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St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester

St.Lawrence Church 

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The parish church of St Lawrence is situated in the centre of this historic market town on the site of a Roman public building dating from A.D.120 - 400. Until 1539 the parish was included in the Medieval Diocese of Lincoln but it is now in the Diocese of Peterborough.

St Lawrence is a large ironstone church. The oldest portion of the existing church is in the style of Early English architecture, about 1200. The eastern part of the chancel, with the crypt, is in the Decorated Style. The tower and aisles were commenced in the reign of Edward IV (1461 - 1483), and completed in the reign of Richard III.

From the menu on the left you can
  • Take a tour of St. Lawrence Church Towcester, with 24 stops at items of interest;
  • Learn the history of the church through a time-line or chronology from 120 A.D. to 1990, or century by century from Roman times to the twentieth century;
  • Read all about Archdeacon William Sponne who became Rector of St. Lawrence's in 1422 and after whom "Sponne School, Towcester" is named;
  • Read all about the peal of twelve bells the oldest of which was first cast in 1725;
  • Find out about the people associated with St. Lawrence's through the monumental inscriptions and of various lists of people;

This web site only covers the history of St. Lawrence Church, Towcester. If you want to find out about Times of Services, current Events etc please look at the parish website www.tovebenefice.org.uk

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