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Vulnerability to Change

The significant buildings of Wolverton and associated open spaces:-

The significant buildings of Wolverton and associated open spaces

Building History

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Bushfield School
Moon Street

Built in 1906 by Bucks County Council. Designed by Ley, Kirkham & Partners of Bishopsgate London as Secondary School for North Bucks. Substantially altered and unsympathetic additions from 1960’s onwards. Its setting as a result is also eroded. Grounds vulnerable to development
Former Market Hall, originally School
Creed Street

Built in 1839 as a school by the Railway Company. Added to in 1857. Used as market hall from 1907 onwards until late 1970s when use changed to office premises. Has been acquired by Town Council for community use including library More internal changes with change of use
Former Reading Room 2 storey building with large sash windows adjacent to canal. Built as first educational facility by the Railway Company and used as a school and Wesleyan chapel. Later converted to railway workshops (Sewing Room) 1839 Part of Triangle complex but not listed in own right. Derelict.
Former Wesleyan Chapel
Church Street

Gothic chapel with tower (spire cut down) Built in 1892 by Ewan Harper of Birmingham. Church and Sunday School originally, 1940’s removal of railings ( but gates survive). Cutting down of unusual openwork stone spire (1960s) and demolition of rear Sunday School building for Foyer building (1990s) Empty, decaying. Future use uncertain. Need to restore missing details.
( former St George’s Institute)

Creed Street

Former Church Institute with first floor theatre/hall approached by external staircase. Built in 1908 by Charles Marriott Oldrid Scott. Change of ownership in 1970’s to house youth arts centre. Lowering of external walls. Overlooked for listing (believed to have already been listed). Vulnerable to change of use - building does not meet public disability access requirements
Methodist Church, West End,
Church St
Built 1907
Former Boys’ School, now Nursery
Church Street

Single storey school building set in playground bounded by original railings. Built by Railway Company in 1896 as Boys’ School, now Nursery School. Substantially unaltered - some interior changes

Listed Grade 2. At present in good condition
Parish Church of St George the Martyr First church sponsored by a Railway Company for its works town in 1843. Extensions in 1895 and 1902 Potentially at risk because of falling congregation
St Francis de Sales Church
Radcliffe Street

Modest Gothic Church. Nave and chancel in one. Altar faces north. Built in 1867. Architect unknown. Possibly combined schoolroom and church at the outset. 1960’s new entrance porch in contrasting white brick Unlisted. Subject to changing fashions in church ordering
Wyvern School
Aylesbury Street

Tall 2 storey school building of great prominence complete with original railings and ancillary buildings. Built in 1906 by Bucks County Council. Architect Messrs Harrington,Ley Kerkham & Partners of 65 Bishopsgate St Without , London. New dining block built in 1980s in playground. False ceilings installed in classrooms in 1980s Poor maintenance. Dwarf walls under railings in very poor state. Change of use if ceases to be school