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Gilbert Flesher (1772-1845) Documents

Sir Gilbert Flesher 

Gilbert FlesherGilbert Flesher

Documentary references on Gilbert Flesher

12th November 1796, Northampton Mercury

G. Flesher, finding that a practice has of late too much prevailed in his town,of selling goods and other articles on Sundays, takes this opportunity of acquainting his friends and the public, that he has wholly declined selling any goods whatever, (except for funerals) on that day.

3rd November 1796

G Flesher at the same time begs leave to return his grateful thanks for the numerous favours already received and humble solicits a continuance thereof.

4th November 1809, Northampton Mercury - Royal Jubilee, October 25th

The joyous occasion was celebrated at Towcester in the true old English Style of hospitality. We are informed, that the plan of the arrangement was suggested by Gilbert Flesher, Esq. and cordially supported by all the opulent inhabitants of the place. The festivity gave complete satisfaction to every individual and afforded a display of loyalty truly worthy of Britons. having ascertained the probable expense of entertaining the poor inhabitants of the parish, upwards of one thousand in number, with roast beef, plum-pudding, and a proper quality of ale, it was agreed that the Market Hill appeared to be best adapted for the for the festal scene, which was accordingly announced by the town crier in the open market on Tuesday, when the presence of the poor inhabitants, men, women and children, was requested on the memorable occasion.

The auspicious morn was ushered in by the chimes of the church playing God save the King, and the bells ringing fifty rounds - a flag was streaming from the church tower, and every demonstration of loyalty and gladness was exhibited by the populace. The inhabitants and volunteers went in procession to attend divine service, when an excellent sermon was preached on the occasion. Immediately after the volunteers paraded the streets, displaying a Jubilee flag, and their band performing several appropriate airs. At a quarter before one, preparation for dinner was announced by the church bell; and at one, the provisions, which had been dressed at the houses of several of the inhabitants, who also furnished table linen, &c. were placed on the festal board, and several barrels of ale disposed of at proper distances: when upwards of seventy of the principal persons of the place took their stations for carving, &c. while several ladies arranged themselves at convenient parts of the table, whose condescension and kind assistance greatly enhanced the comforts of the day.

With such order and regularity was the whole conducted, that even the most infirm, as well as parents with infants in their arms, were not subjected to the least inconvenience, notwithstanding twelve hundred persons assembled. An extraordinary fine lamb was roasted and served up whole on the occasion. After the company were properly placed, Mr Flesher addressed them on the happy cause of their having met together in such a manner. He recommended that the fragments, after dining, should all be conveyed to his house, so that no waste might accrue: by this arrangement upwards of 150 poor families were next day furnished with a comfortable meal. Such was the economy in the midst of plenty, that the whole expenditure did not exceed £71. During the dinner the band played God save the King, Rule Britannia, O the Roast beef of Old England, &c. His Majesty`s health was then drunk , when the air rung with the huzzas of three times three, the band playing God save the King. After dismissing the table, the whole assembly stood up., and, accompanied by several ladies and gentlemen at the windows of the surrounding houses, sung with the utmost further the favourite ode of God save the King, with additional verses suitable for the day, 500 of which had previously been distributed among the populace. The remainder of the afternoon was spent with the greatest harmony and good humour, in the enjoyment of various rustic amusements. - Upwards of fifty gentlemen afterwards adjourned to the Saracen`s-Head Inn, where a handsome entertainment was provided. Mr Flesher was called to the chair. The King`s health was drunk with three times three, when the appropriate song of God save the King was again sung by all present, accompanied by the band. The Queen and Royal Family and many loyal and constitutional toasts were given in the course of the evening: and the whole was conducted with the utmost harmony and festivity. The day was concluded with an assembly, at the Talbot Inn, which was numerously attended, and the company did not separate till an early hour on Thursday morning

12th February 1831, Northampton Mercury

On Tuesday last, Gilbert Flesher Esq. of Towcester, regaled upwards of one hundred families, who did not partake of his bounty in December, with rich soup.

15th March 1845, Northampton Mercury - Deaths

On the 12th ins. at Towcester in his 73rd year after several months illness, Gilbert Flesher Esq. a deputy lieutenant for the County of Northampton, who for nearly half a century took a warm interest in public and local affairs as well as being an unwearied and zealous advocate and supporter of several charities and benevolent institutions in the County.

  1. Information collected by Brian Giggins.
  2. The photograph of Gilbert Flesher was kindly supplied by his great-great-great-great grandson.
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