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Northampton Mercury 24 April 1852


ARITHMETICAL QUESTION NOT TO BE FOUND BONNYCASTLE.—How many potatoes be put into a quart pot?  At the Pea Hen, Castlethorpe, we lately saw this problem solved to the tune of above nine hundred.

MERRY MEETING “THE BOYS."—The other day, accidentally taking “their ease" and their half-pint at “their inn," Castlethorpe (to which small parish they all belong), were assembled five youths, whose united ages amounted to 369 years! They were unanimous in the conclusion, that they were fairly entitled to the appellation of “boys"—partly because of their gaieté de cœur, and partly because they were not of an age to work; one, of them, however (about 75) is independent of parochial aid. and earns his livelihood. The other four are on the Union. All this interesting re-union (chance meeting as it was), seemed to feel with poet in Leigh Hunt's Tatler: —

" Hurrah who was e'er gay,
As merry folks to-day?

*    *    *   *   *
But come,—why do loiter here !
Boy! go get some small beer ;
Quick ! 'twill make our blood run quicker,
And drown the devil pain in liquor.
March so cold almost past,
April will be here at last.
And May must come,
When bees do hum.
And summer over cold victorious ;
Hurrah ! 'tis a prospect glorious ! —
Meat! small beer ! and warmer weather;
Come boys, let's be mad together!"

Northampton Mercury 31 July 1852

At the rent audit a few days since held at the Peahen-inn, Castlethorpe, the Lincoln Corporation returned 12¾ per cent. (corn rent) to their respective tenants at Hanslope and Castlethorpe.

Northampton Mercury 14 October 1854

On Monday last, at Castlethorpe, by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, vicar, Mr. John Ayers, of Thorpe Wharf, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Richard Soden, of Castlethorpe.

Northampton Mercury 27 August 1864

MARRIAGES. At Castlethorpe on the 18th inst., by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, Mr. P. W. Pringle, of Wolverton, to Fanny, youngest daughter of Mr. Richard Soden, of the former place.

Northampton Mercury 04 February 1865

DEATHS. At Castlethorpe, on the 26th ult. Martha, the beloved wife of Mr. Richard Soden, aged 63 years.

Northampton Mercury March 24 1865


Has received instructions from Mr. Soden, of the PEAHEN
INN, CASTLETHORPE, very shortly to offer

HIS LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, and the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Goods and Chattels, particulars of which will appear in future advertisements, and Catalogues be prepared. Stony Stratford March 23rd 1865

Northampton Mercury 08 April 1865

CASTLETHORPE, Bucks. Mr. DURHAM Has received instructions from Mr. Soden, of the Peahen Inn, Castlethorpe, very shortly to offer FOR SALE BY AUCTION, HIS LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, and the HOUSEHOLD FUBNITURE, Goods and Chattels, particulars of which will appear in future advertisements, and Catalogues be prepared. Stony Stratford, March 23rd, 1865.

Northampton Mercury 15 April 1865

Household FURNITURE, &c, &c.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18th and 19th, 1865, on the Premises of Mr. Soden, who is retiring from business.

THE FARM STOCK comprises single and double couples, 12 ewe tegs, barren ewes, well-bred tup, in-calf and milch cows, 5 very useful cart horses and mares, sows and pigs, fowls and ducks, excellent broad wheel carts, ploughs, scuffler, iron hoe, harness, ladders, &c, the whole of which will be sold on the 18th instant.
The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprises the usual kitchen, parlour, and bed-room furniture, most excellent feather beds, bedding, blankets, &c. old china, glass, &c, &c,
Catalogues of which will be prepared, and may be had on the Premises ; the Cock Hotel, Stony Stratford; of Mr. Walford, Bookseller; or at the Office of Mr. Durham, Auctioneer, &c, &c.
The Sale will commence on the 18th at Twelve o'clock, and on the 19th at Eleven o'clock.

Northampton Mercury 16 May 1874

FOUR excellent CART HORSES, capital assortment of
HARNESS, and other Effects,

On TURSDAY next, 21st MAY, 1874, on the Farm Premises at CASTLETHORPE, in the county of Buckingham, by order of Mr. RICHARD COLEMAN (who is leaving).

THE Implements, &c., comprise three capital iron-arm carts, with gearing; water cart, three sets of thiller harness, four sets of trace ditto, G.O. tackle, a six-horse iron scuffler, iron cultivator, by Smith ; iron horse-hoe, by Coleman ; iron ploughs, by Howard and Ball; two sets of iron harrows, one set wood ditto, capital iron field roll, reaping machine, Hornsby ; six-coulter steer drill, with seed box and clover sieves; winnowing machine, by Clarke; patent weighing machine, by Avery; combined oat and bean mill, by Ransome and Simms; three turnip cutters, by Gardner; two knife chaff machine, by Richmond and Chandler ; iron sack barrow, bushel and strickle, barn tackle, sheep cribs on wheels ; cow cribs, sheep troughs, iron and wood pig ditto, ladders, quantity of sacks, three rick poles, hurdles, corn bins, iron hand drags, forks, rakes, and various other Effects. Also, four excellent Cart Horses, quiet, and good workers. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock.

Northampton Mercury 04 July 1874

VESSELS, GIG, and other Effects,

On MONDAY NEXT, JULY 6TH, 1874, on the Premises, the Carrington Arms Inn, Castlethorpe, in the county of Buckingham, by order of Mr. Richard Coleman (who is leaving), the following


COMPRISING mahogany four-post bedsteads, with furnitures ; iron French ditto, palliasses, feather and flock beds, bolsters and pillows, mahogany wardrobe, mahogany chests of drawers, marble top and painted washing and dressing tables, chamber services, dressing glasses, towel horses, oak and painted linen chests, mahogany night commode, child's cot, bed-room chairs, carpets, moreen window curtains, etc. two mahogany dining tables, mahogany Pembroke ditto, six mahogany chairs, in hair ; couch, in ditto; two mahogany card tables, chimney glass, in gilt frame 21- day timepiece, under glass shade, engravings and prints, china dessert service, 28 pieces breakfast service, blue and white dinner service, 170 pieces ; six china plates, set of plated cruets, tea and coffee pots, six pairs' cut decanters, water bottles, custard cups, tumblers, wine glasses, celery and pickle glasses, sandwich tray, mahogany cornice pole, copper tea-urn, carpets and hearth-rugs, 18 and elbow Windsor chairs, American clock, dinner bell, white-handled knives and forks, set of block-tin meat covers, milk pans, cream tin, butter kiver and boards, milk buckets, two doz. churn, scales and weights, fenders and fire-irons, turbot kettle, iron boilers, saucepans, tin ware, wash tray and form, wheelbarrow, useful Gig, and various other Effects.
Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock.

Northampton Mercury 19 June 1875

COUNTY COURT, FRIDAY, JUNE 11th - Before J. Whigham, Esq-. Judge April, 1869.-
J. R. Wilmer v. Richard Coleman.— Mr. Stimson for defendant—The claim was for 7s. 9d.—The plaintiff is agent to the Imperial Fire Office, and the defendant was formerly a tenant of Lord Carrington's at Castlethorpe, who has agreement with all his tenants that they should pay the policies as they became due. Defendant rented under his lordship for ten years, for seven of which he paid the amount of the policies, as required. At the expiration of that time he alleged that the property was out of repair, and told Mr. Wilmer that he did not intend to pay any more premiums until something was done to it, but requested Mr. Wilmer to keep the policies all right for him, by which the plaintiff understood him to mean that he was to pay the sums as they became due, and the defendant would repay him—hence the present action —Mr. Wilmer supported his evidence by the production of letter in which defendant stated that he would see the matter righted.— The defendant contended that such a construction ought not to have been put upon his letter, and also that he ought not to have been charged with a new policy, which he did not order; and further that he had been charged the rates and taxes for five or six years upon premises in the occupation of Mrs. Wilkinson.—His Honour directed the plaintiff to be nonsuited.

Census 1881 - Carrington Arms - Emma Jane Varney - single - aged 32 - Pub Hotel Keeper
Northampton Mercury 18 September 1891

Near Stony Stratford.

Comprising mahogany dining tables, chairs, seven octave pianoforte in walnut, plated tea and dessert spoons, lamps, dinner ware, mantel and toilet glasses, carpets, washstands and ware, bedsteads, feather beds, palliasses [straw mattress], chests drawers, clocks, large case stuffed birds, numerous kitchen dairy utensils, churn, &c. &c.


Chaff cutter, winnowing machine, and other implements, &c,
GEO. BENNETT and SONS, on the Premises,
on Monday, September 28th, 1891, by
direction of Miss VARNEY, who is leaving. The whole will sold for cash.
Sale commence Twelve o'clock.

The "Carrington Arms" is about three minutes walk from Castlethorpe Station (L. and N.-W.Ry.) Catalogues may be obtained at the place sale, or from the Auctioneers, Buckingham.

Northampton Mercury 27 November 1891


The Court Leet of the Manors of Hanslope and Castlethorpe, which Mr. C. W. Powell, Newport Pagnell, is steward, was held at the Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe, on Tuesday. After the business the jury and tenants sat down to a capital dinner, provided the expense of the Lord of the Manor (Mr. E. H. Watts).

Court Leet: a yearly or half-yearly court of record that the lords of certain manors held.

Northampton Mercury 24 September 1897

Stony Stratford Divisional Petty Sessions, Friday. Before Mr. A. Grant-Thorold (chairman) and the Rev. Willes —Joseph Henry Groves, licensed victualler, Castlethorpe, was charged with being drunk on licensed premises, at Castlethorpe, on September 2nd. Mr. C C. Becke, of Northampton, appeared for the  defendant who pleaded not guilty, and Mr. W. R. Parrott, Stony Stratford, watched the case behalf of Lord Carrington, the owner of the house. Sergeant Harrowell stated that he called at the Carrington Arms about twelve o'clock on the day in question, and saw the defendant asleep in the bar. He woke him and found that he was drunk. P.C. Sismey called at the house at 1.15 p.m. and saw the defendant drunk in the bar. Mr. Becke submitted that if a technical offence was committed, it was not of a serious nature. Fined 10s. and costs, 13s.

Northampton Mercury 31 December 1897

Petty Sessions, the Duke of Grafton, Mr. A. Grant-Thorold and Mr. T. Byam Grounds.— On the application of Mr. W. R. Parrott, a holdover of the licence of the Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe, was granted to Mr. A. Masterman, of Newport Pagnell.

Northampton Mercury 31 December 1897

Three miles from Stony Stratford and five from Newport Pagnell.
Fine-tone PIANOFORTE, in Walnut Case ;
Also, small Rick of superior Meadow HAY, Chestnut
PONY, Spring TRAP, nearly-new DOG CART
FARM CART. Sets of HARNESS, Lady's
BICYCLE, and other miscellaneous Effects.
premises as above,
On Monday, January 10th, 1898,
by direction of Mr. J. H. Groves, who is leaving.
 Sale to commence 10.50 o'clock prompt.
Fully described in Catalogues, to obtained at
the Auctioneers' Offices, Buckingham.

Census 1901 -Carrington Arms - Arthur Masterman - aged 34 - Licened Victualler - born U.S.A.

Northampton Mercury 29 March 1901

CASTLETHORPE.—Parish Council Election (five seats).—Charles Whiting. 55; James Pain, 51; Arthur Masterman, 50; John Luing, 47; Edward Richardson, 39 (elected); John Olney, jun., 37; Samuel Baugh 9.

Northampton Mercury 12 April 1901

Betting Men Charged with Theft. —Charles Herbert Smith (33), 39. Althorp-street, Far Cotton, and John Clarke (30), Victoria-gardens, described as betting men, were charged with stealing about eight p.m. on the 11th inst., from London and North-Western Railway train at the Castle Station, two gentlemen's mackintoshes, value £3 10s., the property of the London and North-Western Railway Company. Prisoners were further charged with receiving the mackintoshes well-knowing them to have been previously stolen. —Edward Chapman, a porter at the Castle Station, said that he saw two mackintoshes on the rack of first-class compartment of the six o'clock from Euston, and subsequently saw Clarke in the compartment hand one of the mackintoshes to Smith and take one himself. Afterwards he learned that the mackintoshes had been left in the train by gentlemen who left it at Castlethorpe. He spoke to defendants, who said that the mackintoshes belonged to them.—Sergeant Leatherland deposed that when he saw Smith with reference to the mackintoshes Smith said that the one he had was given to him by a man he did not know. Later on said that Clarke took the mackintoshes. When he saw Clarke he said that Smith had told lies about the matter. Prisoners were formally charged at the station, and made no reply. Only one of the mackintoshes had been recovered. Charles Whiting and Arthur Masterman, Castlethorpe, deposed to leaving their mackintoshes in the train at Castlethorpe. That recovered belonged to Whiting.—Prisoners were remanded until Monday, bail being refused. —Detective-Superintendent Copping, the Chief of the London and North- Western Railway Company's Police, watched the case on behalf of the company.

Census 1911 - Carrington Arms - Arthur Masterman- aged 44 - Licenced Victualler - Born New York U.S.A.

Northampton Mercury 21 June 1929

STONY STRATFORD PETTY; SESSIONS Friday.— Before Mr. S. F. Jones (in the chair), .Mr. A. Sharp, Mr. H. T. F. Weston, C.C., Mr. S. H. Wheeldon, Mr. C. Woollard, Mr. A. Jeffs, and Lieut.-Col. L. C. Hawkins, C.C.


Messrs. Hopcraft and Norris, brewers, Brackley, applied for permission for certain alteration to the Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe, which involved the conversion of the existing stables into a  clubroom,—The application was granted.

Northampton Mercury 20 September 1929


A NEW LODGE of the R.A.O.B. [Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes] was opened on Saturday evening, at Castlethorpe, under the title of the Castle Lodge 6771. The charter was read by the Provincial Grand Secretary, Bro. W. R. Hill. K.O.M., and the ceremony was conducted by Bro. W. T. Knight, K.O.M. There were 65 registered visitors, including brethren of the lodges at Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, New Bradwell, and other places in the North Bucks Province. New members were initiated and several gave in their names as affiliated Bro. W. Fossey presided at the pianoforte for the musical portions of the evening.

Northampton Mercury 10 March 1939

Plans for structural alterations to the New Inn, Bradwell, the Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe, and the Locomotive Hotel, Old Wolverton, were approved and the licences renewed.

Northampton Mercury 14 July 1950


A CASTLETHORPE licensee who supplied five of his customers with intoxicants after permitted hours was fined £5 by Stony Stratford Magistrates.
The five customers were each fined £1.
Defendants were John Trace, of the Carrington Arms, Reginald West, Albert E. Pittam, Frederick L. Keeves, William Thomas Scripps, and John William Hill, all Castlethorpe.
They were all represented by Mr. A. Marchant (Bletchley) and pleaded not guilty.
West and Pittam did not attend court. Sergt. B. Gee told how he and P.C. Clarke heard voices and entered the Carrington Arms at 11.10 p.m. on Saturday, June 3. On the counter were three glasses of beer. Trace was behind the counter, and drew two more glasses and placed them in front of defendants.


“He looked up, rather surprised,” said witness, “and there was a pause. I said, ‘What’s going on here?’ and Trace said, ‘It’s all right Sergeant it’s all on me.’”
Trace on oath, said that on that particular day there had been a pony race at Hanslope, and there was a good crowd in the public-house that night.
At 10.30 p.m. he called time but five defendants stayed and cleared the glasses from the yard and tap room. At about 11 o’clock he gave them a half-pint each. “They were helping me to clear up,” he said.

Northampton Mercury 24 August 1951


A large party of blind workers from the factory in Gray-street, Northampton, visited the Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe, at the kind invitation of Mr and Mrs. Jack Trace.
They spent a very enjoyable evening playing darts and the blind darts team won 5-1. Some blind persons also played cards and dominoes.
Free drinks and snacks were provided by special efforts made by the customers of the Inn.

Group in the Buff Room at the Carrington Arms c1952

Back Row left to right: George Coe, Harry Jones, Will Stones, Frank Murray, Becky Whiting, Mrs. Frank Mills, Charlie Bywater, Tom Carpenter, George Cowley, Bill Woodward.
2nd Row left to right: Charlie Cook, George Checkley, Mrs. Evans, Miss Annie Gregory, Mrs. Royal Stones, Harriet Limbrey, Kate Carpenter, Clara Bywater, Mrs. Wakelin, Elizabeth Gobby, Mrs. Jasper Green, Charlie Harding, Ada Harding
Front Row seated left to right: Mrs.Cowley, Bob Holt, Mr. Wakelin, Mrs Murray, Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Slade, Mrs. Jack Rainbow, Bill Ward, Bill Woodward, Mrs. Scott, Mrs Newman ( oldest lady present). Mrs. Charlie Cook, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Annie Walker, Miss Mary Arrowsmith, Mrs. Walter Mills, Miss Helen Holt. Johnnie Cowley.

Northampton Mercury 02 January 1953

DEATHS: POWELL. On Dec. 28, at 111, Buccleuch-street, Kettering, aged 74 years. Frederick John beloved husband of Sissie Powell, formerly of Carrington Arms, Castlethorpe.

Carrington Arms Outing
Centre front: (right of three) Dennis Pittam, Frank Sawbridge, Norman West, Fred Lane, unknown, Cyril Pittam, unknown
The group have stopped for refreshments on the way to the races