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John Wetherell, Headmaster 1890 - 1920
John Wetherell M.A.John Wetherell M.A.

Copy of the Address to Mr Wetherell

by his Colleagues and Pupils at Liverpool College.

To Mr John Wetherell, M. A.

We, the Masters and Boys of Liverpool College heartily congratulate you on your appointment to the Head Mastership of Towcester Grammar School; and as some slight token of our goodwill and esteem, beg your acceptance of this address and purse of Thirty Pounds.

During your fourteen years work in Liverpool College you have laboured with a devotion and singleness of purpose which has evoked the admiration and appreciation of all; and remembering your self-denying energy, we employ no empty phrase in saying that your removal from Liverpool College will be most keenly felt. You lose memories at the College which are entirely delightful and can never be effaced.

  • Signed on behalf of the Masters - Frank Dyson M. A., Principal and others.
  • Signed on behalf of the Boys - C. H. Bishop, Top Boy and others.
  • Signed on behalf of Old Boys - A. Williams and others.
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