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Towcester Town Hall

Roll of Honour in St. Lawrence's Church, sorted by regiment

Names and regiments taken from the Roll of Honour "Of Men serving in H.M. Navy and Army from the Parish and Hamlets" in St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester. This list is sorted by regiment: the previous list is sorted by name.

Name Regiment Notes
Brice Percival -  
Nash G. J. F. -  
Townsend Mayo -  
Walmsley A. G. -  
Yates Fred. -  
Sanders F. W. 107 Labour Co.  
Sharman Arthur 10th Notts. & Derbys.  
Davis F. 11th City of London Yeo.  
Townsend Harry 11th Lincolns  
Travell E. 122 Labour Co.  
West E. Arthur 12th Lancers  
Berry John 12th Q.R.W. Surreys  
Reeve William 13th Hussars  
Adams Edwin J. 14th R. Warwick  
May Reg. W. 18th Welsh  
West Walter Wm. 19th Hussars  
Billing Fred. Herbt. 1st Grenadier Guards  
Hands Frank 1st Life Guards  
Coleman Jas. Victor 1st Northants.  
Johnson Alfred 1st Northants.  
Sharman Fred. 1st Northants.  
Taylor Fred. 1st Northants. Prisoner of War
Tompkins Percy 1st Northants.  
Edwards Frank G. 1st Royal Warwicks.  
Miller Percy G. 1st Welsh  
Smith C. C. 2/1st Glamorgan Yeo.  
Bairstow Geoffy. 20th Hussars  
Sleight Kenneth 20th London Wounded
Billingham J. 23rd Middlesex  
Webster F. 25th Middlesex  
Furniss B. L. 2nd 5th Manchesters Discharged, wounded or ill
Peasland Wm. 2nd Bedfordshires Prisoner of War
Saunders A. F. 2nd Leicesters  
Sharman A. F. 2nd Leicesters  
Barrett Frank 2nd Northants.  
Bell Wm. James 2nd Northants.  
Howkins Harry 2nd Northants.  
Smith Edward 2nd Northants.  
Watts James 2nd Northants.  
Watts John 2nd Northants.  
Whitlock Thos. 2nd Northants.  
Nash F. J. 2nd R. West Surreys  
Gardner Fred. 3rd Bedfordshires  
Johnson Alwyne 3rd Norfolks  
Berry James 3rd Northants.  
Francis Sidney 3rd Northants.  
Skears Fred. 3rd Northants.  
Smith Walter 3rd Northants.  
Clarke Wm. Henry 3rd Suffolks  
Ratledge William 4th Middlesex  
Barrett Fred. 4th Northants. Discharged, wounded or ill
Sharman J. A. 4th Northants.  
Watson Reginald 4th Royal Fusiliers  
Foster Reg. Edm. 5th Leicesters  
Brown Percy 5th Northants.  
Goddard E. 5th Northants.  
May Harry 5th Northants.  
Whitlock Harry 5th Northants.  
Peasland John 5th Royal Fusiliers  
Drinkwater W. 6th Batt. Queens  
Papworth Chas. 6th Cheshires  
Barnes Sidney C. 6th Worcesters  
Smith William 7th Bedfordshires  
Eyer A. 7th Border Regt.  
Hickson Sidney F. 7th Middlesex  
Brice Joseph 7th Northants.  
Slarke Cecil H. 7th Northants. Wounded
Barnes Wm. H. 7th Ox. & Bucks. L.I.  
Boswell Joseph 81 P.O. War Co.  
Sharman Frank 8th Lincolns  
Simmonds W. P. 8th Northants.  
Webb W. 8th Q.R.W. Surreys Wounded
Causebrook Chris. 9th Suffolk  
Hillyard John 9th Suffolks  
Course Alfred D. A.O.C.  
Allen Harry A.S.C.  
Ayres Sidney A.S.C.  
Baker W. W. A.S.C.  
Edmunds James A.S.C.  
Gardner Sid. Th. A.S.C.  
Gardner William A.S.C.  
Kingston Reg. A.S.C.  
Kingston Sid. W. A.S.C.  
Kirton Fred. Geo. A.S.C.  
Morgan George A.S.C.  
Reeve Charles A.S.C.  
Salmons Emmanl. A.S.C.  
Thompson W. A.S.C.  
Tompkins H. J. A.S.C.  
Tompkins J. F. A.S.C.  
Wake J. A.S.C.  
Middleton Geo. F. Anti-aircraft Corps  
Kingston C. J. H. Argyle & Suth. High. Wounded
Cooper Rev. B. R. Army Chaplain  
Blackwell Wm. E. Army Vet. Corps  
Branagen Wm. Army Vet. Corps  
Forwell D. Army Vet. Corps  
Horne Alph M. Australian Art.  
Haynes John Beds. Yeomanry  
Loveridge Joseph Beds. Yeomanry  
Sharp Sidney Beds. Yeomanry  
Slarke J. Percy Beds. Yeomanry  
Ashby Geo. Fred. Bucks. Hussars  
Hutchings A. M. Canadians Wounded
Miller Charles Canadians  
Williams W. A. Canadians Wounded
Johnson F. R. City of London Rifles  
Paradine C. G. Co. London Regt.  
Sharman George D. of Cornwall L.I.  
Whitlock J. Wm. Durham L. I.  
Skears Henry East Surreys  
Shopland Harry Essex Regt. Discharged, wounded or ill
Watts Arthur S. Grenadier Guards  
Whitlock Fred. Flying Corp  
Walmsley James Grenadiers  
Worth Fred. H.M.S. Birkenhead  
Rush Chas. A. H.M.S. Blairmore  
Foster G.w. H.M.S. Furious  
Hornsby Stanley F. H.M.S. P50  
Williams Jack H.M.S. Pinn  
Overton John H.M.S. Virginian  
Clarke H. G. H.t.m.r.a.  
Causebrook J. F. Hon. Artillery Co.  
Causebrook Reg. Hon. Artillery Co.  
Ashby Alec Hunts. Regiment  
Shopland William Inniskillen Fus.  
Sleight Eric K.O. Royal Lancasters Wounded
Walmsley Fred. Kings Liverpool  
Baker H. J. R. Kings Royal Rifles  
Varney Edward Labour Batt.  
Farey Harry Labour Co.  
Shopland F. R. Leicestershire Regt.  
Bruce W. Lincs. Yeomanry  
Dickins Frank M.G.C.  
Dickins Herbert M.G.C.  
Eales Joseph W.m. M.G.C.  
Furniss John M.G.C. Discharged, wounded or ill
Valler Richard M.G.C.  
Christian A. W. M. G. C.  
Walmsley W. W. Medical Transport  
Baker Sidney Middlesex Discharged, wounded or ill
Burton Ernest Middlesex  
Sharp J. W. Middlesex  
Vockins Edward Middlesex Regt. Wounded
Ashby Victor Motor Boat Res.  
Merivale Percy Motor Boat Reserve  
Hill William H. Motor Transport  
Whitehead W. J. Motor Transport  
Wright Charles Northants. Yeomanry  
Ashby James Northants. Prisoner of War
Walmsley Edward Northants.  
Wright Albert Northants.  
Wright Thomas Northants.  
May Wm. C. Northants. Pioneers  
Baker Harry Northants. Y.  
Ashby Alfred Northants. Yeomanry  
Beers Hector Northants. Yeomanry  
Jeffery William Northants. Yeomanry  
Johnson Stanley T. Northants. Yeomanry  
Johnson W. G. Northants. Yeomanry  
Johnson Wm. Har. Northants. Yeomanry  
Nightingale F. Northants. Yeomanry  
Nightingale W. Northants. Yeomanry  
Pettifer Wm. Northants. Yeomanry  
Reeve George Northants. Yeomanry  
Stafford H. J. J. Northants. Yeomanry  
Wade F. G. Northants. Yeomanry  
Wickham G. Northants. Yeomanry  
Wilson Frank Northants. Yeomanry  
Walmsley A. E. Northants Yeomanry  
Wright F. Northumberland  
Ballinger Harry Notts. & Derby Rgt.  
Foster Albert Th. Ox. & Bucks. L.I.  
Barrett Grandiss Ox. & Bucks. L I.  
Barnes W. H. Ox. & Bucks L.I.  
Sharp P. H. Pioneer Batt.  
Wills Frank Pioneers  
Whitehead Fred. Q.O.R. West Surreys  
Johnson Arthur S. Queens Own R.W. Surrey  
Brown A. H. R.A.F.  
Skears Frederick R.A.F.  
Worth L. A. R.A.F.  
Brown Benj. A. R.A.M.C.  
Cornwall Francis R.A.M.C.  
Davis John R.A.M.C.  
Harris Tom R.A.M.C.  
Mason Chas. Ed. R.A.M.C.  
Newman J. H. R.A.M.C.  
Valler Henry R.A.M.C.  
Sharman W. T. R.D.C.  
Browning J. H. R.E.  
Furniss H. R.E.  
Hammond W. H. R.E.  
Hobbs Frank R.E. Wounded
Humphrey F. W. R.E.  
Loveridge Isaiah R.E.  
Malsher C. F. R.E.  
Richardson A. R.E.  
Sanders Arthur S. R.E.  
Sharp Joseph R.E.  
Smith George R.E.  
Taylor William R.E.  
Weston Wm. A. R.E.  
White J. C. R.E.  
Causebrook Chas. R.F.  
Boswell W. A. R.F.A.  
Causebrook Frank R.F.A.  
Dunkley Thomas R.F.A.  
May John T. R.F.A.  
Myall Samuel R.F.A.  
Peasland Joseph R.F.A.  
Richardson T. R.F.A.  
Taylor Henry R.F.A.  
Walmsley Joseph R.F.A.  
Whitehead Reg. R.F.A.  
Crow Harry R.F.C.  
Foster Arthur R.F.C.  
Gardner John R.F.C.  
Green Herbert R.F.C.  
Gudgeon Richard R.F.C.  
Hornsby H. Horace R.F.C.  
Wright P. G. T. R.F.C.  
Mason Frank R.G.  
Ayres A. H. R.G.A. Discharged, wounded or ill
Bell Frank R.G.A.  
Bushell Ralph R.G.A.  
Crow Frederick R.G.A.  
Dunkley William R.G.A.  
Edwards Harold F. R.G.A.  
Garlick Wm. T. R.G.A.  
Leach F. R.G.A.  
Ratledge Walter R.G.A.  
Sporne R.W. R.G.A.  
Walmsley Harold R.G.A.  
Ward Arthur R.G.A.  
Wetherell Wm. G. R.G.A.  
Gardner Frank R. Irish Rifles  
Tompkins A. E. R. Irish Rifles  
Browning G. S. R.N.A.S.  
Groom W. Thomas R.N.A.S.  
Morris T. H. Royal Defence Corps  
Middleton Har. Royal Engineers  
Unwin J. W. Royal Engineers  
Edmunds William Royal Flying Corps  
Gardner Fred. Royal Fusiliers  
Hawkins H. Royal Fusiliers  
Loveridge Cornelius Royal Fusiliers  
Varney Fred. J. Royal Fusiliers  
Webster S. Royal Fusiliers  
Peasnell A. D. Royal Navy  
Tyrrell G. W. A. Royal Sussex  
Preedy L. F. B. Royal Vet. Corps  
Pinnock William S. Wales Borderers  
Bushell Th. Ed. Sherwood Foresters  
Hammond F. R. Sherwood Foresters  
Mash A. V. Sherwood Foresters  
Hedges John B. Signals 9th Cavalry Bn.  
Barrett Arthur Signals Guards Bn.  
Hammond E. T. South Staffs.  
Tuckey Walter Suffolk Rgt.  
Nash G. E. Suffolks  
Anthistle Fred. R. Training Reserve  
Ashby Reginald Training Reserve  
Findell Cecil Training Reserve  
Gardner Frank Training Reserve  
Reeve Charles Training Reserve  
Salmons John W. Training Reserve  
Valler Frank Training Reserve Wounded
Walker Frank Training Reserve  
Whitehead Rex Training Reserve  
Ashby Ernest W. Sussex Regiment  
Baker Frank Wiltshires  
Cross Rev. J. C. Wiltshires  
Jeffery George York & Lancaster  

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