Castlethorpe Ambulance Teams

Northampton Mercury 18 February 1949

CASTLETHORPE TEAM with the shield they won in British Railways (No 2 District) ambulance competitions, thereby breaking the hold Wolverton had had on the trophy since 1935.
Left to right: F. Pateman, L. Robinson, (captain), A. C. Nichols, (Coach), W. G. Taylor and J. Green.


The first day of No. 2 District Ambulance Competition, held in the Semilong Working Men’s Club. St. Andrew’s-road. Northampton, saw Wolverton “A” team holders of the ambulance shield, beaten by Castlethorpe.
This is the first time since the shield was presented in 1935 that Wolverton have not been the winners. Six teams took part in yesterday’s division 1 competition, and the final placings were; Castlethorpe, Wolverton “A.” “ B.” “C.” Luton, and Bletchley. The first two will now go on to the preliminaries of the inter-district competition to be held at Derby in March.
Prizes were presented by Mr. A. E. Peters, works superintendent at Wolverton.
A special presentation was made to Mr. J. O. Iboll, who has been connected with ambulance work for 48 years.
The presentation was in the form of a wallet and money subscribed members of the No. 2 district, and a watch from the district secretaries of the L.M.R. The competition judges were Dr. W. E. Fildes of Wolverton. Dr. D Bull, of Northampton, and Dr. J. B. L Tombleson of Stony Stratford.
On Wednesday Northampton “A” took the second Division Shield with Wolverton “D” as runners-up. Final placings were; Northampton “A,” 248½ out of maximum of 250. Wolverton 238½. Wellingborough 222. Northampton ’”B” 216. Bedford “B”  213½. and Bedford “A " 204.
Northampton “A” also won the reserve prize, with Wellingborough and Wolverton second and third. Mr. B. G. Gadd, of Bedford, presented prizes to the winners and runners-up.

Castlethorpe 1949 Winning Ambulance Team Standing: W. Taylor (from Hanslope), A. C. Nichols, C. Hopkins, Sitting: Frederick William Pateman (Castlethorpe stationmaster), Len Robinson (Capt.) , Ernest Green
Castlethorpe 1949 Winning Ambulance Team

Standing: W. Taylor (from Hanslope), A. C. Nichols, C. Hopkins,
Sitting: Frederick William Pateman (Castlethorpe stationmaster), Len Robinson (Capt.) , Ernest Green

The Wolverton Express, 4th March 1949



Rugby District Railway

Competition Won Ten

Consecutive Years

The village of Castlethorpe was in the news last week with the success of its ambulance team in winning the railway Executive L.M.R. No. 2 District Competition at Northampton. This success was noteworthy seeing that this competition had been won every year since 1926 by Wolverton. Prior to that year Castlethorpe competed in the Rugby district and were winners ten years in succession.
The history of the ambulance movement at Castlethorpe dates back seventy years, and one of its first members is still living-and at Castlethorpe.
He is 90-year-old Mr. John Olney, who resides in New Road and is cared for by his daughter. He is still well and hearty for one of such a great age.
A “Wolverton Express” reporter chatted with him last Saturday about ambulance work in the “nineties. “We practised out in the field in the summer and in the winter our chief venue was the railway station waiting-room-with a big fire. Col William Bull, of Stony Stratford (father of Dr. Douglas Bull, J.P.) took the most interest in us”, said Mr. Olney, who added this humorous story:
“I well remember him examining me once. He told me that a man had put a chisel through his hand and that blood was spurting up in the air, and instead of me tackling the job I looked up in the air to see where the blood was going.”
Mr. Olney was in the team for 20 years and competed at Bletchley and Rugby, being first on one occasion.
“Ambulance work was not treated as seriously as it is now”, he commented.

Stalwarts of Ambulance Work

Castlethorpe can boast of an excellent record in railway ambulance competitions. For ten successive years when competing in the Rugby District the same team were winners, viz., Messrs. J. Rainbow (captain), C. Harding, W. Woodward, H. Dolling, and J. Green. Mr. C. Bywaters, a former stationmaster at Castlethorpe, was then secretary, and he is now living in retirement in the village. Another stalwart is Mr. Tom Powell, of Hanslope. Former captains of the team, were Mr. Homer now living at Wolverton, Mr. J. Lewin, Mr. H. Rainbow (now of Dunster), Mr. J. Rainbow, Mr. C. Harding. It is “third time lucky” for Mr. Len Robinson, as it was his third year in the captaincy.

Castlethorpe's "Blakesley" Cup Team Left to right: C. Bywaters, H. Dolling, J. Green J. Rainbow (capt.), C. Harding, J. E. Green
Castlethorpe's "Blakesley" Cup Team
Left to right: C. Bywaters, H. Dolling, J. Green,
J. Rainbow (capt.), C. Harding, J. E. Green
Castlethorpe have appeared in ten railway finals, but have never carried off premier honours, their nearest position being third under the captaincy of the late Mr. J. Rainbow. Success included the North Bucks Ambulance Cup, and the Blakesley (Bartholomew) Cup, the latter being presented by a director of the railway company, and a police ambulance competition two years running at Rugby, and the Nuneaton Cup. Last year, at Derby, in the railway competition Castlethorpe came fourth, and were a place lower at Belle Vue, Manchester, to Wolverton, the winners. They won the Aidan Crawley Cup at Bletchley at the Labour Party’s annual rally. Castlethorpe’s stationmaster, Mr. F. W. Pateman, is a member for the successful team.

Trainer Won Empire Cup

The team (Messrs. L. Robinson, F. W. Pateman, W. G. Taylor, J. E. Green, and C. Hopkins) train twice a week, once at Castlethorpe and once at Wolverton. They attribute their success to a great extent to their expert trainers, Mr. H. Dolling (at Castlethorpe) and Mr. A. Nicholl (at Wolverton). The latter was a member of Wolverton’s successful team prior to the war. He had the distinction of being in the team when it carried all before it in ambulance work. That was in 1937, when Wolverton won seven premier competitions, the crowning success being the Empire contest against teams from South Africa, Canada, Australia, Irish Free State, and Hong Kong. Mr. Nicholls was doubly honoured by being awarded the Earl of Scarborough’s Cup for the best individual work in that competition. The town then being made each member of the team a gift of a silver watch in appreciation of their outstanding achievement.
Castlethorpe members also owe thanks to Mr. Tom Gregory, who has been their patient in practices.
The team goes to Derby in March full of confidence for further railway competitions.

The Wolverton Express March 10th 1911



The annual competition open to the London and North Western Railway teams, in what is known as the Rugby District, to decide which team should represent the District in the final for the London and North Western Railway Company’s challenge Shield, took place at the Co-operative Hall on Tuesday. Ten teams entered, and the Examiners were Captain Orton (Coventry), Chief Superintendent Gilbert, and Superintendent Hawkins (Birmingham); and the result as follows:

1. Rugby (Loco and Carriage Dept.) 229½
2. Rugby (Telegraph Dept.) 227½
3. Castlethorpe 226
4. Nuneaton 210½
5. Peterborough 209½
6. Colwick 198
7. Loughborough 185½
8. Northampton (Bridge Street) 167½
9. Weedon 146
10. Rugeley 142

The prize for the best individual work went to A. Gent, of the Rugby Telegraph Department team.

Northampton Mercury 15 March 1912


The annual competition for the Rugby District, attached to the L. and N.W. Railway Company Ambulance Brigade. Was held on Tuesday, Six reams competed, representing Castlethorpe, Rugby (2), Northampton, Nuneaton, and Colwick (Nottingham) Amongst those present during the competition were Mr. W. B. Farr (chief engineer, Northampton), Mr. A. Boyce (district goods superintendent, Rugby), and Mr. and Miss Topham (Lutterworth). Castlethorpe were declared winners with a score of 201 points.

Northampton Mercury 14 March 1913

Ambulance Contest

Castlethorpe Team: C. Harding, J. H. Green, T. Powell, J. Rainbow, L. Marsh, and A. Dittam.
The highest possible marks were 410, and the teams were placed in the following order:

First: Castlethorpe with 287 marks.

Northampton Mercury 13 March 1914


The Castlethorpe team performed very smartly in the district competition for the London and North-Western Railway’s Ambulance trophy, at Northampton, Tuesday, and beating Rugby by 42 points qualified for the final. The result was:—
1. Castlethorpe 214 marks.
2. Rugby 172  
3. Coventry 171
4. Northampton  169 
5. Colwick . 163  
6. Weedon 159
7. Nuneaton 151 
8. Hallaton 128
9. Tamworth 122½
The number of marks possible was 300. Mr. T. Reading won the individual Competition 37 marks out of 40, and Mr. Aliband, Weedon, was given a special prize.
Assistant Commissioner Dr. W. E. Audland judged the squad test. Deputy Commissioner T. H. Woolston was the judge the individual work, and Chief Superintendent W. Harvey Reeves conducted the viva voce examinations.
At the conclusion of the competitions Mr. R. S. Skillington, the District Goods Manager, took the chair, and Mrs. W. B. Farr, the wife of the District Engineer, presented the prizes to the Rugby and Coventry teams, and to the individual winners. As Castlethorpe have qualified for the final they do not receive an award as district winners. Mrs. Farr presented Mr. C. W. Bartholomew’s silver medallions Camden Town and bronze ones to Castlethorpe.

Northampton Mercury 19 March 1920

The annual Ambulance competitions, arranged in connection with the Northampton and Rugby District of the L. and N.W. Railway, were revived at the V.A.D. Headquarters, King-street, on Tuesday after a lapse five years. Eight teams competed from Castlethorpe, Coventry, Colwick, Nottingham, Northampton (Castle). Northampton (Bridge), Nuneaton, and Tamworth,
The results for the district were as follows: 1 Castlethorpe (313 out of a possible 400). Individual prize (for best ambulance man in the District), J. H. Green, Castlethorpe.

Northampton Mercury 23 July 1920


On Saturday, by kind invitation of Sir Herbert Leon, the Inter-District L. and N.W. Railway St. John Ambulance Competition for Bartholomew Challenge Cup took place in Bletchley Park.
The judges were Dr R. Corbett Fletcher (London). Dr Robertson (London), and Mr. W. Bradbrook (Bletchley, acting for Dr. Hoskyn, Rugby). Nine teams competed, and the judges’ award of merit was as follows —1 Wolverton, 330½ marks; 2 Broadstreet ; 327 3 Castlethorpe, 322 ; 4 Northampton (Bridge-street), 299; 5 Haydn-square, 297 ; 6 Nuneaton, 292 ; Willesdon, 283; Northampton (Castle), 281; 9 Euston, 267.

Northampton Mercury 11 March 1921


The annual ambulance competitions of the Rugby district, arranged by the London and North-Western Railway Company, were held at the Northampton Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Teams competed from various parts of England, and rivalry was keen. The Mayor of Northampton (Councillor W. Harvey Reeves, O.B. E.), Assistant County Director of the Northamptonshire V.A.D. Ambulance, and Dr. H. F. Percival were the judges, and Mr. J. Bannister (District Secretary, Rugby) and an energetic committee were responsible for the excellent arrangements. The competitions lasted all day, and were very interesting, including stretcher tests, individual work, and written examination papers. Nine teams competed for the London and North-Western Railway Challenge, the final contest for which will take place at Manchester in April. The results for this contest were: 1 Castlethorpe (228½ marks). Nottingham (206½). Northampton Castle (196), Weedon (185), Daventry (180). Nuneaton (178), Northampton Bridge-street (178), Tamworth (150½), and (139).
The Mayoress (Mrs. Harvey Reeves) presented the certificates to the Castlethorpe team, and congratulated them on coming out first in the Rugby district for the second year in succession. She also presented handsome silver cake baskets to the second team, and cases of hair brushes to the third team.
Dr. Percival, criticising the work of the teams, said as a whole it was very good. He pointed out various deficiencies, and wished the Castlethorpe team the best of in the final test. The Mayor also congratulated Castlethorpe. If was evident that the quality of the teams was better than last year but not up to the standard of 1914.

Northampton Mercury 08 April 1921

RAILWAY AMBULANCE. The final at Belle Vue Gardens, Manchester. Result for Castlethorpe was 8th.

The Bucks Standard March 4th 1922


The L.& N.W.R. Ambulance team attached to Castlethorpe gave a very interesting and instructive display on Monday evening, Feb 27th, in the Council School, under the captaincy of Mr. John Rainbow. Amongst those who accepted invitations to be present, were the Vicar (Revd. W. J. Harkness), Sir Arthur Holland, Colonel Seaton, Major Anderson, Mr. T. Osborne, J.P., Mr. J. E. Whiting, and Mr. Ed. Richardson. The Captain and the Hon. Sec., Mr Bywater, had prepares a list of cases to be dealt with, including compound and simple fractures, scalp wounds, haemorrhage, unconsciousness, caused through inhaling fumes from a burning building, &c. The care and attention given to each case was very commendable. The bandaging of the patients was carried out with intelligence and despatch, and the preparing of the improvised stretchers to be used in cases of emergency was dexterously performed. Dr. Hinde, who kindly consented to examine the work as it proceeded. Expressed his pleasure and entire satisfaction with the progress and work of the team. Sir Arthur Holland complimented the captain of the teams for the efficient display, and said how fortunate it was their activities were not confined to the railway. It was a great asset to have such a first aid team in the village. It may be of interest to note a little of the team’s record. They won the Bucks Cup in 1910, 1914 and the Nuneaton Cup in 1910-1911, and in five tests at Northampton against eight teams competing, they won on each occasion. The team also completed for the “Haywood Shield” open t all England, 20 teams competing; they came out No. 9 on the list. Many other contests have taken place in recent years with good results.

Northampton Mercury 17 March 1922


For the fifth time in succession Castlethorpe secured the ambulance championship of the Rugby District of the L. and N. W. Railway, on Friday, when they beat seven teams at the Ambulance Headquarters, King-street, Northampton. The Rugby District extends from Castlethorpe to Tamworth, and the winners of this competition are certified to compete in the final for the L. and N.W Railway Shield, at Manchester, next month.
Castlethorpe won by the comfortable margin of 49 points securing 285½ out of a possible 400.
1. Castlethorpe (Messrs. C. Harding, W. H. Woodward, J. H. Green, J. Rainbow (capt.), H. Dolling.)

Northampton Mercury 02 March 1923

The Castlethorpe team, on Tuesday, secured the ambulance championship of the Rugby District of the L. and N.-W. Railway for the sixth successive year, and thus establish a record of which they may well proud. The Rugby District extends from Wolverton to Stafford, and it was rather disappointing find only six teams competing. The two Northampton teams from the Castle Station and Bridge-street Station again second and thirds but this occasion the Castle Station were ahead; of their colleagues from Bridge-street. Last year Bridge-street had points advantage, but this time Castle Station gained second place by a margin of 27 points. Castlethorpe now compete in the Divisional Championship and, if in the first four teams, will to London and take part in the final for the L. and N.W. Railway Shield.

Northampton Mercury 26 October 1923


Wolverton lost the Bartholomew Cup for railway ambulance teams, at Rugby. Seven teams entered, five being from the Rugby District, and two from the Southern Section.
Broad-street was first with 310 points, Wolverton. the holders, second with 291 points. Castlethorpe third with 283 points, and Weedon, fourth with 249½ points. The fifth and sixth teams were Nuneaton and Rugby, and Northampton was last with 150½ points.
Dr. Percival, of Northampton, was one of the judges.

Northampton Mercury 29 February 1924


Castlethorpe became champions of the Rugby district at the L.M.S. Ambulance centre at Northampton Wednesday, when they proved successful by the margin of 26½ pts., scoring 286, Northampton Castle (J. Burditt, A. Blake, C. Burditt, W. Harmer, and J. Roddis with 259½pts., being second, the other competitors in the order they finished being: Rugby 251½, Nuneaton 245½. Weedon 244½, Northampton Bridge-street 240½.

The Wolverton Express March 7th 1924

Ambulance Success. For several successive years a Castlethorpe team has won the right to enter the preliminary round of the competition for the Railway Shield. Competing in the Rugby district of the L.M. & S.R. at the ambulance headquarters Northampton, they defeated five other teams. The results were: Castlethorpe 286points, Northampton Castle 259½. Rugby 251½, Nuneaton 245½, Weedon 244½, and Northampton Bridge-street 240½. The Castlethorpe team is a hardy set of ambulance veterans and their smartness and efficiency made them fully deserving of their points. The members of the team were Messrs. J. Rainbow, W. Woolard, J. Green, H. Dolling, and J. Stimpson, and they were trained by Mr. H. Rainbow of Wolverton. Prizes were presented to the Castlethorpe team by Mrs. H. F. Percival the wife of Dr. Percival, who was a judge. Mr. J. Stimpson also gained an individual prize.

Northampton Mercury 25 September 1925

Castlethorpe Lift the
Bartholomew Cup.


The annual competition for the Bartholomew Challenge Cup, presented by Mr. C. W. Bartholomew, of Blakesley Hall, was held at Bletchley on Saturday, when Castlethorpe Ambulance team scored the most points, defeating some of the most prominent teams the L.M.S. Company by 16 points.
Dr. Bradbrook, sen.. Dr. Bradbrook, jun., and Mr. Hill, superintendent of St. John Ambulance Brigade, of Watford, were the judges.
Since 1911, when the Castlethorpe team just failed to lift the cup by margin of  2½ points, they have made strenuous efforts to win this trophy, and since 1915 have three times finished third.
For many years the District Competition at Northampton has been won, the Bucks Challenge Cup has been won two occasions, and also the Nuneaton Challenge Cup two years running, in 1911 and 1912.
The team comprises: Messrs. J. Rainbow (captain), C. Harding, J. H. Green, sen., E. Green, jun., .H. Dollings, and W. Woodward (reserve), and Mr. Harry Rainbow (Hon. Serving Brother) is coach to the team.
The successful team had spent a considerable time and trouble in making themselves efficient in a work which has done so much good for the country.
Previous winners the cup are -. Rugby, 1911; Camden, London, 1912,; Camden, London, 1913: Wolverton, 1914; Wolverton. 1620- Broad-street, London, 1921; Wolverton 1922; Broad-street, London, 1923; Broad-street, London, 1924.
Eight teams competed for the cup this year.

The Bucks Standard September 26th 1925


The annual competition for the “Bartholomew” challenge cup presented by the late C. W. Bartholomew, of Blakesley Hall, Northants, was held at Bletchley on Saturday last, when Castlethorpe Ambulance team scored the most points and secured the trophy by a margin of 16 points, competing against some of the most prominent teams of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company.
Dr. Bradbrook, sen. (Bletchley), Dr. Bradbrook, jun., and Mr. Hill superintendent of St. John Ambulance Brigade, Watford, were the judges.
Since 1911 the Castlethorpe team have made strenuous efforts to win this valuable trophy and they won on their merits on Saturday, their work throughout being highly praiseworthy.
Eight teams competed for the cup – Broad-street “B” team (London), Euston (London), Commercial-road (London), Dalston (London), Rugby, Wolverton and Castlethorpe.
In 1911 Castlethorpe failed to win the cup by only 2½ points, and since 1913 on three occasions they have got into third position.
For many years the District Competition at Northampton has been won by Castlethorpe, the Bucks Challenge Cup on two occasions, also the Nuneaton Challenge Cup two years running, in 1911 and 1912. It was mentioned in the local papers, 1912, that Castlethorpe L. & N.W.Ry team was one of the finest railway ambulance teams in the country. Of late years they have carried all before them in competition with the pick of the railway teams in the Midlands. The team comprises: Messrs. J. Rainbow (captain), C. Harding, J. H. Green, sen., E. Green, jun., H. Dolling, W. Woodward (reserve) and Harry Rainbow (honorary serving brother) coach to the team. This latest success clearly shows that the Castlethorpe men have spent considerable time and trouble in making themselves efficient in a work which has done so much good for the country. We congratulate them on a most praiseworthy achievement and hope they may go on to win further honours.

Northampton Mercury 06 November 1925

FIRST AID. On Monday evening the Castlethorpe Ambulance Team gave a demonstration of first-aid work in the Schools to a large audience, and at the close Lieut-General Sir Arthur Holland K.C.B., K.C.M.G., M.P., presented to the team a Silver Cup as a memento of their victory in the Bartholomew Challenge Cup open to railway ambulance teams between Euston and Stafford. Sir Arthur stated that no one could over-estimate the worth to a nation of individual, unselfish work. So long as they had got men to work voluntarily for the nation, he did not think we need fear for the future. Mr. F. E. Whiting proposed thanks to Sir Arthur for his gift, and Mr. D. Faulkner seconded.

Northampton Mercury 26 February 1926


In L.M.S. Railway ambulance competition for the No. 2 District, held at Bedford on  Wednesday, eleven teams competed, with the following result: 1 Wolverton A. 291 points; 2 Wolverton B. 286 ; 3 Castlethorpe, 278; 4 Northampton (Castle), 224; 5 Northampton (Bridge-street), 202; 6 Luton. 193; 7 Wellingborough, 162; 8 Bedford B, 158; 9 Bletchley B. 158; 10 Bletchley A, 156; 11 Bedford A, 93. The judges were Dr. W. H. Square, Leighton Buzzard; Dr. S. C. Holden, Aylesbury (Bucks County M.O.H.); and Dr. H. C. Hill, Bletchley.
Consolation individual prizes were awarded to: 1 A. Blake, Northampton Castle; 2 J. S. Green, Castlethorpe; 3 A. C. Blick. Northampton Bridge-street; 4 H. Loxley, Wolverton B.
The teams were;— Northampton Castle: J. Burditt, A. Blake, C, Burditt, W. Farmer (capt.). W. Pettifer, F. A. Tippleston. Northampton Bridge-street: Stanton (capt.), E. Winfield, W. Cooper. A. C. Blick, Pratt, C. Evans. Wolverton A: H. Wise, H. Pearson, F. H. Clarke, J. O. Ibell (capt.), W. Riddell. H, Stevens. Wolverton B: H. Markham, B. Willett, R. Cox, S. Webber (capt.), W. Clamp, H. Loxley. Castlethorpe: C. W. Harding, J. Green, W. H. Woodward, H. Dollings. E. Green. Wellingborough’: R. M. Tilley (capt.), E. Rudd. .J. White. E. J. Bennett, V. Wallis. J. E. Woolley.

The Bucks Standard March 10th 1927

AMBULANCE CHAMPIONS. The annual Rugby District L. and N.W. Railway Ambulance Competitions were held at Northampton last week, when Castlethorpe again won easily, defeating Northampton Castle Station team, their nearest rivals, by the big margin of 62 points 272, 212. The winning team was composed of C. W. Harding, W.H. Woodward, J. Green, J. Rainbow, H. Dolling and W. Stimpson (reserve). Mr. W. Stimpson also won a special prize.

Northampton Mercury 15 February 1929


Wolverton “A”
Win Divisional Final

The annual competitions of the Bletchley No. 2 Ambulance District of the London Midland and Scottish Railway were held with great success at the St. John Ambulance Headquarters, Kingstreet, Northampton, on Wednesday.
Fifteen teams entered for the two divisional competitions. Wolverton A, who were top of the First Division, and Castlethorpe, who were second, now compete in the preliminary final with teams from all parts of England. In that competition the number is reduced to nine, and then to two, who take part in the Inter-Railway final. The winners of this tie than compete in the International final.
Two newcomers to the competition, Flitwick and Stratford-on-Avon, tied for the first place in Division 2, but Flitwick were awarded first prize on account of their individual practical work being best.
The tests, which were of a very high standard were by judged by Dr. Douglas W. A Bull, Stony Stratford (stretcher test). Dr. W. Cooper  Picketing, Aylesbury (practical individual tests), and Dr. S. J. C. Holden, Aylesbury (viva voce).


Their full awards were .—Division 1: 1 Wolverton (H. Coxley, W. Richardson, H. Markham, S. A. Webber, C. Holyoak), 263 out of possible 520 ; 2 Castlethorpe (J. Rainbow, H. Dollings, C. Harding, J. E. Green J. Green), 261. 3 Wolverton B (H. Wise, C H. Pearson. B. Willett. F. H. Clarke, H. Riddell, 244; Northampton B. 220 A, 212; Bletchley B. 206; Northampton A, 204; Bletchley A, 146. H. Weston, W. J. Hardwick) 184; 2 Stratford-on-Avon (E. Davis, J. Hudson F. Allitt. E. Matthews, J. Bloxham); Wellingborough B, 179; Wellingborough C, 155; Bedford, 149; Byfieid, 121; Wellingborough C, 116.
Supt W. E, Edwards, of the Northampton Brigade, presided at the distribution the awards by Mr. G. W.  Galloway: (Assistant District Goods Manager, Northampton). Those present included Mr. J. G. Jackson (Assistant General Ambulance Secretary, Euston), Mr. J. O. Ibell (chairman of the competitions, Wolverton), Mr. W. J. Brown (secretary of the competitions), Mr. W H.  Tugwell (Bletchley), Mr. C. W. Batsford (Tring). Mr. A. W. Harrop (Luton) Mr. W. Farmer (Wolverton), Mr. E. Hives (Stratford-on-Avon), Mr. J. G. Parsons (Bedford). H, Manning (Wellingborough), Mr. W. J. Shelmerdine (Wolvertmi), etc.
Thanks to the doctors were expressed Mr. Edwards. Mr. Galloway replied, and said how gratifying was that such interest was taken the competitions.

Northampton Mercury 14 February 1930

Railway Competitions at Wellingborough.

TEAMS AND RESULTS Eleven teams competed; Northampton, Wolverton A, Wolverton B, Wellingborough A, Wellingborough B, Wellingborough C, Stratford-on-Avon, Flitwick, Castlethorpe, Bedford, and Bletchley. Four teams scratched owing to illness The judges were; Stretcher test. Dr. S. J. C. Holden (Aylesbury): individual practical tests, Dr. D. Stone (Northampton); viva voce. Dr. W. Cowper Pickering (Wellingborough).
The marks awarded were 150 for stretcher tests, 100 for each individual and viva voce, a total of 350. The winners were Wolverton A, who were much superior on the stretcher test, for which they obtained 123 marks, and made in all 306, 60 more than their nearest opponents, Castlethorpe, with 246 Wolverton were third with 244, and Wellingborough B, with 235, were the highest the teams who did not receive prizes. The marks awarded the other teams were: Flilwick 233. Bletchley 230, Stratford-on-Avon 211, Wellingborough A 211. Bedford 211. Northampton 209, Wellingborough 161.
The separate markings of the first three teams were: Wolverton A, stretcher 123, individual 88, viva voce 95; Castlethorpe 65. 88, 93; Wolverton B, 80, 89, 75.
Mrs. Dallas (the wife Mr. Geo. Dallas, M.P.), who presented the prizes, was interested spectator, and other visitors were; Mrs. Pickering, Lady Divisional Supt. Mrs. Campbell (Wellingborough), Dr. Brown (Flitwick), Mr. Edeo, district goods manager (Northampton), Mr J. W. Wicks, district controller (Bletchley), Mr. Fowkes, assistant district controller (Wellingborough), Mr. Chapman, assistant district controller (Bedford), Mr. Mattheson stationmaster (Bedford), Mr. Barnes, stationmaster (Verney Junction), etc.
After the competitions. Mr. Wicks said that 9,872 candidates their examinations in 1929 in England, an increase of 5,700 since 1925.
Dr. Holden said hoped the stretcher test would be education to them.


Each member of the winning team received a dinner service, those in the second oak clock, and the third team men an oxydised clock each. Four consolation prizes, electro-plated double dessert dishes, were awarded to the four men obtaining the highest individual test marks.
The Wolverton team consisted of H. Loxley, W. Richardson, R. Cox, S. Webber, and R. Willett. Castlethorpe; Messrs. C. Green, C. H. Green, C. W. Harding, J. Rainbow, and H, Dolling. Wolverton B: Messrs. F. Roberts, B. Stevens, W. Hall, C. H. Pearson, and W. Quinn.
Mrs. Dallas said that every adult in the railway service should be fully equipped to render the best help they could in time of accident. She complimented the doctors, the competitors and the “patients.’' Mr. Mattheson voiced thanks to Mrs. Dallas, and Mr. W. J. Brown to the doctors. Mr. H. Manning, the vice-chairman of the District Ambulance Committee, had charge of the local arrangements.
The general organisation was carried out by the committee which is composed of: Messrs. W. H. Tugwell (Bletchley), chairman, H. Manning (Wellingborough), vicechairman, W. J. Brown (Bletchley), secretary, J. O. Ibell (Wolverton), A. D. Harrop (Luton), W. Palmer (Northampton), E. Hines (Stratford-on-Avon), C. W. Batsford (Verney Junction), P. R. Huxtable (Bedford).
The Wolverton A and Castlethorpe teams will compete in the semi-finals of the Company’s Ambulance Competitions.

Northampton Mercury 02 August 1935


Mr. J. H. GREEN, Castlethorpe, has received the award of Hon. Serving Brother of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. He had the honour conferred upon him Grand Chapter of the Order in London, by the Earl of Scarborough, Sub-Prior of the Order. Mr. Green, who is a platelayer on the L.M.S. Railway, began ambulance work in 1897. As a member of the Castlethorpe railway ambulance team he has not missed a district ambulance competition. He is now 64 years of age.

Northampton Mercury 07 January 1938


End-of-the-year retirements at Wolverton L.M.S Carriage Works included the following, the years of service being given parenthesis; Mr. John Rainbow, coach finisher, and prominent ambulance worker, of Castlethorpe (30).

Northampton Mercury 29 July 1938

An ambulance competition won by Castlethorpe L.M.S. was a feature of the first annual fete and sports organised jointly by the Rugby branches of the National Union of Railwaymen and the Rugby Steam Shed Band, on Saturday, in aid of the N.U.R. Orphan Fund and the Steam Shed Band.

Northampton Mercury 20 February 1948


Wolverton C. and W. Works Ambulance teams had very successful day at British Railways (London Midland Region) No. 2 District Ambulance Competitions. (Division B) at Bedford.
Wolverton “A” team gained first place with 371 marks out of a-possible 405. Castlethorpe being second with 323 marks. The two winning teams qualify to compete in the preliminary final contest at Derby in March.

Northampton Mercury 23 April 1948

Ambulance Contest

Ambulance teams from Wolverton, Castlethorpe and Peterborough are among the nine who have reached the final of the London Midland Region, British Railways, Ambulance competition. The contest is being held at Belle Vue, Manchester, to-day (Friday).

Northampton Mercury 17 February 1950


Six teams—each of four men with one reserve—were competing. Four were from Wolverton, one Northampton and one from Castlethorpe.
The winners of last year’s contest, Castlethorpe, came second with 279½ points. Third were Northampton with 250 points. Wolverton “A” gained 286 points.


Wolverton “A” team and Castlethorpe now go forward the Derby preliminary competitions on March 23 and 24. The first nine teams from Derby will go to the finals of the London Midland Region at Belle Vue, Manchester, on May 5.
Prizes for the reserve members of the teams were won by. 1 R. G. Keves (Wolverton “A”). 53½ pts; 2 C. Hopkins (Castlethorpe) 48; 3 D. Barton (Wolverton "D”) 30. Judges were: Dr. J. Love (New Bradwell), Dr E. Fildes (Wolverton) and Dr. D. Bull (Stony Stratford).

Northampton Mercury 12 May 1950


In the final of the British Railways (London Midland Region) Men’s Ambulance competition Manchester. Wolverton was awarded the highest marks, and once again received the L.M.R. Ambulance Challenge Shield. Their previous success was in 1948. Castlethorpe ambulance team who were among the nine teams competing in the final, was seventh.

Northampton Mercury 16 February 1951


FOUR Wolverton men who last year were the winners of an international competition in ambulance work for railwaymen they beat a Scottish team —on Tuesday won British Railways, Midland section No. 2 district competition, held at Wellingborough.
They were Messrs. W. Richardson (captain), H, Green, R. Bennett, and L. Billingham. Together with the runners-up, Castlethorpe, they will take part in a Midlands competition Crewe in April.

The placings and points scored were: 1 Wolverton A, 243 (possible 260); 2 Castlethorpe 211, 3 Wolverton B 175½. Northampton A and B and Wellingborough A also competed.
In the competition for reserves awards were won by; 1 W. Clarke (Castlethorpe), 2 K. Sawford (Wolverton B), 3 A. Reeves (Wolverton A). The competition took place at the Cannon-street Working Men’s Club, where contest for Division 2 of the district was arranged for to-day.

Northampton Mercury 15 February 1952


WILL the Wolverton St. John Ambulance team complete the hat-trick in the Midland Region British Railways ambulance competition by winning it for the third successive year in 1952? That was the question in the minds of most people at the district finals of the British Railways competition held in the Central Working Men’s Club. Wolverton, on Tuesday and Wednesday.
In the senior section on Tuesday Wolverton again won the shield, their “A’’ team scoring 224 points out of a possible 280, with Castlethorpe in second place (204½ points). Wolverton “B” team was third (175) and Wellingborough “A” team fourth (169). Seven teams competed. Wolverton A and Castlethorpe forward to the preliminary of the regional competition.

Northampton Mercury 29 January 1954


THREE railway ambulance teams from Wolverton together with teams from Bletchley, Castlethorpe and Northampton, are to compete next Tuesday in the preliminary Ambulance Competition of British Railways (London Midland Region). The competition will be held the Territorial Headquarters, Ashburnham-road, Bedford.

Northampton Mercury 05 February 1954

Wolverton “A” win ambulance contest Six British Railway ambulance teams took part in a district competition at Bedford on Tuesday.
The competition was won by the Wolverton “A” team who scored 303 points out of a possible 420. The team now goes forward to the London Midland Region Semi-final competition at Crewe, and if successful will qualify for the London Midland Challenge shield contest and prizes in Manchester in April.
Other placings on Tuesday were: 2 Castlethorpe (292), 3 Northampton (288½), 4 Bletchley (260). 5 Wolverton "C” (249), 6 Wolverton “B" (236).
Members of the first three teams were: _ „ Wolverton ‘‘A”: H. J. Green (captain). A. Keeves. W. J. Richardson, and R. P. Bennett. Castlethorpe: L. Robinson (captain). Clarke. W. Taylor, and E. Green. Northampton: P. A. Tippleston (captain). A. E. Pointer, D. Leah, and C. Blick.