The Lattis Iron Bridges (19 -21)

None of the three lattis iron bridges remain. In January 1970, the narrow but well used road between Thornton and the A422 (Stony Stratford to Buckingham) was closed for four years because of the dangerous condition of two of the three bridges. It is thought that the damage occurred because of the the weight of a heavy grain lorry. After lengthy bureaucratic wrangling and heel-dragging by the County Council, the bridges were finally removed. The bridges were never really a priority to be rebuilt as the road was not regarded as being that busy, despite it being used daily by all the traffic going to the College and the village - drivers had to make a detour of 20 miles. Bridges no. 19 and 20 were culverted and 21 was eventually rebuilt in 1974.

Bridge 19

Bridge 20

This bridge 19 was next to the old stone bridge (18) which goes over the Buckingham Arm of the canal (now dry)

Bridge 20 in 1974 with scaffolding put round it, ready to take it down.

bridge 21

Bridge 21

A section of bridge 21 with children playing in the river showing clearly the lattis-style construction of the sides. The road was built of timber boarding with asphalt over the top.
Bridge 21 before demolition, photo 1991

Looking from bridge 21 in the winter.
Bridge 21 (in 1971) is in a rather poor state of repair. The girders are cracking and rusting and pitch from the boards is running down the wall.
Bridge 21 removed
Bridge 21 rebuilt
Bridge 21 removed, 1974
Bridge 21 rebuilt in concrete1974.
Click here to refer to the 1881 map to see the position of the bridges

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