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Vulnerability to Change

The significant buildings of Wolverton and associated open spaces:-

The significant buildings of Wolverton and associated open spaces -

Building History Key Issues

Former Royal Train Shed Unusually long and wide and grand railway lifting shop in exceptionally prominent site. Designed by Works Supt. C.A.Park in 1889 as Lifting Shop, latterly served as storage place for Royal Train Listed Grade 2. Derelict (same as Triangle). Impressive principal interior needs to be retained as single space, which may make finding a new use difficult - ideally used in relation to Railway Heritage.
Former Weighbridge Office
Junction of McConnell Drive/Church St
Single storey building facing site of second station. Built in mid to late 19th century Derelict. Slate roof stolen. Vulnerable to vandalism and to demolition in development of Wolverton
Former Works Training School, converted from Works Laundry, now retail premises
Glyn Square

Former railway workshop (built 1896) converted with new front block to Works Apprentice Training School (1954). 1990s change to retail unit. Vulnerable to changes of use
Mc Corquodale's Printing Works
Stratford Road
Single storey factory
1912 extension to Envelope Factory. Extended 1924
Change of use with demise of business - imminent
Railway Canal Bridge 171C Cast iron beamed bridge - at least 1 beam bears inscription 'Butterley & Co.'
1834-5 designed by Robert Stephenson
Invisible above track level . Poor maintenance. Loss of railings
Railway canal bridge 171E Cast iron beams spanning canal 1865 Not easily seen
Poor maintenance

Railway Works - working and empty buildings (The Shops) Single storey gabled train workshops - top and side lit.
Built earliest 1865 to late c19th and early c20th as carriage workshops - various specialisms
Unlisted. Some (particularly those at the west end -i.e the earliest) may need individual listing. Need inspection for significance.
The Triangle - former railway workshops Imposing single storey workshop of high quality brickworks facing former main line to the west and canal to east. Infill in late c19th
Built as locomotive workshop in 1846, extended 1850 and later c19th century
Derelict and vulnerable to vandalism. Conversion needs to bear in mind history
Water Tower
Green Lane

Water tower (last surviving) that supplied the town until installation of mains supply
Built c1890
Low maintenance. Change of use (Last tower demolished and replaced with modern house)