of Castlethorpe and Hanslope,

1598 - 1900


Milton Bryan and Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
South London & New South Wales, Australia

1772 - 1914

"I was recently approached by a member of the Milton Keynes Heritage Association with a request that I allow this collection of episodes from part of my family history to appear on the Castlethorpe Village page of its website and I was pleased to agree.

Readers should bear in mind that the collection – originally produced in the form of a PC-printed book intended for home consumption only - was compiled some eight years ago and while some minor revision was undertaken in 2005 the content may still contains references to some research methods and resources which, due to the speed with which genealogical material has been and is being uploaded onto the internet, has since become out-of-date. A degree of adaptation was necessary before the printed pages could be realised as webpages but the transformation has proved quite successful.

The collection’s varied and wide-ranging content was intended for the benefit and enlightenment of my few non-genealogically-minded relatives to whom the information and revelations would of course be meaningful nevertheless I hope webreaders may find something within the episodes to interest them. I feel obliged to point out that, in order to make things less confusing for my relatives, I thought it wise to simplify relationship descriptions throughout. You'll find that in ‘Appendix A: Miscellanea’ I've added a few items relating to some of my paternal ancestry. I hope you enjoy your reader’s mental ramble with my ancestors and find them - or some of them at least - interesting."

'Kinchaser' (May 2010)