The Bucks Standard December 11th 1926

Presentation to Popular Schoolmistress

An interesting event occurred on Friday, December 3, in the Council Schools, Castlethorpe, when in the presence of many friends and old scholars a presentation was made to Mrs. H. H. Middleton [Frances] on her retirement from the post of head mistress of the Council Schools, a position she has held for 30 years.

Before the presentation, the chairman of the Managers (Mr. J. E. Whiting) called upon Mr. E. Richardson, as the oldest Manager to make a few remarks. Mr. Richardson who spoke at length of the splendid service rendered by Mrs. Middleton during her long period in the school, said that although such a gathering as the present one might occasion regret he felt sure that the influence and help of Mrs. Middleton upon those who had passed through her care would not soon be forgotten, and the presence of so many old scholars there was a testimony to the fact.

Mr. J. E. Whiting then called upon Mrs. Markham as the only lady member among the Managers, to make the presentation. Mrs. Markham in a pleasing speech, said the training of the child was a most important matter and she believed that in Mrs. Middleton they had had one of the best of teachers, and asked her acceptance of a handsome mahogany bureau with a plate suitably inscribed, which had been subscribed for most willingly by all. Mrs. Middleton upon rising to receive the gift, was greeted with rousing cheers and seemed much touched by her reception. In a few well chosen words Mrs. Middleton expressed her thanks, first, to those who had given so generously towards such a handsome present, secondly to the infants and their mistress, Miss Lack, who on the last day at school presented her with a fruit service, and thirdly to the older girls, who on their own initiative collected among themselves and presented her with a silver dorcas thimble. Mrs. Middleton, continuing, said she had always tried to be a help to those under her care and although retiring from the school still wished to be of service to any old scholars who might consult her. Mr. Middleton, in a few words, expressed pleasure at the presence of so many parents and old scholars at such a gathering. Mr. J. Marsh also spoke of his indebtedness as a parent, and the chairman (Mr. J. E. Whiting) in a short, racy speech, concluded with the benefit and help he received as one of the oldest scholars present. The following ladies and gentlemen kindly helped at the concert during the evening. Misses G. Olney and E. Richardson, Mesdames Cowley and Evans and Messrs. J. Nichols, J. Cowley, A. Clarke, E. Bates, A. Richardson and H. H. Middleton, and a most enjoyable evening terminated with the singing of the National Anthem.