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We had a thriving Youth Club here in Yardley for many years, about 50 members, and used to meet in the Old Social. A full size billiard table was played on in one room, darts and table tennis.

Teenagers came here to join us from Deanshanger, Wicken, Leckampstead, Bradwell, Stony Stratford,Wolverton, Cosgrove also a couple of lads from Roade. I was secretary for a few years, but when we had to move from the Social to the school after a few years and we got older it started to fade out. We all got on well, no bad behaviour and everybody joined in to help. We organised a summer outing each year to Southend, and always had a Christmas party. I have no records of it just the photo of an outing. (See below.)

Barbara Flack (nee Rush) 2007

Youth Club outing to Southend


Names of all on the Youth Club outing

From the old youth Club scrapbbook it appears that in 1956 the club supplied some of the villagers with Christmas parcels. The letter below is an example of those included in the book. Others were from E Fincham, 17 High Street, Mrs J Tapp, 2 Budge Road, Mrs E Durrant, 1 Warren Road, Mrs R Nichols, 7 Hesketh Road, V Freemantle, 12 Hesketh Road, Hilda V Townsend, 4 Chestnut Road.

Thank you letter from J D Warren

Concerts were put on over several years and were enjoyed by those who took part as well as those who came to watch, this was the first, probably 1957 or 1958.

Programme for first Youth Club concert Robinson Crusoe 1959

Six pictures from Robinson Crusoe concert by Youth Club

The Company

M Edwards,C Covington, A Freemantle, D Edwards, P Tyrrell D Williams

G Swain, J Harris, J Clarke, A Freemantle

In the pot

Pat & Ann

Presentation to Terry

Another concert

Programme for concert One Degree Under

Christmas Pantomime Mother Goose 1960

Programme for Pantomime Mother Goose Christmas time 1960 – 1961

George and David Edwards

Chris Covington and Janet Clarke as the devil and the fairy.

Below are two newspaper reports at the time, I do not have the date or names of newspapers of these cuttings from the scrapbook.


Yardley Gobion Youth Club’s annual Christmas show in the Village Hall was for the second year running, a pantomime written and produced by the chairman of the members’ committee, Mr. T. Carroll.

The orchestra, Messrs.. T. And R. Carroll, L. Pittam, P. Taylor, R. Church and D. Williams, gave an excellent background to the story and the scenery painted by Messrs.. T. Carroll and V. Edwards with the colourful and and attractive costumes designed and made by by Mrs D. Davey, Mrs. D Edwards and Mrs V. Church, made a most pleasing spectacle.

Mother Goose, David Edwards, did well and the support of the broker’s men, Dennis Smith and Michael Tapp and Buttons, Eric Lambert, took full advantage of the opportunities for comedy and mime, especially in the cake-making sketch.

The singing was pleasing if at times a little inaudible, but the songs composed specially for the show were excellent. Lena Webb and Carole Church gave likeable performances as did the country girls, Margaret Leath, Charlotte Holmes, Vivienne Snoad, Susan and Angela Hodgkinson with their song and dance routine.


The Demon King, Christopher Covington, and the Fairy Queen, Janet Clarke, lived their parts, the latter being particularly appealing in the dainty fairy ballet with the tiny fairies, Molly Clarke and Julia Edwards.

Geoffrey Whitlock entertained with piano accordion. Others taking part were John and Alec Clarke, Billy Jones, Colin Tyrell, Michael Church, Michael Tyrell and Michael Edwards. The Goose was played by Georgie Edwards.

Mr A. Skinner was in charge of lighting and effects, R. Brown was prompter and M. Swain and P. Wareing assisted Mr.. V. Edwards in stage management.

Mr. R. Lawson, Youth Club leader, congratulated the cast and helpers and wished the company well on their tour of other villages.

Mr. E Dickens, hon. Secretary of the Village Hall Committee, thanked the players for the proceeds of the second of two packed houses, 10 guineas, which the Youth Club had given to the village hall new floor fund.


Youth Club pantomime at Yardley

Yet another in the successful series of pantomimes presented by the Yardley Gobion Youth Club was held in the Village Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The choice this year was “Mother Goose”, and once again it was not only a most entertaining venture, but another personal triumph for 24 year old Terry Carroll, who wrote and produced the pantomime, composed some of the songs, and led the orchestra.

There was plenty to laugh at in the original script and three of the best songs were Terry’s, “We’re riding high”, If we had a golden egg”, and “We’ll never drift apart.”

The cast was much younger than usual, the majority of those taking part being still at school. Lena Webb as Jill and Carole Church as Jack took the leading roles, with very good support from the fairy and the devil, Janet Clarke and Christopher Coving ton. Christopher even made his own costume.

David Edwards as Mother Goose led the fun, and his slapstick comedy with two inappropriately named bailiff’s men Claude Short (Dennis Smith) and Herman Longfellow (Michael Tapp) had everyone laughing.

Though he had nothing to say during the whole performance, George Edwards gave a splendid portrayal of Henrietta the Goose. Geoffrey Whitlock with his piano accordion was the minstrel, and other parts were taken by Margaret Leath, Charlotte Holmes, Vivienne Snoad, Susan and Angela Hodgkinson, Billy Jones, Colin Tyrrell, Eric Lambert, Alex Clarke, John Clarke, Michael Church, Michael Tyrrell, Michael Edwards, Julia Edwards and Molly Clarke.The choreography was by Daphne Edwards, scenery by Vic Edwards and Terry Carroll, lighting and special effects by Mr. Alf Skinner, stage management by Vic Edwards, Paul Wareing and Martin Swain. Mrs. Church and Mrs. Davey were responsible for most of the costumes. Mr. R. Lawson was the treasurer and door stewards on the first night were Mr. E. Dickens (secretary of the Village Hall) and Mr. L. Dickens.

Music was supplied by Terry Carroll and his band, with Terry at the piano, Rod Carroll, Les Pittam, Peter Taylor, Roy Church and Dave Williams.


Helpers, the band and people enjoying themselves. (Ban the bomb was all the fashion.)

Les Dickens, Keith Rock, Bill Lambert,  ——-  Kightley,           Ern Dickens

Hilda Kightley, ——- Dickens, —– Horton


Thanks to Rosemary Weston for preserving the scrapbook with all the concert information and pictures.

If you have memories of taking part in the concerts or other Youth Club activities please email me. BRENDA

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