Castlethorpe Mothers' Union

Northampton Mercury 13 December 1929


A BAZAAR, which realised £30 for the nave roof fund, was held in the Council Schools on Saturday. It was organised by the Mother's Union , and was opened by Mrs. Simmons, wife of the late vicar of Haversham. The stall-holders were : Mr. Lewis Woodward, stationery and Christmas presents; Mrs Evans, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs, Maltby, miscellaneous; Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Cook, general stores; Mrs. A. Markham and Miss Markham, hosiery; Mrs. H. Cook and Mrs. Mayes, sweets, etc.; Mrs. Harding, Mrs. West, and Mrs. Homer, confectionery; and Mrs. Kingston, bran tub. The following ladies served teas and refreshments: Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Lansberry, and Mrs. Markham. Mr. Holt and Mr. Lewis were doorkeepers. The secretary of the Mothers’ Union expressed thanks to all who helped.

Northampton Mercury 17 July 1931



The members of the Castlethorpe Branch of the Mothers’ Union are to be congratulated upon the completion of their efforts to raise £50 in aid the Parish Church Roof Restoration Fund. The garden party, held on Thursday in the grounds of the Manor Farm, kindly lent by Mrs. E. Markham, bought in the final instalment, and the enrolling member and her committee expressed thanks to all who helped the branch, achieve its purpose.

Northampton Mercury 26 May 1939

CASTLETHORPE The annual meeting of Castlethorpe branch of the Mothers’ Union was held, in the Carrington Hall. The curate-in-charge (the Rev. E. J. Fenn) introduced the Deanery presiding member (Mrs S. Hilton) who gave address. Commenting on the financial help given by members of the branch during her 11 years office, the enrolling member (Mrs. H. I. Lewis) stated a total £122 10s. 1d. had been allotted, in varying amounts to such funds the Church Roof Repair Fund, the Assistant Clergy Fund, and the Churchyard fund, and smaller sums had been given in response to appeals made on behalf of national organisations. Tea was served by members of the Mothers’ Union Committee. including Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. J. Walton and Mrs T. West. Miss A. Gregory was the accompanist.

Northampton Mercury 09 June 1939

Castlethorpe Women’s Institute held its monthly meeting at the Carrington Hall, when Miss McKenzie, assisted by Miss Kelly, gave helpful hints on the cooking of inexpensive and nourishing meat dishes. During the social half-hour Mrs. Mothersole gave an entertainment. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Mills provided excellent tea. Mrs. J. E. Whiting organised the British Empire Cancer Fund collection for Castlethorpe. The collectors were the Misses A. and P. Whiting and Miss I. Atkins, The amount of £2 was raised.

Northampton Mercury 17 November 1939


A whist drive, at The Bungalow, Castlethorpe, realised £2 16s. 8d.. which, added to sums previously raised for the purpose, permits the Mothers’ Union Working Party to spend £4 11s, 3d. on wool for knitting comforts for local men serving with the Forces. The Enrolling Member of the branch, Mrs. M. Lewis, thanked her helpers and friends for their support, and local soldier added his thanks. He also won the cake given for competition by Mrs. E. Markham. Prizes given by Mr. and Mrs. M. Lewis, Mrs. W. Furniss and Mrs. H. Cook were won by Mrs. May, Mrs. K. Robinson, Mrs. Petty, Mrs. Herbert and Miss M. Markham. Others assisting in various ways included the Rev. E. J Fenn, Mrs. W. Markham, Mrs, G. Sawbridge, Mrs. and Miss Walton. Mrs. Coey, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. A. Robinson, Mrs. Mothersole, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. F. Mills, Mrs. H. P. Cook, Mrs. Homer, Mrs. A. Clarke, Miss A. Gregory, Mr. L. Robinson. Mr. A. Dolling and Mr. R. Walton.

Northampton Mercury 15 December 1939


Castlethorpe Mothers’ Union raised £2 8s. by a whist drive at the Bungalow in aid of the comforts fund for Castlethorpe men serving in the Forces Prizes were won by Mrs. Pittam, Mrs. Mothersole, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Woodward and Mrs. H. Cook. Tea was served by Mrs. Homer, Mrs. T. West and Mrs. Harold Cook. Mrs. Lewis, thanking the workers, said it must be their aim to maintain a steady supply of woollen comforts for the local serving men. Mrs. B. Whiting congratulated the knitting party on the quality and quantity of articles exhibited during the afternoon. Christmas gift parcels will be packed at next week’s meeting of the Mothers’ Union and sent to those whose names have been received by the secretary to the fund. These are: J. Markham. L. Markham, W. Ray, J. Fumiss, A. Dolling, F. Atkins, R. Walton and S. Nichols. Local girls on war service include J. Atkins and D. Stonton, and to these gifts will also be sent.

Northampton Mercury 22 December 1939


A whist drive, a combined effort of the Women's Institute and the Mothers’ Union, held at Castlethorpe Lodge, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, realised £2 2s. 1½d. for the comforts fund for men on service.
Mrs. Whiting, president of the Institute, explained that the effort aimed at supporting a knitting party comprising members of the Institute and of the Mothers’ Union.
It was stated that in 10 weeks 20 pairs of socks, four helmets, 10 scarves, eight pairs of mittens, four pairs of gloves, and one pair of hospital socks had been knitted. The Christmas parcels despatched had also included handkerchiefs, bootlaces, soap and postal orders of 5s. each. The knitting party hoped to maintain the provision of woollen comforts for local serving men and to knit blankets and other comforts in response to the Red Cross Appeal.
Mrs. Lewis, organiser of the fund and vice-president of the Institute, thanked Mr. and Mrs Whiting for the loan of the house and for providing refreshments and prizes. Other donors of prizes were Mrs. R. Mayes, Mr. J. Cannon, Mrs. H. Cook, and Mrs. Willett and were won by Mrs. May, Miss Feasey, Mr. Meacham. Mr. R. Pittam, Mr. E. Ray and Anstee. Mrs. K. Robinson organised a competition.

Northampton Mercury 19 January 1940


A cheque for £10 4s. 7d. representing collections at Castlethorpe, has been sent to Northampton General Hospital. As collectors, Mrs. Coey, Mrs. W. Limbrey and Mrs. G. White have given praiseworthy service to the fund.
Castlethorpe Mothers Union has decided to start a play-reading circle.
Receipts £12 12s. 6d., with an expenditure on wool and gifts for Christmas parcels of £10 4s. 2d. and a balance in hand of £2 8s. 4d., was reported the Mothers’ Union Red, Cross party.

Northampton Mercury 01 March 1940


Whist drives for the Castlethorpe MU. knitting party fund for the provision of wool for making comforts for men on service produced 17s. (evening drive) and £2 1s. 4d. (afternoon drive). Afternoon drives, which are free of expense, are to be held at approximately monthly intervals. The monthly statement of accounts shows expenditure on wool and parcels £15 9s. 8½d., and balance hand of £4 6s. 7½d. Knitted squares for one blanket have been made and of 90 articles—socks, helmets, scarves, gloves, mittens, operation stockings completed—52 have been sent to local serving men and girls. The remainder are held in reserve for dispatch to Castlethorpe men and girls as required.

Northampton Mercury 19 April 1940

CASTLETHORPE During the quarter ended March 31, £10 0s. 2d. was raised at Castlethorpe under the contributory scheme for Northampton General Hospital.
An afternoon whist drive organised by Castlethorpe Mothers’ Union Knitting Party realised £2 7s. 4d for the Comforts and Red Cross Fund, and brought the total raised in the village to £24 17s. 1½d. This sum includes knitting members’ weekly subscriptions and voluntary donations. Prizes were won by Mrs Pittam, Miss Pittam, Mrs. W. Limbrey, Mrs G. White, Mrs. Bolt, and Mrs. T. West. Tea. provided the enrolling member, was served by Mrs. Walton, Mrs. West and Mrs. Homer. The Rev. E. J. Fenn thanked Mrs. Lewis for acting as hostess the knitting parties.

Northampton Mercury 20 December 1940

NEWPORT PAGNELL The Newport Hundreds Spitfire Fund has Increased to £3,176 11s. 6d. Recent donations include: Castlethorpe Mothers’ Union. £2 8s.; Messrs. Salmons and Sons’ Panel Shop, £2 0s. 7d.; Lathbury Salvage, 6s.: and anonymous gifts of 3s. 8d. and 2s.

Northampton Mercury 13 June 1941


A meeting or the Castlethorpe Mothers’ Union was held In the Carrington Hall. Mrs. S. Hilton, Deanery presiding member, spoke on the need for religious training of children and contended that parental responsibility for religious training in the home must supplement and help to make effective religious training given in the schools. Mrs. H. I. Lewis, enrolling member, thanked the speaker for her address, and Miss A. Gregory accompanied the singing of the hymns. Tea was served Mrs. H. cook. Mrs. A. Coey. Mrs. W. Homer, Mrs. J. Walton, and Mrs. T. West. A parcel competition managed by members of the M.U. Knitting Party found prize-winners in Mrs. E. J. Cowley. Mrs. R. Mills, and Mrs. W. J. Robinson.
Financial details showed receipts of the M.U. Comforts and Red Cross Fund totalled £97 14s. 2d., and the amount collected during the year from the M.U. savings group amounted £335 11s. 3d.

Northampton Mercury 31 October 1941


Mrs. Coey, one of the oldest inhabitants of Castlethorpe, and Mr. W. Ray, who is making physical training a regular feature of Youth Service Squad Club activities locally, were the winners of darts tournament held during social evening at Castlethorpe. The gathering was organised by the Mothers’ Union knitting party. Proceeds were £10 12s. 3d., and to the Aid-to-Russia Fund. There were competitions for parcels, musical programme, and a gift stall.

Northampton Mercury 09 June 1944

Mr. J Cowley presided the wind-up meeting of the Castlethorpe Committee who organised the village Salute the Soldier week. The accounts were adopted, and a balance of £11 was handed to Mrs. H. I. Lewis, organiser of the village Comfort Fund and knitting party This addition to the sum invested by them during "Salute the Soldier” - week for presentation to men and women serving with the Forces, who received some part of their education at the village school brought the total to £86 5s. The knitting party were congratulated on their effort on behalf of the local serving men and women, and also for the assistance given to the Bucks Red Cross the Penny-a-Week Fund and other war charities.

Northampton Mercury 07 March 1947


The monthly meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute was held at Castlethorpe Lodge, by Invitation of the president, Mrs. J. E. Whiting, who presided, supported by Mrs. M. Paris, Mrs. Whiting expressed regret at the passing of Mrs. A. Coup, one of the eldest members. She was actively connected with the local hospital committee, W.V.S.. Nursing Association, and Mothers' Union. Mrs. Buxton, of Stony Stratford, gave a practical demonstration basket-making. The competition of getting as many articles as possible into a match-box, was won by Mrs. S. Thomas with 112 articles. The social half-hour was organised by Mrs. H. Cook and Mrs. A. J. Mrs. Buxton Judged a paper hat competition. Tea was served by Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Thomas.