Sarah wife of John Lambert of Yardley Gobion in the County of Northampton and Harriet wife of Joseph Watts of Yardley aforesaid have already received their shares of my household furniture, I bequeath the remainder thereof to my natural daughter Maria Horn Nichols commonly known by the name of Maria Horn and now living as servant with the Reverend John Graham of Cosgrove aforesaid Clerk my Son Thomas and my son Henry to be equally divided among them. And as to the rest and residue of my personal estate I bequeath the same (after payment thereout of my debts funeral and testamentary Expenses and the expenses of carrying this my will into execution) to and among the said Maria Horn Nichols my said sons Thomas and Henry and my said other daughters Esther Sarah and Harriet one equal fifth part to each of them. And I appoint my said son Thomas and Thomas Theophilus Dawson of Cosgrove aforesaid Miller Executors of this my will and revoke all former wills heretofore made

Dated this seventh day of June one thousand eight hundred and forty two

The above was read over to the said Mary Horn in our joint presence and acknowledged by her to be her will and her name signed at the end thereby, the said John Graham in her presence and by her direction In attestation whereof we also in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names

Signed Mary Horn


John Graham Rector of Cosgrove

Elizabeth Graham

Henry Horton

Probate On the thirteenth day of July 1844 Thomas Horn of Hanslope in the County of Buckingham Farming Man, one of the Executors named in the above written Will of Mary Horn late of Yardley Gobion in the parish of Potterspury in the County of Northampton Widow deceased was then sworn well and faithfully to perform and fulfil the same And that the said Deceased at the time of her Death (which happened on the 13th day of January 1844) was not possessed of goods chattels and credits of the Value of five hundred and fifty Pounds (A Power being reserved for Thomas Theophilus Dawson the other Executor named therein when &c)

Before me

William Langston Scott


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