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Bletchley Park before the War

Before the important codebreaking work carried out at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, Bletchley Park was the home of a wealthy stockbroker, Herbert Samuel Leon and his wife Fanny.

In many ways it was typical of an English country estate of the period.

You can investigate this period by clicking on the appropriate subject below. Our research has been aided by the memories of the late Mrs. Minnie Perkins - Daughter of H. S. Leon's valet.

1,Herbert Samuel Leon (1850 - 1926)
2,Fanny Leon (1860 - 1937)
3,The Staff
4,The Farm
5,The Calf Club
6,The Cricket Club
7,The Annual Show
8,The sale of the estate in 1937

Some pages contain audio recordings of Mrs Perkins talking about various aspects of life at Bletchley Park in the early years of the Twentieth Century there may be a short delay whilst these download.

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