Towcester people of note
Victor J AshbyVictor James Ashby (1862-1938)
Founded a motor engineering firm, the Pioneer Motor Works. [more]
BlankVictor Stapleton Ashby (1892 to 1953)
Designed the "Short-Ashby" car in the early 1920s. [more]
The Empress of AustriaHer Imperial Majesty the Empress of Austria (1837-1898).
Rented Easton Neston House in 1876, when she established the first horse race meeting in Towcester.[external link]
BlankThomas Bickerstaffe (b. Towcester, 17th century)
A London Merchant who paid for three almshouses to be built in Towcester in 1689. [more]
Pope Boniface VIIIPope Boniface VIII (1235-1303)
As Benedict Cajetan, he was Rector of St. Lawrence's Towcester until he became Pope in 1294. [more]
Sir Richard EmpsonSir Richard Empson (b. c1450 Towcester, d.1510)
He raised taxes for Henry VII and became influential and wealthy himself. He was beheaded at Tower Hill. [more]
Gilbert FlesherGilbert Flesher (1772-1845)
Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Northampton. Invented a rival road construction method to MacAdam. Organised a party for 1,000 people in Towcester Market Square in 1839 [more]
James Mason Hutchings c.1853James Mason Hutchings (b.1820 Towcester, d.1902 Yosemite)
First to publicise and promote what is now the Yosemite National Park. [more]
BlankJohn Jenkinson
Silk and Wool merchant who founded a bank in Towcester in 1781 [more]
BlankJames Cornelius Jones
Head Master of the National School from 1864 to 1909 [more]
BlankThomas Lord (b. c1582 Towcester, d. c1655, Hartford.)
One of the original settlers of what is now Hartford, Connecticut.[external link]
BlankHenry Newby (17c)
Born in Towcester, became a haberdasher in London and donated a gallery to St.Lawrence Church in 1627. (Baker p329)
BlankPickering Phipps
Established a brewery in Towcester in 1801, and another in Northampton in 1817 which became the Carlsberg Brewery in 1974. [external link]
BlankMiss Charlotte and Miss Ada Phipps
Founded a Young Men's Evening Institute in 1903 [more]
BlankWalter (1749-1821) and Daniel (c.1780-1850) Prestidge
Watch and clock makers of Towcester and Eydon [more]
BlankThomas Ridgway
The tea magnate who erected the North End Baptist Chapel in c1853 [more]
David SharpDr. David Sharp (b.1840 Towcester, d.1922)
One of the greatest naturalists of his generation and curator of the University Zoological Museum at Cambridge. [more]
BlankThomas Shepard (b.1605 Towcester, d.1649 Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Clergyman instrumental in founding Harvard University.
Archdeacon SponneArchdeacon William Sponne (?-1448)
Chaplain to Henry VI, Archdeacon of Norfolk and a great benefactor to Towcester [more]
John WetherellJohn Wetherell
Headmaster of Towcester Grammar School from 1890-1920. [more]