Uri Gagarin
Uri Gargarin postcard sent from
Marja-Leena to George Lane
This card was written during Marja-Leena's return journey to Finland aboard the Baltika
A postcard from Marja-Leena to George Lane
I thank you very much for few last weeks. It was very nice when you spent all those days my best wishes to you. Marja-Leena
(I am sorry if I wrote your name wrong)

In the late forties, a food parcel was received by Castlethorpe School from a school in Finland. The children in Miss Buxton's class were asked to write thank you letters. Some of these were selected to go back to the school in Finland. Christine Ward being one of these persons. Marja-Leena continued to correspond with Christine. In 1961 at about the age of eighteen Marja-Leena came to stay with Christine. During her stay Josie Lane, Christine and Marja-Leena visited London and went on a short holiday along with Mrs. Ward to Southsea.
As Josie and Christine were working during the day George Lane befriended Marja-Leena and the above postcard was sent to George to thank him for his company.
Marja-Leena on holiday in Southsea
Marja-Leena on holiday in Southsea

Kotka Satama home of Marja-Leena - she has marked the block of flats where she lived with an arrow