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Towcester Town Hall

Towcester Cemetery 1885-1939 - Index, names beginning with Y

Young, Emily; 1919.
Description: " [description is missing] " Died on August 11th 1919 aged 75 years. Buried on August 18th 1919 in plot Q-71 The body came from Towcester.  Source:- Ref. 2, Page 89, Number 1498.

[illegible](?)?, Stillborn(?)Stillborn Male; 1891.
Description: "child of Henry [illegible], Towcester, Cab Driver. " Died on January 6th 1891 Buried on January 6th 1891 in plot R- The body came from Towcester.  Source:- Ref. 1, Page 36, Number 284.

{unknown}(?)Unknown person, {unknown}; 1893.
Description: "An unknown male of about 40/50years found drowned 28th April 1893 in Swinny Ford Brook. " Died on April 28th 1893 aged {unknown}. Buried on April 29th 1893 in plot Q-103 The body came from Towcester.  Source:- Ref. 1, Page 54, Number 426.


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Research by Barrie Denny (2005-2006). Additional research by David Wilcock (2007-2008).

This page is from the Towcester and District Local History Society website.
The section was last updated on 16th January 2008

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