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Dr. Ernst Blumenau
Some readers may recall Dr Ernst Blumenau who, seeking refuge from Nazi persecution, eventually came to Bletchley on being appointed the schools' dentist.

For a while he lodged with the local headmaster Mr E C Cook in Church Walk.

Still remembered is his kindly disposition which helped calm the fears of those children in need of treatment.

Born in 1890 Ernst Blumenau was the elder of two brothers whose temperaments differed widely.

Serious, reserved and quietly spoken, his natural good looks and refined interests in music, art and architecture ensured he received the amorous attention of women.

Despite a frailty of health and being eventually diagnosed with diabetes his infirmities proved deceptive and for recreation he would canoe the lengths of rivers and lakes in Germany.

After studying medicine he served during the First World War in the German Army Medical Corps and it was at this time he met his future wife, Meta Schlueter, although his parents were not entirely approving of her as a practising Catholic.

In marriage Meta assumed the dominant personality and at her instigation Ernst gave up medicine for her profession of dentistry and the couple established a joint practice in Mainz.

But after Kristallnacht and the beginning of the open persecution of the Jews Ernst sought refuge in England and initially Meta expressed her intention to join him once - so the story went - he had earned enough money 'to keep her in the wines to which she had become accustomed!'

However as the Nazi persecution of the Jews and mixed marriages intensified she, for safety's sake, divorced him causing Ernst obvious distress.

Setting up as a dentist in Portsmouth he employed as receptionist an old friend Lilian Bruckner but when Ernst was interned on the Isle of Man in July 1941 she rejoined her husband in America.

At the end of the war she secured a divorce from him and returned to England where she and Ernst were married in 1945.

At first the couple rented a part the Old Rectory at Wavendon before moving to a little house in Wavendon where socially complementing each other they lived contentedly - 'Lilian being the chatty one while Ernst radiated a benign presence.'

Enjoying a wide circle of friends they especially enhanced the local musical scene and with Ernst playing the viola and Lillian the piano they formed a welcome part of weekly quartets.